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If you were not there 1 August 2023: Niyati reveals someone send goons to kill them both and it was them who set this fire, he questions who would want to kill them, Manaroma asks if he is okay when he questions what she is doing here an if something happened to her, then Manaroma replies how could she not come here when he was in trouble, the police arrive when all the goons of Govind rush away.

Niyati exclaims that she has called the police and informs the inspector that someone tried to burn them alive, they mention they need to take their statements before the investigation can be started, Manaroma however exclaims she will not allow either her daughter in law or son to go with them in this condition, she is taking them home so goes outside with Abhimanyu, he questions why did she come here when Manaroma starts coughing,

Abhimanyu rushes to get water for her but then Niyati comes to stand in front of her, Manaroma mentions she would never be able to create the mistrust in the heart of Abhimanyu for her since he believes her more then Niyati, when she also exclaims that she could have told her truth to Papa but did not do it since she doesnot have any proof, however she is not going to make the same mistake twice as she has learned a lot from Manaroma, she is going to not do anything without proof of her evil actions, Abhimanyu comes back with the water bottle when she starts drinking it, looking to Niyati.In the house Niyati is standing beside Mr Panday when he is stunned to see Manaroma standing infront of him, she pulls Abhimanyu close to her saying that both his son and daughter in law came back after hearing about his condition, Amma je also asks Munna to see what happened to his father as he was planning to take them on holidays, Niyati wonders how can someone be worthy of such hatred, Manaroma assures that there is nothing to be worried about since her son would surely take her on the foreign trip, Abhimanyu looking at his father thinks of all the past memories in which he believed that he was hitting his mother, still then he assures that his father would get healthy since they all are praying for him, he questions Manaroma who also replies the same. Mr Panday thinks how this woman has trapped him, Niyati also assures that he must get healthy really soon since he is their shield.

Manaroma also requests Abhimanyu to go and rest since he is also not well but he doesnot leave when Amma jee also informs how Manaroma has revealed everything that happened with them in the guest house.

Niyati turns to leave when Mr Panday stops her, she sits beside him assuring that she knows the entire truth and is promising him to make sure that nothing wrong ever happens to him and Abhimanyu, Mr Panday is glad that his daughter in law knows the truth, she looks to Manaroma who is also smiling when she questions what was she talking to with her father in law, Niyati replies she was just saying that he must not be worried since she is also going to be with him, Amma jee leaves with Abhimanyu when Manaroma questions when would Niyati stop being so clever questioning what was she saying to Gajender, Niyati mentions that she is ow going to play the same game like she did because she within fifteen minutes turned a son against his own father so now even she is going to make sure that he knows the truth that she is not his mother within one hour, Manaroma mentions even then he would not believe her but Niyati replies his way of thinking would change even if he doesnot accept it, because the relations built on lies break, Manaroma says she is actually going towards her defeat, Niyati asks if she is feeling scared, Niyati exclaims that she did not have to do anything since had she told this family the truth, they would have accepted her son and even the truth of Bhagwati, but she hid it all and made a child fall in the trap of hatred but now she will have to pay after one hour, she walks towards the door when Manaroma asks her to not forget that she is Bhagwan for Abhimanyu, Niyati mentions she is very soon going to end this believe in his mind, just like a new day starts at midnight just like that today would mark the start of her end, Manaroma looks when Mr Panday tries to raise his hand.

Niyati walks into the room when Abhimanyu is standing at the window, Niyati assures that papa would get fine when he questions when would her idea change since she still mistrusts his mother when she came to the guest house just to save him, Niyati replies that she still cannot understand how did the goons reach the guest house when she just said the truth about their location to one of the drivers, he questions why is she doing this, Niyati thinks because Manaroma is not his real mother and was trying to kill him, Niyati replies she is just worried thinking how did the goons reach there but never took a name, he replies she says a lot even when she is not speaking.

Abhimanyu turns to leave however she stops him holding his hand, he asks her to leave it when she asks him to remember the promise, he assures he is not forgetting his promise but should die before it, she stops him saying love gives them life and not death but if anything should happen to him then she can take it all on herself, Abhimanyu questions then why does she blame his mother each and every day when he revealed they both are his lifeline and if he has to choose between any one of them then will be ruined, he leaves with Niyati when Mami jee calls them to come and see what is going on here, they are shocked to see so many papers flying when Abhimanyu goes to call the servants meanwhile Niyati is shocked to see the Manaroma walking down the stairs, she walking to her says that she has done her work for Niyati, and now even would make Abhimanyu punish her for what is going on today, Kinkar questions Manaroma what would happen if he finds out the truth, Abhimanyu is about to read the paper when Kinkar takes it from his hand, Amma jee also asks him to take her to the room since she is really tired. Manaroma exclaims she feels they should inform him about the truth, Abhimanyu asks what is she talking about when Manaroma reveals that someone has tried to harm and ruin her mother hood by revealing the truth, he questions what is the truth, Manaroma reveals that he is not her son, she did not give birth to him and is his step mother, she reveals this piece of paper is the proof, Abhimanyu picks the report in a state of tension.

Abhimanyu reads his birth certificate and looks at Manorama. She tells him that his biological mother Savitri died after giving birth to him. She says that she entered this house as Gajendra’s second wife. And it’s not matter for society that how much she loves Abhimanyu because at end she is just a stepmother of him. He screams and tears all the certificates and asks her that why she is lying. She cries hugging him and looks at Niyati. He asks her to admit that she lied.

He asks others to say that Manorama is his mother. Niyati asks him to calm down. He says that Manorama is his mother. Amma tells him that Manorama is his stepmother but she took care of him more than a biological mother. She says that Manorama didn’t even give birth to her own child for Abhimanyu’s sake. He hugs

Manorama. Amma says that she never thought this truth will come out like this.
Manorama asks Niyati that why the latter did this. Abhimanyu asks her that if Niyati is behind all this. Manorama says that she revealed this truth in the guest house seeing him laying on the floor and Niyati heard that. She tells him that now she understood that Niyati wanted him to know this truth. She asks Niyati that why the latter thinks that she is Abhimanyu’s enemy. Bua and Maasi scolds Niyati for suspecting Manorama’s love for Abhimanyu.

Amma tells Niyati that she didn’t expected this from her. She says that no one can match Manorama’s love. Dinakar tells Niyati that he is brother of Savitri and Manorama never let him feel that his sister died. He asks her that how can she even think that Manorama want Abhimanyu to suffer. He tells Abhimanyu that nothing can change his and Manorama’s bond.

Niyati asks Abhimanyu that if he really thinks that she can hurt him. She says that if he trust her then she wants a chance to prove her innocence. Manorama tells her that she only gave Abhimanyu’s birth certificate to her. Niyati agrees with her and says that she lost Abhimanyu’s birth certificate and someone used it to hurt Abhimanyu. She tells Manorama that Shagun said that someone from this house helped her.

She tells Abhimanyu that no one knows that they went to guest house still goons came there to kill them. And also she suspects that someone made Gajendra like this because he was really healthy. She says that someone made her suspect Manorama by creating situations like this. She apologizes to Manorama for suspecting her. Manorama wonders that why Niyati acting.

She says that she is suspecting their servants. They gathers servants in the hall. She shows the CCTV footage of outside house. They sees Govind with birth certificates. Niyati says that Govind is Shagun’s guy. Abhimanyu beats Govind up. Niyati tells Manorama that she won the challenge and the latter going to lose from now on.

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