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Radha Mohan 24 January 2024: Dulari after checking mentions Radha has a fever, Radha informs this is just a light fever, so she asks Dulari to set the table, she feels dizzy which worries Tulsi who asks if Radha is fine as she is not able to stand still.

Damini in the room while eating the pizza, informs Kaveri that Radha is doing things beyond her understanding as she saw that Radha mixed spices in her pasta so they have to take the keys from her, Kaveri asks if taking the keys are as easy as eating pizza since Radha walks with them around her waist, Damini mentions they have to take it tonight, Kaveri getting scared asks what if the person with the black coat comes, Damini explains then Kaveri should take the photo, Kaveri does not understand when Damini replies she must learn something from Radha.

Kadambari angrily

enters the room seeing which both Kaveri and Damini are stunned, Kadambari says that she made a really big mistake by doing what she did today, Damini angrily replies that she hates seeing Radha in the place which she desires, Kadambari asks why is Damini not able to see what she can witness because Radha is just like Tulsi, and is really respectable but would never do anything if Damini does not try to harm her, because she first tried to ruin the dish of Radha because of which she did it all, she explains Radha is not scared of anyone. Damini asks if Kadambari is not supporting her a lot, Kadambari replies to Damini has also lost from Tulsi so she will suffer the same fate again with Radha, they both must think before doing anything. Damini thinks there is only one woman who can come in the life of Mohan and this is herself, she picking the candle explains Radha will suffer the same fate as Tulsi, she remembers the night when she lit the fire with kerosene.
Radha feeling cold enters the room but hits Mohan who gets scared, he asks what is her problem because she first entered the house and even came into the room, Radha says he has eaten the entire bowl of Kheer so at least should talk politely today, but she feels he still has the spice of pasta, Mohan says that she just wanted to take control of the kitchen, Radha says that she has no interest in taking control of the kitchen when it is of such people who want to ruin the lives of other people but she wants to take care of the entire family. Radha replies that she would suggest he should spend less time with Damini since she is not a nice woman, Mohan asks with what right is she saying anything to him since he does not consider her to be his wife.

Radha starts getting dizzy when Mohan thinks she might be praying, she falls in front of him when he kneels but thinks she is just acting so exclaims he would not believe her again, he says she should starts acting. Mohan angrily says he does not have time for her actions and even threatens to leave which he does but Radha does not even move, Mohan once again calls to Radha from the door but he still thinks she is just acting, he hears Gungun calling Radha, Mohan is really scared requesting Radha to wake up because if Gungun sees her then she would really scold him, he asks he would force her to stand and then touches her face, Mohan is shocked to realize that she is really warm, he gets worried for her as she is really having a fever, Gungun with a smile on her face enters the room but is stunned seeing Radha unconscious on the floor, she immediately kneels to her side requesting Radha to wake up, but she does not respond. Radha questions what Mohan has done with her Radha, Mohan says he has not done anything but Radha has fever due to which she might have gotten unconscious, Gungun asks how did she get such a fever that cased her to fall unconscious, she once again questions what has Mohan done to Radha. Mohan requests to first call the doctor, he asks who the patient is, Mohan in shock looks to Gungun explaining his wife is ill, she might have a fever due to which she fell unconscious, Mohan seeks permission from Gungun to pick Radha.

The doctor is checking Radha while the entire family is standing beside her, Mohan explains she fell unconscious suddenly, Kaveri whispers to Damini when does a women fall unconscious after the marriage. The doctor explains he feels that she has gotten very cold, Kadambari explains that she was even shivering while making breakfast the doctor informs it can only happen either if she went outside without covering herself or took shower from cold water, Kadambari gets really worried how it might have happened, Mohan informs this is exactly what happened as Radha took a shower from cold water, Kadambari getting tensed asks if the geyser is not working in his room, Mohan accepts it is his mistake. Gungun replies she knows Mohan is behind everything because he hates her Radha, Kadambari stops Gungun asking Mohan to tell the truth, Mohan is about to reveal the truth but Radha explains because she made a vow, that if she and Mohan jee got married then she would take shower from cold water and perform the ritual of Bhoug, so Mohan je thinks it is his mistake as he was not able to stop her from taking the shower. Damini says she took the vow for ruining this house.

Gungun asks Radha if she is fine, Tulsi angrily questions what has Mohan done because he is behind her condition, and Radha saved him today otherwise no one would be able to protect him with the anger of Gungun.

The doctor asks Radha if she does not know today is the coldest day of the year and she might have even suffered from pneumonia, Kadambari also explains it is wrong when Gungun asks what would have happened to her if Radha got ill, she threatens to not talk with Radha if she does anything of the sort ever again. Gungun hugs Radha while crying, seeing which Mohan gets worried and even Kadambari is shocked. Radha assures how can anything happen to her till Gungun is by her side, Gungun finally sits beside Radha. The doctor says he would take the leave and they all should call him if anything happens, he even advises they should make sure that her body temperature is lowered and she does not fall ill again, the doctor leaves and Kadambari also leaves advising Radha to take rest.

Damini tries to instigate Mohan against Radha explaining she is just trying to gain his sympathy but Mohan says Radha is not lying and she is ill because of him because he mixed ice in the tank and even cut the connection to the geyser, so Damini should not say anything against Radha. Damini stops Mohan saying she is glad he did this all for their relation and so hugs him, Mohan is shocked seeing in the corner so pushes Damini away asking if she has lost her mind as he is now married to Radha and she is his wife, Damini is stunned.

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Mohan pushes Damini away asking wat is she doing she is shocked staring at him and then turns to notice Gungun standing in the corner, Damini is furious thinking Gungun has ruined her life, Mohan advises her to never do anything of the sort again, Gungun walks close to Mohan as he acts he is angry, Gungun apologizes to Mohan for doubting him, since she did not know Radha took the bath by her own desire so Radha says they should apologize after realizing their mistake so she holding her eyes apologizes to him. Gungun hugs Mohan whispering that Radha is looking here so he must also start acting, Mohan also apologizes to Gungun, she explains Radha is not that stupid that she would take a bath in cold shower but this is all because of him, she threatens to make him pay if he does anything of the sort

in the future, Gungun leaves so Mohan is shocked with her behavior, he exclaims she is just like him and he is acting to show her but she is also acting for Radha, he exclaims sometimes he is scared of his own daughter. Kaveri asks Damini if she saw the face of Mohan as it felt that he still cares for Radha, Damini says he just cares for Gungun which is why he was acting, Damini explains Mohan for the first time did something to take revenge from Radha, so they have to use this opportunity, Kaveri does not understand so Damini explains the doctor said that Radha will sleep after eating the tablets and so this would give them the perfect opportunity to stela the keys and take out the proof, after which they would have nothing to be scared off, Kaveri asks if she will be with Mohan then who would stela the keys, Damini informs that Kaveri would have to do it, seeing this she is shocked but is forced to agree.
In the night Gungun gets worried after checking that the fever of Radha is not ending, she starts placing the cloth on her forehead, Mohan is also really tensed after entering the room when Tulsi angrily says that the father teases Radha while his daughter is trying to take care of her, she questions Mohan why did he do it. Mohan thinks that he wanted to tease Radha but is now causing pain to his own daughter, he requests Gungun to leave since he will take care of Radha, Gungun replies that Radha takes care of her when she is ill so she will also stay here, Mohan assures he would take care of Radha but Gungun replies she does not trust him since he would then argue with Radha therefor she does not truest her, Radha hesitantly asks Gungun to go since she even has an English test tomorrow morning and so if she cannot teach her then Gungun must prepare for the test by herself. Mohan accepts that Gungun believes he is irresponsible but he has surely changed after his wedding and become responsible just like in the tv serials that she watches, Gungun thinks that Mohan might have also started loving Radha, she agrees to go back and sleep in her room when Radha once again calls her, Gungun agrees that she would first study, Gungun threatens to keep an eye on Mohan if he does not care for her.

Mohan angrily questions Radha what was the need to take shower with such cold water, Radha says that he himself made the mistake and is now scolding her because he first cut the connection to the geyser and even took his clothes, Mohan says because he thought she would back out after seeing that the water is really cold and her first ritual would be cancelled, Radha tries to reply but he angrily instructs her to stop talking and then helps her take the medicine as she cannot sit by her own force, Radha is just staring at Mohan as he is helping her take the medicine, she recalls those moments when he protected her from all the troubles, Radha agrees to lie down once again when he signals her, Mohan takes the water bowl along with the cloth, Radha with a smile on her face is just staring at him. Mohan then places the cloth on her forehead, Radha explains it is really cold, Mohan angrily instructs her to stop talking since the cloth is less cold then the water with which she bathed, Radha smiles seeing him, Mohan once again wets the cloth. He asks why did she lie to Gungun and should have said he is behind the problem, Radha replies that Bihari jee says that it is good to lie if it is for a better cause, Radha says then she would tell her the entire truth and is about to call her, Mohan immediately covers her mouth, he starts thinking that he once before covered her face in the exact manner when she got scared in the night. Mohan asks her to go to sleep, Radha closes her eyes.

Damini lighting the candles exclaims it is not easy to stay away from her and so she would create such a situation that they will surely celebrate the Suhagraat, Kaveri comes asking what is she preparing for when Damini mentions she wants to celebrate the Suhagraat, Damini exclaims that he would surely get trapped in her plan, Kaveri replies that she sometimes gets worried thinking if Damini even knows how to make a plan, Damini getting furious mentions it is not right to end a lighting fire, she vows to show Kaveri how can she create such a situation. Damini picks the tablets explaining they are that would make him dizzy. Kaveri hits her asking if she does not have any shame left when Damini asks what is the problem between a mother and daughter, she advises her mother to go and steal the keys, Kaveri gets scared thinking about the warning from the person in the black dress, she refuses to go when Damini asks if she thinks that anything is important for her other then the proof, she forces her mother out of the room mentioning that Moan will come at any moment.
Damini then takes off the shawl and even sprays a little perfume, she sitting on the bed thinks that Radha would be thrown out of Mohan’s life after today since she will form a strong relation with him.

Mohan is also yawning and after checking thinks that her fever has also gotten down so he would also go to sleep, Mohan turns back and then covers her in the veil, he apologizes to Radha for wronging her. Mohan then thinks about how Radha blamed that he took advantage of her by pretending to love her but then he left her, he thinks he did not do anything like what she did to him, he leaves the room.
Damini is preparing the bed by throwing rose petals on it, she hears a knock on the door and goes to open it, Mohan is shocked seeing Damini in the night suit standing in front of him, she thinks now she would see who stops him from coming close to her, Mohan is shocked.

Damini opens the door to find Mohan standing there, he is shocked to see her in the black dress when Damini thinks now she would see who stops him from becoming one with her, Mohan hesitantly says he feels he would go and sleep in the guest room,

Damini replies her mother is sleeping in the guest room and Mohan himself said that they both would not cross the limits so she assures that nothing wrong would happen, Damini explains she bought this dress for their honey moon but is only wearing it since all of her clothes have went for cleaning, she pulls Mohan inside asking if he would remain standing outside the room.

Damini pulls Mohan, he is shocked seeing the decorations in the room so asks what is with this preparation when Damini replies that she is not able to sleep because of Radha so tried to make it little comfortable, Mohan seeing the petals asks if she would sleep with them on the bed, Mohan is about to drink the water but Damini stops him explaining the glass is dirty so he must wait as she will bring the water for him, Damini quickly pours water and then adds the tablets in the glass while Mohan is waiting, she swirls them in the water causing the tablets to dissolve so that her plan is fulfilled. Mohan asks what happened, she gets stunned explaining nothing has happened and hands him the water, he drinks the entire glass in a single go seeing which she starts smiling, Damini asks Mohan if they both should celebrate it but Mohan replies that he is really tired so is going to sleep.

Radha is also sleeping in the bedroom, Damini asks if he is actually that tried when Mohan replies he is indeed very tried, he goes to prepare the bedding on the couch but starts feeling weird, Damini smiles thinking her plan will be fulfilled, Mohan is not even able to stand properly and once again falls on the couch, he is not even able to see her properly, Damini rubs her hands around her shoulders, Mohan exclaims he is really dizzy so thinks of leaving but falls just as he s bout to stand, Damini starts smiling.

Radha is sleeping in her room, Damini slowly walks over to Mohan, and sitting beside him asks what has happened, he is not able to say anything to her but then explains he cannot understand why his head is so dizzy, Damini says there is noting to be worried about as she will explain the entire situation, Mohan once again asks for some water, she assures of giving it to him and helps him stand up, Damini taking Mohan towards the bed, forces him to lie down on the bed while she is standing over him. Damini slowly takes his hand and les down beside him, as Mohan is unconscious, Damini tries to kiss Mohan on the cheek.

Radha is sleeping in her room when the person in the black dress slowly enters after opening the window, he exclaims this is the right time to fulfill their plan so walks towards Radha while raisin his hand towards her.

Damini is very close to Mohan btu he suddenly wakes up pushing Damini off the bed, she asks why is he calling Radha when she is also ill but Mohan says that Radha needs his help, Damini replies even she needs his help as she feels there is a strain in her back, Mohan stands up to lave explaining Radha needs his help, Damini however stops him by holding his left vowing to not let him leave this room, Mohan asks her to let go of his feet but she insists so he hits her on the face and leaves.

Gungun is also sleeping when Tulsi exclaims that since Radha is ill so she would sit beside her, Tulsi starts singing the song to Gungun so she remains asleep peacefully without any worry. Tulsi also starts crying while being beside her daughter Gungun, but she is not able to touch her, Tulsi exclaims that she got the chance to sing this song after so many days, she knows Gungun cannot sleep without her Radha mom but she knows that her parents would come together if they spend time with each other, this is why even after whatever Mohan did today she has left Radha with him and just prays that everything is fine.

Mohan while walking in the hall calls to Radha explaining he is coming to her, the person in the black dress slowly places his hand on the keys that are placed beside Radha, and after hearing someone coming he gets really tensed so lets go of the keys, Kaveri opens the door and she smiles seeing Radha is still unconscious, Kaveri thinks she is glad that Radha is asleep because of the medicine so the job of stealing the keys is very simple, she thinks of stealing the keys before the person in the black coast arrives, Kaveri slowly walks to Radha after seeing the keys are placed beside her, she manages to pick up the keys when Mohan calls Radha from outside the room, Kaveri gets scared so throws the keys. Mohan opens the door and is relieved to see that Radha is still asleep, but she is feeling cold and shivering. Mohan notices it and once again calls Radha, he locks the door seeing which Kaveri is worried.

Mohan steps on the toes of Kaveri but she is forced to remain quiet, Mohan asks Radha if she is fine but Radha is shivering, he then sits beside her on the bed after which Kaveri is able to breathe, Mohan starts rubbing her hands apologizing for his mistakes, Kaveri wonders where did she get trapped so decides to call her daughter, Damini is also not able to stand in the room due to the back pain, she gets irritated wondering who is calling her at this time meanwhile Mohan is just busy in taking care of Radha, Damini thinks she is not even able to stand up due to the back pain. Kaveri thinks that they are ready to put their lives on risk but their children tend to leave them at the best time.

Kaveri wonders from where should she leave, she is stunned seen the person in the black coat also beside her hiding under the bed, she gets really scared as the person signals her to remain quiet and not make any sort of noise. Kaveri is about to scream but the person places his knife against her throat forcing her to stay quiet

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