Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Thursday 1 February 2024

Radha Mohan 1 February 2024: Kaveri politely asks Radha if she is not feeling hungry as she should break her Varth, Kaveri asks Radha to go and eat the Kheer, Damini recalls how she poured the entire bottle of poison in it, Kaveri exclaims her sister Kadambari made the kheer with immense love for her, Radha replies Kaveri should not be worried for her because she is not really hungry, Kaveri replies that Radha would surely die of something else. Pandit jee comes to Mohan asking him to perform the Arti with Radha, Mohan refuses explaining today is his rest day, he does not even listen to Kadambari when seeing this Radha goes to Mohan requesting him to come as she cannot live without eating anymore, she replies she ahs to break her Varth with the Kheer made by Maa jee, Mohan angrily replies she should just talk with him as then her

stomach will get full, Gungun angrily asks if he is not going to do the Arti, Mohan gets stunned and immediately explains this is what he came for, Radha holding his hand pulls Mohan to perform the Arti, Damini gets furious as she is not able to bear the sight of them both together.
Pandit jee hands Radha the thali requesting her to start the Arti, she turns to Mohan signaling him to also perform the Arti with her, the entire family is praying while both Damini and Kaveri are really furious seeing Radha standing in the place which they both thought belonged to only Damini. Radha is smiling as she is able to perform the Arti with Mohan, Damini is no longer able to bear it and so also holds the Thali with Mohan, he is a bit tensed while Kaveri is stunned. The neighbors are also not able to understand what is happening, Radha gets furious however is not able to say anything, they ask what is going on here and why is Damini also performing the Arti with both Radha and Mohan. Gungun is also furious, Tulsi explains that Gungun should tell Damini that it is not her right place.
Gungun moving ahead pushes Damini out of the way, exclaiming she is going to perform the Arti with her parents, Radha starts smiling seeing her but Damini is really furious, Kaveri whispers Damini should let them perform the Arti, as it is their last Arti together. Radha prays after the Arti ends, along with the entire family. Mohan goes to hand Pandit jee the Thali.

Pandit jee asks Kadambari to feed Radha the Kheer with her own hands, Damini and Kaveri both start smiling thinking now their plan will be fulfilled, Kadambari places the petal in the Kheer, and she then starts performing the ritual while Radha is standing there with a smile on her face as Kadambari starts dishing out the Kheer to fulfill the ritual, Kadambari stands in front of Radha who is smiling, Damini thinks Radha is going to die because of Kadambari, she exclaims she has not been so excited in a very long time. Radha is looking at Kadambari who is mixing the Kheer, the entire family is waiting for the moment when she completes the ritual. Radha while standing in front of Shiv jee, is waiting and the Trishlok is about to fall on her however Radha manages to catch it with her own hands, the entire family is shocked wondering what might have happened, they all are relieved seeing that Radha is fine. Pandit jee is also a bit tensed. Radha not being able to understand anything finally corrects the Trishlok before she once again prays in front of it. Kaveri whispers when Radha is going to eat the Kheer and go away from their lives, Damini replies that patience surely gives better results.

Radha walks over to both Damini and Kaveri, she starts recalling how they both were planning something against her, and she noticed them walking at the back of the kitchen but was not able to comprehend their plans, Kaveri questions why Radha is staring at them.

Kadambari comes to Radha mentioning she should break her Varth with the Kheer, she is about to feed Radha but she stops Kadambari after looking at Damini who starts smiling, they all get worried wondering why did Radha stop Kadambari, Radha refuses to eat the Kheer, Kadambari asks the reason since it is the Parshad and is a blessing however Radha replies this Kheer is poison, Kaveri and Damini are stunned hearing it.

The entire Trivedi family along with the guests are not able to understand what is going on, Kadambari angrily questions what Radha is saying when she herself prepared the Kheer, Pandit jee curses Radha questioning why she is blaming the Kheer, Radha apologizes explaining that she never wants to hurt anyone but is telling the truth, she explains that Damini and Kaveri mixed poison in this Kheer just before the Pooja. Damini whispers that they must stay adamant to their word and so Kaveri asks if Radha has lost her mind because she is always blaming Damini, as if they are against this family. Radha replies she knows they both never have worked for the betterment of this family. Kadambari stops Radha explaining if she is proving that there is poison in this Kheer then she is the one who should be blamed because she is the only one who held the Kheer from start to end. Mohan asks if Radha is blaming his mother, Radha tries to explain she did not mean anything of the sort however Damini says this is exactly what she meant just because Maa said that Radha should have died in place of Tulsi, she is blaming her. The neighbors are all shocked thinking Kadambari cursed her own daughter in law to die, and they exclaim that no one knows what is going in their hearts.

Radha asks Damini to stop as she should not drag Maa jee into this matter, Radha replies she knows Kadambari cannot do anything of the sort however Kadambari asks Radha to stop as they all have understood she has made a habit of creating a scene and then dragging it, she warns Radha that she is not going to let their family reputation be ruined in front of the neighbors and if she is blaming there is poison in this Kheer then she will end this situation right now and eat the Kheer, Radha requests Kadambari to stop it, Gungun also gets tensed asking her to not do it but Kadambari replies that no one is going to say anything because if she has to protect the reputation of her family then would have to eat the Kheer, Kaveri whispers that if Kadambari eats the Kheer then Mohan is also going to end their lives after it happens when Damini replies but if they stop her now then it would be proven that they have mixed the poison so she feels they should let Kadambari die, Damini is really worried. Kadambari prepares to eat the Kheer while Radha is really tensed.

Radha stops Kadambari from doing it but she says if she has to protect the reputation of her family then has to eat this kheer, Radha is very tensed as Kadambari slowly prepares to eat it but just as she is about to place it in her mouth, Mohan stops Kadambari however she requests him to not stop her but he refuses, Damini and Kaveri both are shocked seeing it, he says she will not do it. Radha says she is glad Mohan jee accepted her desire otherwise they would have made a very big mistake, Mohan turning to Radha says that he does not trust her even a bit but the only reason he stopped his mother is because she does not have to prove anything to Radha, when she prepared the Kheer for Radha even after all of her short comings. Mohan asks if Radha cannot see them all happy because she tends to create a

scene at every auspicious moment, Mohan says Radha has done a lot of bad things but today crossed all the limits, Damini is glad to see Mohan.
Mohan asks how did she dare put such a big blame on his mother, Radha replies she is saying it from the start that Damini is behind all these things and she is the one to blame, she requests him to believe her at least for once because when Maa jee was making the Kheer, Damini secretly put it in the milk through the window and she herself saw them both with her own eyes walking near the outside window of the kitchen, Damini recalls when Radha stopped them both inquiring what are they doing there. Mohan says that Radha saw Damini pour poison in the milk but Radha did not do anything at that very moment and is now creating a scene, Tulsi says Mohan has vowed to not believe any word that Radha is saying, Radha replies she did not see them with her own eyes, Mohan is shocked when Radha says she has realized the truth just now, Damini getting furious questions how was she able to find out the truth and did her Bihari jee come to tell her the secret, Mohan also furiously asks Radha to tell the truth, Radha thinks she cannot reveal the entire truth right now because she would also have to tell that she stole the keys, but she cannot say anything until she finds out what is written in those papers.

Damini says Radha is not able to prove her point, she mention her life has become worse then hell in this house just because of Radha, Damini mentions she did not even went in the kitchen today so asks both Kadambari and Dulari if they saw her in the kitchen today, Kaveri angrily questions how can her daughter mix the poison in the Kheer, Kadambari says that even Radha did not come into the kitchen when she was making the Kheer, Kadambari explains she was the one who brought this kheer to her room and then came straight to place it at the Mandir so how does Radha know that there is poison mixed in the kheer, Kadambari asks Radha to tell the truth, but she is still quiet and Kaveri asks if she doesn’t have any answer or she is not able to think of any new story which she can tell anyone. Damini blames that all the neighbors were praising Radha while calling her with names but she did not say anything, Damini questions what wrong she has done that is causing all this to happen. Tulsi says Damini is the cause of all the problems otherwise Radha would not place any blame on her.

Ajeet and Ketki also question Radha if it was necessary to do all this drama, she asks is this why Radha called all these people here so she can make a scene, Rahul also says this is what Radha always desires as how can she be at peace without such a situation. Kaveri questions what revenge she wants from her daughter as Radha first stole her husband and then the reputation but is not even letting the live at peace. Gungun sys that Radha never lies and if Radha is saying that Damini has done something wrong then she would have surely done it, Mohan says this time he cannot listen to anything Radha says because she ahs blamed his mother, and he cannot let it pass. Gungun tries to reason with Mohan, but he kneels down asking if it was her mother in this situation then would she do the same, Gungun still tries to reason but Radha signals her to stop.

Kaveri says they are saying Radha does not lie when she ahs not seen a bigger liar then her in this world because she even married Mohan by a false claim, Kadambari signals her to stop, when the neighbors are also worried wondering what is going on in this house.

Kadambari informs Radha that her family’s reputation means the most to her, she has given Radha the right of a daughter in law even when she has made so much mistakes, but then why is Radha doing it. Radha replies she also holds the reputation of this family with immense importance, but Kadambari is right as they would only find out the truth after they eat the kheer.

Radha asks Kadambari to give her the kheer however Kadambari does not move at all, Radha then taking the bowl walks to the Mandir where she mixes the entire Kheer, the entire family is worried wondering what is going to happen. Radha explains now she will end all the questions relating to Kheer and poison, Gungun also requests Radha to not eat it.

Kaveri whispers to Damini that if Radha dies right here then it would create a lot of problems, Damini replies she surely has a plan to save themselves, Radha however turns to walk towards them both when Damini and Kaveri are worried. Radha says she is blaming Damini mixed the poison in the Kheer, but she is claiming she has not done anything wrong so now Damini should eat the Kheer and prove her wrong. Damini gets worried wondering what can she do now, Radha says everyone would find out right now who is telling the truth and who is lying, she insists however Damini takes a step back, Kaveri wonders how did Radha change the entire situation, she wonders what is her daughter going to do now.

Damini exclaims has she not been ridiculed enough or is there something left, Radha asks what is the problem because if Damini feels there is nothing wrong then what is the problem in eating it, Tulsi also agrees with Radha saying they should make her eat as she knows Damini does not have the heart to take her own life, Ajeet and Ketki are also worried.

Kadambari angrily instructs Radha to stop saying they have suffered enough today, she mentions this is the problem of their family and they are going to solve it between themselves, Kadambari asks Damini, Radha and even Mohan to come inside as she must talk with them, they all follow Kadambari to the room. The neighbors are worried wondering what is happening in the Trivedi Mansion.

Kadambari angrily says she herself cooked the Kheer for the daughter in law of this house and now Radha wants Damini to eat it, this means she wants Damini to have the right of being the wife to Mohan and the daughter in law of this house, so if this is what Radha desires then they can go ahead with it.

The neighbor try their best to listen to the conversation.

Kadambari asks Damini to have the Kheer, Damini thinks that Kadambari would surely cause her to die, she turns to Mohan saying he promised to give her all the rights of his wife but she is humiliated in this house. Mohan says that Radha is putting a false blame on his mother so Damini should prove Radha wrong by eating it after which she should see what he does with Radha.

Damini is really worried wondering what she can do now, while Radha raises the bowl towards her, Mohan also asks Damini to have the Kheer, she is really worried.

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