Destined by Fate Starlife update 1 February 2024

Destined by fate 1 February 2024: Rashmi cries in jail and thinks she did so much for Nakul, but he left her in jail. She thinks she fed a feast to Nakul’s family, but she has to eat jail food; she will take revenge from whole family and make them cry, she will not easily leave Nakul; her plan is ready and she just needs to put into action.

Nakul gets intoxicated and thinks Sayuri must be waiting for him, but he can’t go in front of her. He blames Rashmi for his condition. He sees Sayuri’s missed calls and messages. A girl walks in calling him handsome. Jhalla Mera Aashiq Jhalla.. song plays in the background. akul asks who is she and what she wants. Girl says whole city’s men with broken heart know her name, he disappointed her. Nakul asks them to go from there. She says they can share their sorrows together and become friends, etc…

Sayuri waits for Kanha. Kanha walks in with Navratri clothes for Sayuri, kids, and Santosh. Sayuri says she feels happy that Saroj accepted Keya, they will visit temple tomorrow with kids. Next morning, she gets ready for temple. Kanha says her children are looking pretty. Sayuri says its because papa got dresses for them. Kanha fixes matching bindi on Sayuri’s forehead and says lets go now. Chaman thinks once whole family leaves, she will execute her plan. Saroj walks into Nakul’s room with festival clothes for him and finds him missing. Daadi Mausi asks her not to worry about Nakul and accompany family to temple first.

Chaman calls Tinku and explains her plan. She eagerly waits for family to leave to start her plan. Sayuri asks her to accompany them to temple. Chaman gives weird excuses. Sayuri doesn’t believe her and orders to accompany them. Chaman blabbers in her mind that this lady is very troublesome. Sayuri and Kanha reach temple and wait for Chaman to come with Saroj and Dhanraj. Saroj comes. Saroj asks about Chaman. Saroj says Chaman refused to come citing a medical condition.

Sayuri gets suspicious on Chaman and shares her concern with Kanha. Chaman dances and celebrates. A girl with Nakul wakes up and feels good. She wakes up Nakul and describes what he discussed with her whole night. Kanha asks Sayuri not bother about Chaman and takes her inside temple. Chaman thinks she succeeded in her plan and thinks now a real drama will start.

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