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Radha Mohan 21 February 2024: Mohan enters the room and places some things on the table, he is not able to move after seeing Radha in the dress so he just keeps staring at her, Radha is trying to fix her saree while he is just looking at her, Radha looks to Mohan, she asks him if she is looking fine, Mohan says she is fine so Radha says she must leave, Mohan asks if she would go to office wearing such big ear rings, Radha requests him to let her wear them since she really likes them,

Mohan explains that she is not going to go to office wearing them, he asks her to a bit forward, he himself starts removing the big ear rings and then makes her wear the small ones which would make her seem a bit professional, he turns Radha towards the mirror asking how did she like them, she signals they are perfect.

Mohan then even makes her wear the other earring, Radha starts smiling. Mohan then removes the necklace from around her neck, explaining she is fine, Radha explains now she is going to leave, Mohan inquires why does she have hair like this, Radha informs her Dadi used to make sure her hair were cut like this because she liked them, Mohan replies he remembers just one thing after seeing her which is weird, he himself starts preparing her hair. Radha smiles seeing them and looks at how he has braided her hair, Radha once again asks if she is looking fine, Mohan says he was a rockstar in his last life so knows about style.

Mohan questions why does she have the bangles in her arms, Radha requests him to let them be, but Mohan removes them all from her hands. Radha just keeps looking at Mohan, he manages to remove them all and notices how Radha is smiling looking at him, Radha feels a bit tensed when Mohan picks the watch in his hand, Radha raises her hand so Mohan makes her wear the watch.

He is also smiling seeing Radha looking at the watch, he asks if it is fine and when Radha agrees then Mohan picks a bracelet for Radha, Mohan says that she does not have to change anything about herself as she is perfect the way she is, and in the Mahabharat even Arjun wore a protection string, he explains they cannot win a war by just fighting but they also have to protect themselves from the attacks.

Radha agrees explaining now she must leave, she stumbles and is about to fall however Mohan manages to protect her asking if she is fine, she explain the saree is very light and she cannot handle it so what would happen if it comes off in the office, Mohan gets furious asking how can it happen, he says she should wear jeans but Radha asks how can she wear them, he questions if she a pin explaining they are going to solve her problem, Radha hands him the pin so Mohan kneels down, he starts correcting her saree and then using the pin he attaches it at the front, Mohan signals now it is fine, he asks her to check when she starts walking assuring now it is fine.

Radha says she feels that Tulsi has given him very good teaching, Mohan gets really tensed after hearing it so leaves angrily, Radha thinks she knows that just the name of Tulsi causes hi to suffer which is why she wants it then who had sent it to find out the entire truth. Radha wonders if Tulsi had not sent the text then why was she not able to enter the cabin of Damini, Radha thinks Mohan has to support her if they want to find the entire truth which is why she will take him to the office tomorrow.

Gungun standing at the door asks Radha to forget it explaining Mohan will never go to office. Radha explains this is why she needs her help as she can send Mohan to office, Gungun questions what sort of help when Radha asks her to sit down as she will tell the plan, Gungun mentions that she would have to lose the competition for this to happen, Radha says she knows Gungun has prepared for it but just on loss would ensure that her father starts going to office, Radha explains sometimes they have to lose in order to make sure their family members win, Gungun agrees she will do what Radha has asked her, Radha gets really excited and requests Gungun to go since her bus is about to arrive.

Radha asks Tulsi if she is here and questions how is she looking, Damini standing at the door remembers how Tulsi also used to wear the same clothes and exclaims that Radha is looking just like Tulsi, she is feeling as if Tulsi is standing in front of her. Radha informs Mohan has given the saree and ear rings for her to wear and go to office, Radha asks if Tulsi wanted to tell her something, Tulsi thinks she has to inform her about Guru maa but wonders how can she tell her. Damini also thinks Tulsi wants to tell her about Guru maa. Tulsi thinks Radha might understand as Bihari jee is her Guru maa.

Damini entering the room questions why is Radha still busy when it is time for her to go to office, Radha replies she is getting ready when Damini explains office is the place to work and if she is not ready then should stay back home and make food. Tulsi exclaims she knows why Damini is behaving like this, so she does not tell her about what happened last night.

Mohan calls Damini and entering the room explains Damini is forgetting that the office does not start for another half and hour, Damini says she is her boss when Mohan replies she is forgetting that this is the house where Radha is the mother to Gungun and his wife, Damini mentions that she is wife for just six months or is Mohan going to do the same with her as he promised to marry her but married someone else. Mohan says it will not happen as both Tulsi and Radha are different. Damini questions if this is the case then why is Radha wearing the dress of Tulsi and eager to go to office, she says she has eyes and knows Mohan is trying to make her just like Tulsi. Damini explains she knows Radha is illiterate, but she is young and beautiful, Radha angrily calls Damini who instructs her to shut up explaining she is not talking to her, Damini mentions Mohan should have the courage to at least tell her on the face that he will not marry her. Damini is about to leave when she stops explaining Mohan should not forget even, he is the father of a daughter and what would happen if someone did to her what he has done with her as she is an incomplete wife.

Radha questions what is Damini saying because she is cursing Gungun, Damini replies when someone suffers a heart break then they only have pain which comes out from their mouth. Damini explains Radha will not understand it as she got everything because she is a liar and deceptive person but still got a husband and now even the business, she warns Radha should know that the curse of a women can break even a mountain.

Tulsi says that Damini has played a very good game as she said all those things which Mohan would not be able to forget and will just think about them, Radha tries to talk with Mohan, but he says that she is getting late for office, Tulsi asks Radha to go as she is going to stay with Mohan.

Damini is presiding the meeting while explaining all of the points when she suddenly stops after seeing Radha standing at the window, Nikhil exclaims he never thought that Radha would come back after suffering such humiliation, they mention that she seems really professional. Damini signals Radha to enter the conference room, Radha wishes them but they all start laughing at her, Rahul offers his position when Damini stops him saying all the seats are full so where is she going to sit, Radha explains that she will keep standing, Damini mentions they are discussing about their new book so what is Radha going to do, they suggest she might make the presentation but Damini mentions she is not capable off it, Neha suggest she might even do the work relating to their foreign clients, Damini says she might not have even seen a foreigner.

Damini mentions Radha might at least make tea for them all, Radha recalls how Mohan informed her about the plan of Damini, Radha agrees to go and make tea for them, Damini stops Radha from going revealing everyone has their own preference, Radha suggests that she will ask them when Damini explains they all are really busy and do not have time for it, so she has given a very simple task to Radha but if she fails in it then would have to suffer the punishment,

Radha after a while agrees explaining it would not come to it and everyone will get the coffee and tea according to their preference, Radha leaves when Nikhil explains he has told the peon so he will not answer the call. Damini thinks Radha herself agreed that she can fire her if she makes any mistake so today Radha will surely make a mistake after which she will not be able to find the secret relating to her cabin, Damini starts smiling.

Damini mentions their peon is on a leave so Radha can make tea for them, Damini exclaims she would even get punished if she fails in this task, Radha replies it will not come to that as everyone would get the tea and coffee according to their desire as she will ask kaka. Radha leaves when Nikhil assures there is nothing to be worried about because he has told the peon to not answer any call, Damini thinks that Radha will surely make a mistake and after that will be thrown out of this house.

Mohan in the house wonder what is happening to him because he indeed forgot that his relationship with Radha is just for six months, he keeps thinking how Damini questioned how he will feel if someone did the same to his daughter and left her while giving her the rights to be his wife. Mohan wonders if he is
snatching the light from Damini since he himself assured she would get all the rights of being aa wife.

Radha is really tensed working in the office as the peon is not answering her calls, she wonders what can she do now so she starts looking at the bottles, Radha thinks how can she make it, and after looking at the time notices it is eleven o clock so everyone would have already drunk the morning tea and coffee, she leaves praying to Bihari jee for his support.

Damini is explaining the presentation when Radha thinks she knows Damini would do anything she can to oust her form this office but even she has vowed to find out the secret in her cabin and its connection to the death of Tulsi, so she will not leave before it and for that she will do anything.

Mohan wonders what is happening to him as he is only thinking about Radha and wants to tease her and then wishes she is always around, he only tends to wait for her when she goes to the office so sitting down thinks what is happening to him. Tulsi says he is falling in love with Radha. Mohan thinks he cannot do this to Damini because she loves him and has been waiting for him for so long, he cannot break her heart and live in guilt. Tulsi exclaims Damini is not suitable for him so he should not stop his thoughts for Radha while thinking about his promise to Damini.

Mohan gets a call from the school of Gungun, he informs that her mother has gone to office and so wonders why has Miss Rozy called him to office. Tulsi smiles saying that this is surely the plan of Radha and Gungun so he has to bear it.

Radha starts smelling all of the cups one by one, Damini notices what Radha is doing and thinks she knows what Radha is thinking however she would not be able to do anything, Radha however smiles while filling the tray with all the cups.

Radha turns to leave when the phone rings, she answers the calls and is glad to hear Mohan so explains she has recognized him from his office. Radha assures she is fine but Mohan replies he is not fine at all because Miss Rozy has called him to the Principal office, so he requests her to come. Radha relies that Damini would fire her if she leaves the office, Mohan assures he would talk with Damini when Radha replies she got this job due to his reference so it might be wrong. Mohan agrees that it is wrong if she leaves the office, he wonders what Gungun might have done.

Radha asks why does he think that Gungun would have made a mistake, Mohan says because she is his daughter and even he used to get punished all the times in school, he is really scared of the principal office and feels even miss Rosy is going to beat him, Radha start smiling saying that she is sure he would not let anything wrong happen to Gungun since he loves her a lot. Mohan starts thinking about what Damini said to him, Radha calls him when he says that she is light as he is living for Gungun so would even bear the beating, he asks her to call him if there is any problem. Tulsi requests Mohan to not think about what Damini said to him in the morning since there is nothing to be worried about, he knows Damini just speaks ill all the time. Mohan feels as if someone has remembered him.

Radha thinks if Damini cannot bear that anyone is happy at all because Mohan had just tried to smile but she once again made him feel bad. Damini informs this is going to be the biggest publication launch from their office, everyone starts clapping when Radha enters the conference room asking if they all had started clapping before having the tea, Radha start serving them all the tea according to their likings, Rahul after drinking it mentions his black tea is just the same as he likes, Gayatri also mentions her tea is also good.

Damini mentions that she is glad Radha asked the peon, Radha replied that he never answered her call, but she smelled all the cups placed at the cubicles so knew their preference, Radha explains she just has one complaint from the office that the soap which they use to clean the dishes is of very poor quality as the smell of milk did not go from the cup of Gayatri as she is the only one in this office who likes to have milk in her tea, Gayatri praises Radha for being really smart, Nikhil replies she is not that smart as his tea is not according to his preference, Radha replies she knows that he only likes to have tea with lemon but she saw how he was constantly going to attend the bathroom leaving such an important meeting, this is why she added Ginger to his tea as it cleans the stomach.

Damini claps for Radha explaining she has passed the first part of her test, she asks them to open the minutes of the meeting which Gayatri jee has prepared, Radha starts looking at them when Damini instructs her to read them all out loudly as they should know if everyone understood what was discussed today. Radha is stunned and starts looking at the slides, Damini instructs her to read, Radha tries to read it, Damini keeps staring at her. Kadambari suddenly enters the conference room greeting everyone, she asks Damini if everything is fine who informs that everything is indeed fine before requesting her to sit down, she explains Radha is just about to read the minutes of the meeting.

Kadambari informs Damini that the minutes are in English and she would not be able to read them, she asks Radha to let it be when Damini replies this is why she is asking her to read so Radha become worthy to work in their office. Radha once again starts looking at the slide and so once again tries to read, they call Radha as an illiterate of Hindi medium. Kadambari angrily stares at Radha who leaves the conference room, Kadambari tells Damini that it is not fair.

Radha returns to the conference room with a lot of books, they all are shocked when she keeps bringing the books. Kadambari does not understand anything, Damini also wonders what is she doing. Kadambari asks Radha what is going on, Radha calls her explaining that all these books have been published by their books, she tell them the names of all the books. Radha explains they all have one thing in common, that they are in Hindi, so they should see who can read the books which their office has published.

Radha starts reading them, she asks Shikha the meaning of a word but she is not able to answer, Radha then starts reading once again and so questions Nikhil what is the meaning of another word but even he tends to think however is not able to reply, Radha then asks him the meaning of another word, they say they can search for it when Radha replies she is asking the questions from them and not the internet, Nikhil requests her to not ask such questions, Kadambari makes Radha swear on her Bihari jee that she will not ask such questions from her as she did not learn such pure Hindi. Radha smiling says she has come here to learn from her but is only going to ask the question from her Boss, Damini is stunned when Radha explains she will just ask her to tell the Vernmala, Damini doensot the meaning of it, Radha replies she is asking about the Alphabets of Hindi. Radha even helps her a bit by telling her of a few letters, Damini tries for a while but says she doensot know. Radha mentions it is nothing to be worried about so she herself starts reciting all the alphabets that are in the Vernmala.

Damini is really frustrated, however Kadambari starts clapping for Radha seeing which Damini gets even more furious. Radha says it is a very big thing that they publish the Hindi books and have a problem with their own language, it is very good to learn English but not a weakness if they do not know it. She accepts she doensot know English but it does not mean she is illiterate, she tells Damini mam that she even knows the Vernmala of English, explaining she has read almost all the books placed on this table.

Radha explains that the intelligence of a person is not based if they know English because their own country has more than three hundred languages, she further explains she does not understand the relations in English as they tend to call everyone as Uncle with no regard to the elder or younger. Kadambari starts smiling. Radha explains their own language can be learned without much effort, and it is more then a thousand years old while the lust which they get from learning Hindi cannot be found in English. She says they would be very glad to know that a lot of words in English have been taken from Hindi, she starts explaining that Hindi is taught in a lot of international schools and so the language in which their Prime Minister speaks, along with what is spoken in their family so how can it be lower then any other. She says Gandhi jee used to say that their language is that off love and if they make fun of any langue then it means they are making fun of their own roots, she says if Damini mam still thinks that she has to learn English to become worthy of this office then she is wrong, and Damini must not forget that she runs a publication which specializes in Hindi so she must learn Hindi, Damini gets shocked.

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