Radha Mohan Zee world update Thursday 22 February 2024

Radha Mohan 22 February 2024: Mohan says he knows she was trying to look at the photo of him and Miss Rozy, Radha agrees to it after which she demands the phone from Mohan but he says he would even put a password, she tries to snatch the phone when they both get really close, he blows at her while smiling explaining that the phone would now be opened only with the password.

He explains he has to think about Miss Rozy in his sleep, she gets furious when he says he gets the best ideas and was even thinking about her in the sleep, she requests him to tell what was he thinking about, he says he was thinking about her hair, she gets excited revealing he thought how he would put the crackers in her hair after which she would keep running in the house. Mohan mentions that he has to even wake up in the morning for Rozy and Roti, Radha gets furious. He asks the lights to turn off, but they do not, he says neither the lights nor Radha listen to him, he lying down mentions that Rozy listens to him. Radha leaves after getting furious.

In the morning Damini and Kaveri both are exercising when Kaveri says she has told her so many times that she cannot do this exercise explaining she was sleeping peacefully and dreaming about her father. Damini mentions it is not the time to sleep as they have to think about a solid plan to stop Radha from coming to the office. Damini and Kaveri both are shocked to see Radha enter the kitchen and take out the jar containing the clarified butter, Kaveri questions if Radha plans to make the dessert for the people in office, Damini questions if Kaveri does think in the morning so does she really think Radha would do anything small after what she has already done in this house, kaveri plans to tell Kadambari but Damini stops her revealing that Radha is surely planning to do something so they have to see what she is doing.

Radha is applying the butter on the phone of Mohan, Tulsi requests to hurry up otherwise Mohan will see her, Damini standing outside wonders why is Radha doing it, Kaveri exclaims she feels Radha is performing some sort of magic on Mohan as some people use the rituals while others do such things, she feels it is really weird. Mohan comes out of the bathroom when Tulsi advises Radha to leave the phone but she is still busy applying the butter.

Tulsi finally gives her a signal by flickering the lamp so Radha quickly drops the phone acting as if she is cleaning the bed, Mohan questions where is her phone when Radha informs it is placed on the bed, he after picking feels awed questioning why is it so sticky, he questions if Radha has done something when she replies why would she do anything as he instructed her to not touch it, she requested him to not use his phone while eating it as now he has even ruined the phone, she after taking the phone starts recalling the numbers he has pressed. Radha starts cleaning it when he questions what is she doing as it is his phone, he asks if she plans to spy on him once again. Radha says she cannot do anything even if she desires as she does not know about his password, she is not able to speak it properly and asks for his help.

Mohan helps her when she mentions she cannot open it, Radha mentions she has the right as a wife to know about all of his passwords, does he not think like it. Mohan mentions in modern times the couples give each other space, Radha gets excited asking if they both are a couple. Mohan replies he meant the rest of the world, he says she should leave as if he is standing here then she should go out of the world. Mohan mentions he is going to take a shower, he says he is not asking but telling her and she should not touch his phone, otherwise he would send her to space. Radha celebrates as he turns away.

Radha takes the phone and immediately starts thinking about the numbers, Kaveri wonders but how would she find out about the correct password, Radha gets disheartened thinking it did not work, so she starts thinking about it and then recalls the numbers, Radha and Tulsi both get excited thinking that it is the date of birth of Gungun, Damini and Kaveri are really shocked exclaiming she has a very clever mind, Kaveri does not know what Radha will do with the phone of Mohan, Damini replies she knows what Radha is planning.

Damini entering the room questions what is she doing with the phone of Mohan, Radha tries to say it but then mentions it is the phone of her husband so what does she want with it, Damini blames that Radha is trying to take the screen shots of the messages that Tulsi sent, Radha and Tulsi recall how does Damini know about those messages. Radha calls Damini asking how does she know that Mohan jee ahs the screen shots of the messages sent by Tulsi, Damini is startled but in the meantime Mohan comes out questioning why is she yelling, Damini says Radha was checking his phone and has found out about the password using the butter.

Mohan walks in front of Radha mentioning she will never mend her ways, he asks if it is necessary to put butter in everything, he says she can see the selfie asking if she got relieved as it is just a selfie and nothing else, as they have not gone on a date but he can get a print out if this is what Radha desires, he asks if she got relieved.

Radha seeing Damini stops Mohan from leaving explaining she was trying to see the selfie he took with Miss Rozy but Damini has put a very weird blame on her which only they both know about. Radha mentions Damini thinks she was checking his phone to see the screenshot of the messages which Tulsi sent but he only told her about those texts, Mohan recalls how he only showed Radha the texts, she asks then how did Damini find out about those texts.

Mohan getting shocked turns to Damini, revealing he just told Radha that Tulsi sent him a text and even maa does not know about them so how does Damini know about it. Radha says that Damini knows them all because she is the reason behind everything, explaining she suspected her from the first day that she was involved in the death of Tulsi. Kaveri thinks Damini herself ruined the plan by herself, Tulsi questions how is she going to save herself this time, as she even told Radha all that she was not able to express in so many days.

Damini accepts that she has killed Tulsi, hearing this everyone is shocked including Mohan and Radha, Damini accepts she has killed Tulsi with her own hands, accepting she killed the love of Mohan. Radha sitting on the bed starts crying, when Damini says this is what Radha meant to hear so is she happy, Damini once again questions how can Radha put such a heinous blame on her revealing everyone knows that Tulsi committed a suicide, she says she has not killed Tulsi.

Damini accepts Tulsi died because of her because Mohan always sided with her in front of Tulsi but she killed herself in the ego and did not even think about her husband or daughter, Radha warns Damini to think before speaking about Tulsi, Damini warns Radha to stop explaining she never liked Tulsi from the start and was jealous of her fate, it is also the truth that she did not feel anything when she died because she thought she would finally get married to Mohan. He scolds her when she explains she has gotten tired mourning the death of Tulsi and loving Mohan. Damini exclaims she even wants Radha to die hearing which Mohan is stunned.

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