Twist of fate update Wednesday 21 February 2024

Twist of fate 21 February 2024: Mehika is sitting in the room when she angrily walks out of the room, her friend questions where is she going when Mehika replies there is something which she wants to talk with Prachi, Mehika leaves when her friend thinks that till the time Mehika is furious and starts throwing the things then is normal but now she is quiet so something evil is about to happen.

Mehika asks Prachi to come as she wants to talk with her, Prachi says they can talk in the room but Mehika says she wants to talk here, Mehika questions why did Prachi not reveal the truth about her to her parents, Prachi replies because she loves and cares for the family who would get hurt, Mehika warns Prachi to stop with this as this is wrong when Mehika replies that she has had enough of this nonsense and cannot bear it, she would do anything for Ranbir and for that even Khushi has to get away from her path. Prachi says that Mehika has gotten mad as she is not understanding that Ranbir is the father of Khushi and cannot live without her.

Prachi tries to leave saying Mehika needs help when she replies she needs Ranbir, Prachi turns back informing that a women once before tried to marry Ranbir but was not able to do it, Mehika asks if Prachi cannot take the name of her own sister who had tried a lot to marry Ranbir but was not able to do it. Prachi says that Mehika does not love Ranbir but only has an obsession, she is clearly saying that she cares for him and would never let Mehika marry him when Mehika says that she is both in the Kumkum and Kundali bhagya of Ranbir and it is certain, Prachi replies that it is not the case when Mehika asks what sit he reason for it asking if Prachi still considers him as her own, Prachi replies for the next seven generations, Mehika says that Prachi must start visualizing Ranbir with her as this would happen very soon.

In the morning Akshay hands money to the representative who asks how much are they, Akshay says he must do the work when the person says Ranbir is talking with the team of Juneja, Akshay questions what is he paying him for, he tells him to create an urgency that Ranbir needs to sign the deal so he leaves the house.

Mr Tandon comes to take the blessings of Arti and asks his sister how is she, Manpreet walks away when Mr Tandon says he has decided to not send the children to the mental Asylum hearing which Manpreet is not able to remain calm so goes to hug Didi, Mr Tandon says he is the one who should be hugged hearing which Manpreet gets a bit nervous, but they all start smiling when Manpreet mentions she is really hungry so they all go to eat. Prachi forces Manpreet to sit down while she serves the breakfast and even Akshay comes at the breakfast table, Prachi serves him the cornflakes. Prachi sees Mehika approaching and remembers how she warned Prachi to see how she makes Ranbir fall in love with her, she sits on the table. Ranbir finally arrives greeting everyone when he sits on the table so Manpreet informs him about the potato filled tortilla, he says these are his favourite. Ranbir reaches for some pickles but Prachi stops him saying they are not good for his health, Ranbir however replies that such little would not do any harm, Mehika also agrees with him however he sees the reaction of Prachi so decides to have them with the sauce seeing which Akshay says he does not like what Prachi is doing but he cannot even say anything to her, Akshay thinks she is worried for the injury of Ranbir when he is today planning to kill him.

Ranbir’s manager comes home and tells Ranbir that Mr. Juneja wants their deal to be final within an hour. If Ranbir doesn’t go, then they will miss the deal. Everyone says that Ranbir needs to rest. Akshay says, I will go and close the deal. The manager says that’s not possible. Prachi also says that Ranbir can’t go, but Ranbir says, I am feeling better. I can go. He gets up to leave. Prachi walks to him and says, don’t go. Akshay and Mihika look on. Ranbir says, it’s important for me to go, if I don’t go, then we will face big losses. He leaves. Akshay informs the goons to be ready. Prachi is tensed as she holds her mangalsutra.

Ranbir and his manager come outside. The manager says that he got a message that his mother is unwell and he won’t be able to go with him. Ranbir tells him to take care of his mother and he leaves alone in his car. The goons follow Ranbir’s car. Ranbir decides to call Mr. Juneja. The call doesn’t go through. He says his manager must have given a wrong number and decides to meet him in the office directly.

Akshay calls the goon and says that he wants to see everything live on a video call. He offers extra money. The goon agrees.

A man comes in front of Ranbir’s car and faints. Ranbir comes out of the car to check on him. The man takes out of a knife. Other goons join in. One of the goons attacks on Ranbir. Ranbir fights with the goons and tries to run, but he falls down. One of the goons stabs him multiple times. Prachi feels something is not right and runs saying, leave him. Akshay sees her and goes after her. Prachi says that she needs to save Ranbir. One side, Ranbir falls on the ground and other side Prachi faints. The goons leave. Ranbir desperately calls for help. A couple stops, but seeing knife’s wound, they don’t help and leave. Mihika comes there and is shocked to see Ranbir in such state. She tells him to stay awake and takes him to a hospital.

Prachi wakes from sleep and takes Ranbir’s name. Manpreet and Vishaka calm her down saying everything will be okay. They make her sleep again. Prachi keeps taking Ranbir’s name saying he is not okay.

Abhay sees Akshay is disturbed and asks him what’s the matter. Akshay says, how is that possible? Abhay asks what? Akshay says, heart to heart connection. Abhay says, I don’t know what’s going on. How can I answer you? Akshay tells him, you won’t be able to tell. Even I won’t be able to tell despite knowing everything. Abhay is confused. Akshay says, I hired a goon to kill Ranbir. When they were beating Ranbir, Prachi was feeling the pain. How is that possible? Abhay says, they do seem to have a connection, as if their souls are one. Akshay says, I want that connection with Prachi. Prachi’s love for Ranbir is next level. I am sure she can love me in the same way. Abhay says, that’s possible one way only. Ranbir has to leave from Prachi’s heart. Akshay says, once Ranbir leaves the world, he will leave from Prachi’s heart too. It will take time, but eventually Prachi will have my shoulder for support.

The goons are trying to contact Akshay, but call is not going through. They decide to go to his home.

Ranbir survives. Mihika cries saying she couldn’t see him like that. Doctor comes and says, he is fine. Luckily wounds weren’t too deep. He prescribes him medicine and says he can go home. Mihika hugs Ranbir out of relief.

Divya asks Vishaka how come she’s taking care of Prachi. It feels like she loves Prachi more than her own daughter. Vishaka says, right now the whole house is under Prachi’s control, so you have to be nice to her and then use her. Vishaka comes to Prachi and puts wet cloth on her forehead to reduce her fever. Prachi asks to call Ranbir once. Vishaka tells her not to over think. Divya wonders what magic Prachi has done on everyone that she is behaving like this for another man and no one is saying her anything.

The goons come outside the house and calls Akshay. Akshay’s dad sees his phone and tells him some Raghu is calling. Akshay rushes to him and takes the phone and cuts the call in anger. The goons get angry and call him again. After his dad goes away, he picks up the call. The goon asks why he is not answering his calls and says if he didn’t answer, he was about to come inside the house. Akshay tells him to wait outside only. He picks up a knife and says, I know how to deal with such threats. Akshay’s dad sees him going out.

Akshay telling the goon that he has hired him to kill Ranbir and likewise he can hire someone else to kill him. The goon hits Akshay and says you have given incomplete supari, but we did full work and killed Ranbir. He asks him to give the money else he can show what he can do with him.

Ashok hears and slaps Akshay. He says I will call the Police. The goons run away hearing him. Akshay asks Ashok, what he is going to do, if he has gone mad. He says if Police comes to know then I will get hang punishment for murder. He asks if you want me to be hanged and says don’t know what has happened to him. Ashok says shameless and mannerless, how dare you to talk to me looking in my eye. Akshay says this way and looks at him. He says he has no regret for what he has done, and says he don’t need his lecture, and is going to his wife.

He gets inside. Ashok comes behind him. Akshay says he is not afraid of him or Police. He says he just wants Prachi. He says as you are my father, I will not obey you. Ashok asks him to come to his senses and asks what he has done? Akshay asks him to feel proud and distribute sweets. Ashok shouts Akshay. Akshay asks him to cry at his destiny for having Kaput instead of Sapoot. Ashok sits in shock. Manpreet comes there.

Ashok asks for forgiveness and says I can’t do anything, and everything is ruined. He says he gave good upbringing then how did he do this? Manpreet goes to get water for him. Door bell rings. Servant opens the door. Ashok sees Mihika bringing Ranbir there, and asks if he is fine? He hugs him.

Ranbir asks what happened to you? Mihika comes there and asks what happened? Ranbir says he has light injury and shows it. He asks her not to tell Prachi, else she will get worried. He tells that some goons had attacked him, and says once he is fine, he will enquire.

Ashok is sitting on the sofa shocked. Manpreet looks at him. Prachi wakes up and tells Vishaka that he has returned? Vishaka asks whom? Prachi says Ranbir has come back. She goes out. Vishaka thinks this fever of heart is bad. She collides with Akshay and tells that she is going to see Ranbir. Akshay says you behave as if I don’t exist for you and says let Ranbir die. Prachi says you are not my husband, and asks what are you saying? She says you knows that my heart beats for my husband even now and I got married to you for Khushi’s custody. She says you knows well about Ranbir and Khushi, and I hope you got all the answers. She goes. Akshay says Ranbir will not return, but his news will come, death news. Abhay calls him.

Mihika takes Ranbir to his room and makes him sit. She takes out his shoes. Ranbir says I am fine and asks her to go and do her work. He says if you stay here, then Prachi will know that I am not fine. Mihika says if I say something then you will feel bad. Ranbir says then don’t say. Mihika says I want to ask you something. Ranbir says you will feel bad with my answer. Mihika asks why you feel and care for Prachi, why she is important for you. Ranbir says you want me to repeat it. Mihika says if I say that I don’t know. Ranbir says then you are betraying yourself and me. Mihika says he will go and wash her hand wash. Ranbir thinks he has to go and tell everyone that Mihika and him are not together. Mihika goes.

Ranbir gets up and falls. Prachi holds him and asks if you are fine? Ranbir says I am fine and asks if you are fine. Mihika asks what is going on? Prachi says Ranbir was about to fall. Mihika asks why did he get up. Ranbir asks about Khushi. Prachi says she is in her room. Ashok tells Manpreet that Ranbir’s life is in danger. Manpreet says that’s why Prachi was saying that Ranbir’s life is in danger. Vishaka comes and tells that Prachi needs to be shown to doctor and told that Ranbir has come. Manpreet says yes, he has come. Ashok says he was stabbed. Manpreet says that’s when Prachi felt that he is in danger. Vishaka asks how did Prachi know? Ashok says they have heart relation. Manpreet says they have heart to heart connection. Ashok tells that we can’t change destiny. Vishaka sits on the sofa and asks what about my Akshay and Mihika?

Mihika asks Prachi why she is running behind Ranbir? Prachi asks what do you mean and asks her to say clearly. Mihika asks her to stop acting. Prachi says she don’t want to talk to her, and is going to see Ranbir. Mihika says he is fine. Prachi says I want to see him myself. Mihika stops her and says you will not go anywhere. She asks her to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi says she is feeling pain. Mihika says you will feel much pain and that’s why I am asking you to stay away. She holds her hand tightly. Prachi asks Mihika to stay away from Ranbir and tells that whatever is destined will happen. She says I can’t snatch my daughter’s father from her, and tells that if Ranbir marries you, then my Khushi is not safe, as you can harm her.

She says that’s why I have decided to save Ranbir from you. She says Ranbir stood with you always, but you. Mihika says my fiancé roams around you, and you roam around him. Prachi says you thinking is dirty, and tells that Khushi is her life and Ranbir is closer to her heart. Mihika says Ranbir is just mine. Prachi says even Rhea used to say this. Mihika says you can’t think what I can do, and asks her to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi says I have listened to my heart always and will do the same. She says I would have done your ghatbandhan happily, but now I have seen your truth and will not let him marry you. Mihika says Ranbir will tell everyone to buy clothes for marriage, and tells that he will marry me day after tomorrow. He says Ranbir himself will propose to marry me.

Abhay tells Akshay that Prachi bhabhi never said that she loves you and you are trying to make her get in your life. Akshay says so what? Abhay says she was always clear that Ranbir was in her heart and life, and asks why you are forcing her for her relation with you. Akshay asks if Ranbir asked you to say this. He says you are my brother and shall support me. Abhay says Prachi doesn’t love you. Akshay says loveless marriage will work for him. Abhay says your marriage didn’t happen with her either. Akshay asks him to shut his mouth. Abhay thinks nothing is be good for any of them.

Ranbir hugs Khushi and tells that he was scared that he will not see her again, when he had gone outside. Khushi asks him to be there and goes. Akshay sees Ranbir in Khushi’s room and thinks Raghu is of no use. Khushi brings holy thread and tells Ranbir that she will make him wear it. She says I love you Papa, don’t be scared as I am with you. She ties the holy thread on his hand. Akshay gets angry. Ranbir kisses on the thread and thanks her. Khushi smiles. Akshay goes from there. Khushi asks him not to be scared and says I am with you, your bodyguard. She hugs Ranbir. Ranbir says I love you. Naina song plays…..Khushi hugs him and asks him to do her work, asks him to open her almira, as she wants to play. Ranbir takes out toys and gives to her. Akshay comes to his room and is upset.

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