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Radha slowly walks towards the safe while both Damini and Kaveri are also running towards the room, they start peeking through the window to see Radha opening the safe, meanwhile the person in the black dress also sees her, Radha prays tok Bihari jee that she is opening the safe as the daughter in law of this house and desires it should remain filled like it, she prays to find the proof for which she came here.

Radha opens the safe, seeing which Damini and Kaveri both are really worried, the safe is filled with cash seeing which everyone is shocked. Radha thinks there is surely something here due to which Damini and Kaveri were ready to steal the keys of the safe, Damini informs Kaveri if Radha finds out about their secret then they would be jailed for twice more the time, Kaveri replies they would remain fine even in jail but if Mohan gets a hand on them then would surely kill them, the person in the black dress thinks that the truth is in front of Radha but she just has to open her eyes, he once again informs her to look carefully as all the answers are in that safe,

Radha is still searching when the cloth flies from it, the lights turn and Radha turning is shocked to see Ketki standing in front of her, Ketki blames Radha for acting of being a nice person during the day but in the night she is stealing from them, Radha tries to explain Ketki is thinking wrong and not able to understand the truth, Ketki however calls the entire family to quickly come, Radha is not able to understand anything, the family is shocked to see Radha standing with the cash an jewelry, Ajeet asks Ketki what happened when Ketki blames Radha for stealing from them, Tulsi angrily scolds Ketki but she cannot listen.

Kadambari also enters the room asking what happened when Kaveri asks her to see what is going on, Kadambari walks to Radha who is holding the jewelry and cash questioning what is all this, Mr Trivedi replies she ahs broken their trust because Kadambari gave her the responsibility of this entire house but she is stealing cash from the safe,

Radha puts back the cash explaining holding it doesn’t mean she is a thief, Kadambari questions then what was the need to open the safe so late at night, Radha starts to hesitate when Kadambari angrily questions her, Radha replies she was searching for something, Ketki blames her for stealing the money. Radha replies it is not like this an they all are thinking wrong of her, Damini asks if they should believe her because Ketki herself saw Radha stealing so they can understand that Radha is a thief, Tulsi requests Kadambari to give Radha the benefit of the doubt as she would have a reason for it. Kadambari mentions she did not know Radha would be a thief, she questions what the need was to break her trust.

Mohan also enters the room, so Radha wonders how he woke up, Damini smiles thinking that she went to wake Mohan, he blames Radha for deceiving everyone, Radha starts feeling tensed, she asks if he is also suspecting her but Mohan replies he is sure she was stealing the money. He says she first married him and then took the keys to the house but is now stealing the money, Mohan says she just made a mistake for not being patient as they say that such is the work of the devil, he mentions there is no difference between her or the devil which is why she was stealing in the night, Mohan asks if she did not feel any shame while stealing even after being the daughter of a pandit jee, Radha angrily replies it is enough, she is just trying to find out the truth and as she desires to reveal the truth about Damini and Kaveri, because of which she has to find the proof. Kadambari and Mohan ask what sort of proof she is talking about, Radha replies she doesnot know it but is sure they both are hiding something from her.

Kaveri angrily says that she does not know what the proof is and herself is caught stealing but even then are blaming them both, she once again says Radha is a liar, who explains that she s not lying, Rahul asks why should they believe her now, Radha informs that ever since she got the keys Damini has been arguing with her to attain them and just a few moments ago, Kaveri tried to take the print of the keys and so what do they have to achieve for which they need the keys,

Radha mentions she would bring the soap which ahs the print of the keys, Radha walks to her room, opening the drawer takes out the soap which she says has the print of the key, she gives it to Mohan who checks it seeing which Kaveri is really tensed, Mohan then shows Radha that it does not have any sort of print, seeing which Radha is stunned, Kaveri turns to Damini who thinks that she managed to change it with the soap.

Mohan asks if she can see it and Radha is tensed, Mohan mentions he can understand what happened, that the soap got cleaned, Radha is not able to understand how it can happen as she herself saw the marks of the key, Damini whispers Radha claims to be ahead of them but has now paid the price.

Mohan mention it is enough since she has the keys of the house and herself was caught with the money and jewelry, Kadambari blames Radha should at least think who is she blaming because Kaveri is her elder sister and Damini is just like her daughter, Kadambari explains they have not till today done anything of the sort, Kadambari mentions when Mohan turned away from the business, Damini was the one who handled the business which is worth tens of millions,

Radha says when did she say Damini needs money, she is just saying that there is something which they both are searching for, Kadambari instructs Radha to stop, asking if she knows why did she give her the keys, because she wanted to give Radha the position of being the daughter in law of this family but now she ahs started to feel that Radha does not deserve it,

Ketki says she would tell what Radha is capable off, everyone is shocked as Ketki mentions she deserves to be thrown into the jail. Ketki advises they should get her arrested after calling the police, Rahul agrees to call it but Damini stops Kaveri but Rahul insists that what did not happen till now will happen today, Mohan agrees to call the police, Damini gets tensed so Radha asks that he was once ready to fight everyone for her but today he himself is suspecting her, Mohan replies if he had done it before then would not have been married to her Radha hearing this is shocked.

Mohan also agrees they should call the police hearing which the entire family is shocked, Radha mentions there was a time when he would fight with his entire family for her but is now suspecting her, Mohan says had he done it before then today she would not be married to him, Rahul takes out his phone but Kadambari stops him informing that police will not come into this house, Ketki asks why does she want it, as Radha would surely clean their entire house, Mohan agrees that Radha should once go to the police station as only then will she understand the truth, Kadambari accepts that Radha has made a mistake and is wrong but this does not mean that police would come into this house, as it relates to her family and if the word gets out, it will ruin the entire reputation of this family.

Mohan mentions that she really belongs in jail so should be allowed to be arrested, Tulsi gets tensed and explains Kadambari knows Radha can not do anything of the sort, Kadambari agrees Radha would be taken by the police but what is he going to say to Gungun tomorrow morning, when she will ask where her Radha is. Mohan is tensed, saying he would inform her that Radha committed theft due to which she got arrested, they all are shocked.

Kadambari agrees he can say it but does he think Gungun would believe him, she informs he knows it that Gungun does not disagree with Radha and accepts everything she says but how does Mohan think Gungun would accept anything he says, she warns Mohan that once the custody case of Gungun is opened once again what is going to happen, she asks if he can tell the outcome, she informs it might sound very difficult but the father of Gungun meaning Mohan was blamed with murder and the mother of Gungun was blamed with theft, she asks if he thinks the court would let Gungun stay in this house, Radha tries to explain herself but Kadambari angrily informs she has decided that police would not come into this house.

Damini agrees with Kadambari, mentioning Radha lies and has even started stealing but this does not mean she should lose her Gungun, Kaveri stops Damini, who asks if she has lost her mind as they should let Radha get arrested, Damini replies but Kaveri has lost her mind because if the police open the safe on Radha’s advice, then they both would be thrown in jail.

Damini accepts Radha ahs ruined her life by snatching Mohan from her but if Radha goes to jail, they would lose Gungun forever, Mohan gets shocked hearing this and she explains she cannot see Mohan in such extreme pain, Kadambari mentions then it is decided that Gungun would not be told anything nor the police will come into their house, she vows to end everything today.

Kadambari explains tomorrow is MahaShrivratri and they all have to wake up early, she instructs them all to go and sleep in their rooms, Kadambari is also about to walk out of the room, Mohan stops Kadambari, along with everyone else who turn back, Mohan staring at Radha, also turns back agreeing that police will not come into this house but what has happened today, then does she still think Radha deserves to have these keys, Kadambari gets shocked as Mohan explains with the keys comes a responsibility and trust which she has broken, and so is not suitable to fulfill the responsibility,

Kadambari feels tensed as Mohan turns towards Radha, he blames her for neither being the daughter in law of this house nor his wife, but is just a thief, Radha feels emotionally broken, Mohan angrily walks towards her, he picks the hand in which she is holding the keys, Mohan takes them from Radha, seeing which Damini is delighted as she feels she would surely get what she desires and even Kaveri starts smiling. Mohan lets go of Radha’s hand, while turning back with the keys he notices that Damini surely wants to have them, he slowly starts walking to Damini who also raises her hand for them with a smile on her face but Mohan walks past Damini giving them to Kadambari, Damini is tensed. Tulsi notices that Radha is crying, Mohan says that what belongs to her would always be of her, as no one can fulfill the responsibility better then her in this house, he turns to Radha saying that the intentions do not change after changing the clothes,

he explains she should take care of this house and Gungun in the next months because she neither has the brain nor the need to do anything else, Tulsi angrily asks what is the way he is talking with Radha, Mohan replies and she should wash all of her ill doings with the soap, saying even this soap might not be enough, Damini smiles seeing the way Mohan is talking with Radha, he angrily enters the bathroom while Radha starts crying, Kadambari notices her so turning back asks everyone to leave. Radha is still crying standing alone in the room, she wipes of her tears.

Damini in the room exclaims it would not be so easy to take the proof from the safe, Tulsi coming to the room thinks Radha was right to suspect that they both have some secret in that safe, Kaveri mentions she thought their truth would be revealed today but they were protected, Damini replies that Radha has become suspicious so they would have to remove the proof before she comes after them, Tulsi exclaims even she is going to come after them, she wonders if it is the same truth which she wanted to tell everyone.

Kadambari enters the room when Ketki comes mentioning she wants to talk with her, Ketki informs Kadambari does not know how to understand people, she informs that Kadambari never like Tulsi Bhabhi but the truth is that this family cannot get someone like her, and then Damini who is never suitable for this family but even then she wants her to be Mohan’s wife, Ketki questions but what about Radha who was caught stealing even then she refused to call the police, Ketki informs that she is just a normal human being for her who does not learn from her mistakes.

Kadambari mentions today Radha ruined her trust as she did not have anything to say to her family, Radha sitting on the ground starts thinking about the blames which the entire family placed on her, Tulsi coming mentions that she knows whatever happened today is wrong and if Kaveri took the print of the keys then there is surely something in the safe which they want but what is it, the person in the black dress opens the window to see Radha, she thinks she checked the safe but found nothing other then money and jewelry but she does not know both Damini and Kaveri would require the money, Tulsi also agrees, the person in the black dress explains the proof is in that safe and he asks if Radha did not see it, Radha is very confused.

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