Twist of fate update Saturday 27 January 2024

Twist of fate 27 January 2024: The Episode starts with Rhea asking Mihika to leave her Ranbir as she loves him. Vishaka asks Ranbir if this girl is saying truth, and asks if you was married to her before. She shouts asking him to say. Ranbir says no.

Rhea says no, marriage haven’t happened, but it will happen, and asks Vishaka to take Mihika with her, and says I will not let Ranbir become of someone else, he is mine. She takes the knife and threatens to cut her wrist. Ranbir says I have seen this nonsense before also and asks her not to do this here. Rhea asks Mihika to leave Ranbir else…Mihika asks else what, will you die? She asks her to die and says I really don’t care. Vishaka runs to Rhea, takes knife from her hand and slaps her hard. She says if your parents had done this, then I wouldn’t have slapped you.

She asks her to leave from there, and holds her hand to throw her out. Prachi shouts asking Vishaka to stop and says Rhea is my sister, and this way, she is the guest of this house. She says she is younger and innocent, and doesn’t know what to say and how to talk, and apologizes to Vishaka asking her not to throw her out. Vishaka asks what to do, shall we keep her on the bed, and do her aarti? She says Mihika is your husband’s sister whose engagement is stopped now. Prachi says I know well, and says Rhea is my sister and says if you throw her out then. Vishaka says her karma is such, she needs to be thrown out. Manpreet takes Prachi’s side and says she just want us to be good with her sister. She says Prachi is feeling bad as Rhea is her sister. She says even we feel the same for our siblings, and asks her not to take the things on her heart and end this matter right here. Vishaka tells Ashok that Manpreet is insulting me, and says your bahu got upset and then your wife as I slapped Rhea. Ashok says it is not like that, you are taking it wrongly. She says both Prachi and Manpreet are right in their own ways. Vishaka says I have understood and tells Prachi that because of her, her bhabhi and bhai insulted her. She says I did a mistake by regarding this house as mine, and asks Divya to take their stuff and says we will leave now. Akshay says we love and respect you a lot, and asks her to calm down and says nobody will insult you. Vishaka says if I shall calm down, so that your wife hits shoes on me. She asks him to teach Prachi how to talk to elders.

Rhea claps and says this is what my sister does, and says the one and only Prachi. She tells Ashok that you might feel that she is helpless, and tells Pallavi that you might be thinking her as good values girl. She tells Mihika that Prachi might made you feel that you are more dear to her than her sister, and says Prachi is like this, wherever she goes, she makes the family members fight, and says she did the same in my family too.

She says Ranbir used to regard her as honest and good girl, and my sasur ji used to regard her as good values girl, as she used to act with them, and even my Sasumaa used to think her good, but later she came to know about her truth. She says Dida loved her truly and blindly like Manpreet Aunty, and says Prachi manipulates everyone like a Devi, and asks where is your feet, I want to touch your feet. Prachi asks what is this madness, get up? Rhea says I have become mad, because of you, and says every where people praises just Prachi, and I feel that blood came out of my ears. She says only Bua ji has identified Prachi and claps for her. She says now coming to the matter, I want Ranbir and Mihika’s marriage to cancel, as I love him and he will go with me. Ranbir says don’t think of this, and says I will not go anywhere with you. She asks Ranbir if I am not beautiful, and asks if Prachi is more beautiful than me and asks him to say what is in her, and says Prachi is nothing infront of me. Ranbir asks her to shut up and says I have seen your many dramas and says you don’t deserve to stay here, your thoughts are cheap. Prachi asks Ranbir not to do this. Ranbir says we all have to fight, because of your love. He drags Rhea out, Prachi tries to go behind them and falls down. Akshay comes to Prachi. Ranbir takes Rhea outside. Rhea asks him to hold her hand, and asks him to come with her. She says I love you. He says I don’t love you, and says I don’t want to see you, you are not a good person, and says you are selfish and haven’t loved anyone.

Rhea says I just loved you and has done so much for you and your family, and has sacrificed all my golden years for you, and you are calling me selfish, and says you don’t understand my love. Prachi comes there. Rhea says Devi ji has come, and says first she does drama and then see it, and tells that this is happening because of her, and says you made my life as curse and has become my life’s eclipse and asks why did you born and says you should have died before death. Ranbir asks her to shut up, and asks why you are involving Prachi in this, and says if Prachi is elipse then what you are. He says Prachi is married to Akshay and I am marrying Mihika, then from where Prachi came between us. Rhea says Prachi is inauspicious and has snatched everything from me, she has snatched my Maa, my Dad…I was his favorite. Prachi asks what you are saying? Ranbir says she is cursing you and you are having tears in your eyes. He tells Rhea that if you have stayed with your father then Prachi stayed with her mother, and says you are elipse for Prachi if she is eclipse for you. Prachi asks Ranbir what you are saying? Rhea asks if you love me then why didn’t you leave Ranbir for me. Ranbir says you don’t deserve love, you are mad. Rhea says I deserve you and has right on you. Mihika comes there and says now you have don’t have no right on him, as he is my would be husband. She says I am not liking whatever you are saying, so I suggest you shall not say anything. She hugs Ranbir. Prachi and Rhea, both get upset. Rhea pushes Mihika and says you don’t. She tells Ranbir, I love you the most. Ranbir holds Mihika’s hand and then looks at Prachi. Rhea says it is better that you shall kill me, and asks him to suffocate her neck. She says if you don’t do this, then I am telling you that I will return again in your life and will ruin your life. She says this is my promise. Prachi and Ranbir stand shocked.

 Rhea warning Ranbir and saying that she will return in his life again and will ruin it, says it is my promise. Ranbir says this is your truth, making people’s life as hell and ruin their life, this is your truth and that’s why I said that you don’t deserve love. Mihika and Ranbir turn to leave from there. Rhea shouts, saying I am sorry Ranbir and cries. Prachi asks Rhea to calm down and says you are very angry now. Rhea pushes her and makes her fall down. Mihika and Ranbir stop hearing Prachi falling down. Rhea says it is all drama. Mayank hears them. Mihika and Ranbir come to Prachi. Prachi gets up and wipes her tears. Vishaka asks Ashok not to talk to her and says you was supporting Manpreet. Akshay tells Vishaka that Prachi didn’t oppose her decision when she slapped Rhea, as she knew that her sister is bad, and tells that she stopped you when you was throwing her out. Vishaka says Rhea is right, Prachi manipulates everyone. Akshay asks her not to say this.

Prachi, Mihika and Ranbir come inside. Prachi apologizes to everyone and says Rhea got angry and says it was between the two sisters. Mihika says no, it is between Rhea and me, she vent out her anger on you. Pandit ji comes to get the engagement done. Mihika says she will do the touch up of make up and come. She asks Divya to come with her. Ranbir drinks something and goes. Prachi comes there and tastes the drink, and asks waiter to throw it, as it is bitter. Mihika tells Divya that Ranbir is good and sweet and he was fighting with his ex for me and says his heart is clear and says I can’t tell about my past to anyone. She says he told what importance I have in his sight.

Divya says you are lucky to get him and says infact any girl can fall in love with him. Mihika says I am in love with Ranbir, I really love him. Divya says that’s why you are getting engaged to him. Mihika says this was not truth, and tells that she brought Ranbir as her boyfriend. She says actually Mayank was her boyfriend and he got married to someone else, and I was committing suicide when Ranbir saved me and came with me here to save me from Dad. She says you know that I get broken and says Ranbir was always with me, he is so good and loyal, and says I am in love with Ranbir, and says he helped me and I really fell in love with him. She says I really hope that he also loves me and proposes me for marriage. Divya says you are sweet and he will love you too. She hugs her. Mayank hears her and gets angry.

Dida tells Pallavi that she is not running her mind. Pallavi asks did you notice, Ranbir was silent was Rhea started and then when she started talking about Prachi, he couldn’t bear and says he loves Prachi even now. Dida says it is not like that, and says they have lived many moments together, and says Ranbir doesn’t feel the same way as before.

Ranbir is in the lawn. Prachi comes there and asks Ranbir to thank her, and says I don’t want your thank you. Ranbir says I understand normal conversation and asks her to explain to him. Prachi asks what did you do with me, and asks if anyone behaves this way with a girl. Ranbir says I know how to behave with girls. Prachi says you got so rude with her, that I don’t have words. Ranbir says whatever Rhea did with you and me, I didn’t do even 20 percent of what she did. He says when I get even a bit rude then drama happens, and says if anyone cares for my feelings and says what to talk or complain about others, and says even you don’t understand my feelings. Prachi says I was always good with you, and says you always find fault with others. Ranbir says bad thing has happen with me, not with Rhea or you, and says always my emotions are played, and I didn’t get true love in life. Akshay comes there and hears them. Ranbir says you didn’t value my love ever, and says didn’t understand my feelings or didn’t care for my emotions. Prachi looks at him. Akshay hears them shockingly. Their moments are shown.

Rhea gives advance to the goon and asks him to kidnap Mihika, and says she will send her photo. She says nothing wrong shall happen. The goon says I take money to do work. Rhea asks him to go fast. The goon goes. Rhea tells that what everyone thought that my story ended, and says I get what I wanted, else I will snatch it. She says Ranbir will always be mine.

Mayank gets angry and hits his hand on the wall and then on the floor, recalling Mihika’s words. Pradeep stops him. Mayank tells him that Mihika betrayed him and was telling Divya that she loves Ranbir. He says he will kidnap her and will force her to marry him.

Prachi asks Ranbir if he seriously think that she doesn’t understand his feelings. Ranbir says yes. Akshay thinks Ranbir used to love Prachi and she didn’t value his love, and that’s why he is angry. Dida asks Pallavi to come. Pallavi says she has a feeling that something is going to happen. Dida says engagement will happen, and says Prachi has done the arrangements for the engagement, and says they used to confuse us. Pallavi says it seems that they are clear about their feelings, but is hiding the truth of their feelings. Prachi tells Ranbir that truth is that he didn’t value others’ feelings. Ranbir says you don’t have any individuality, and said the same thing to me what I told you. He says if I didn’t care for others, then Rhea wouldn’t have been in my life today. He says I would have true love in my life and she didn’t use to doubt me. Prachi says it is waste to talk to you and turns to go. Ranbir asks her not to stop the discussion and asks when she will stop this misbehavior. Prachi says when you hear the opposite person. Ranbir says I will listen and understand and asks her to say. Prachi says you was rude to Rhea infront of Akshay’s family and says how she must have felt, as she loves you.

Ranbir says even you loves Rhea and I don’t want to get grinded between the two sisters. Prachi says that’s why I don’t like you. Ranbir says even I don’t like you. Prachi says I hate myself to talk to you. Ranbir says the same thing. Prachi says I will not talk to you. Ranbir asks her to go and says even he don’t want to talk to her. They go from there. Akshay thinks if they used to love each other, then God would have done something and got them married.

 Prachi telling that she hates herself for talking to him. Ranbir says even I hate myself for talking for you and says why did I come infront of you. Prachi says she don’t want to talk to him and goes from there. Ranbir also goes from there. Akshay overhears them and thinks if they had loved each other, then would have got married, and God would have done something to unite them. He then tells that he is over thinking, and thinks Ranbir loves her surely, but she doesn’t love him. He asks himself not to think. Dida tells Pallavi that Mihika is Prachi’s sister in law, and tells that Prachi is married to Akshay and asks her not to over think. Pallavi says this is what I am thinking and asks if Prachi is really married to Akshay? Dida asks what you are saying? Pallavi says if I said right then? Dida says Prachi has kumkum in her maang and mangalsutra on her neck.

She goes. Pallavi thinks something is going to happen today, and tells that she can’t bear Prachi again in her house, this time she will be infront of her and not Rhea, and says I will use my right of a mother in law this time. She says if Prachi wants to return, then she will regret all life, and says I will make her lose Kohli family and also Tandon family. She says she will lower Prachi in such a way that neither she nor her greatness can lift up.

Prachi comes to the room and goes to washroom. Ranbir comes there, and gets sleepy. He sleeps on the floor. Prachi comes there and throws towel on him, and sits on the bed. Ranbir and Prachi see each other. Prachi asks why is he sleeping on the floor and asks him to get up and sleep on the bed. They both seem to be drunk mistakenly. Prachi asks him to get up holding her hand. Ranbir says I had held your hand but you left my hand. Prachi is about to go. Ranbir holds her hand and says I will not leave your hand. Prachi says we will count till 3 and then we will do. He asks what? Prachi says arm wrestling. He says your hands are soft even now and feels her touch. They count till 3. Ranbir tries to get up, and Prachi falls on him. Song plays….Aap hamari jaan bangaye plays….

Dida looks for Ranbir and tells Pallavi. Manpreet and Vishaka come there. Vishaka asks if you have seen Mihika. She says engagement mahurat came. Dida says she will go and search Ranbir. Manpreet says we will call him. Dida says today’s kids have stopped meeting and they talk on video call. Pallavi says we have to search him. Dida goes to bring him. Pallavi says I will go with Dida. Vishaka says else we have to search her. Pallavi says hopefully not. She goes.

Ranbir tells Prachi that she is heavy and tells that if she will be on him then he will be lifted. Prachi gets up. He asks if you are drunk. Prachi says you called me fat. Ranbir says I didn’t say that, I said you are heavy. You are liar and says I didn’t tell that you are fat. He asks if I am mad. Prachi says I will not talk to you, and says I will leave. Ranbir says bye and is about to go out and close the door. Prachi stops him and asks why you are locking me inside. Ranbir says so that we can talk. Prachi says you are locking me intentionally. Ranbir says we will sort out this problem. He comes inside and locks the door. Prachi says it is ok now and asks him, why you have locked us inside. Ranbir says I want to talk to you. Prachi says I want to go out. She tries to open the door, but couldn’t open due to drunkard state. She cries and says I think I am drunk, and can’t open the lock. Ranbir asks her not to worry and tells that he will open the door. Even he couldn’t open the lock. Prachi tells him that she knows that he will fight with her, complain with her and splash water on her. Ranbir asks if you have gone mad. He says you don’t talk with love, fights with me and complains to me. Prachi says I know how to talk with love, and tells him that she misses him so much.

Vishaka and Manpreet tell Akshay that Mihika is not here. Vishaka says she must be with Ranbir. Akshay says Prachi is with him. They ask what she is doing with him. Ranbir tells her that even he misses her a lot. Prachi says liar, if you had missed me then wouldn’t have moved on with Mihika so far. Ranbir says you have moved on, and says you married Akshay and moved on. Prachi tells Ranbir that she didn’t marry Akshay, as she loves just him (Ranbir). She says I love you. Ranbir says I love you too…Pallavi and Dida see them through the window. Ranbir says I love you so much that nobody loves each other a lot. Prachi says even I love you a lot. Ranbir says lets elope from here. Prachi says she will elope with him, as she just needs him and nothing else. She hugs him. Dida and Pallavi get shocked seeing them. Pallavi asks Dida to do something, to distract Akshay, Vishaka and Manpreet. Dida goes to them and says she got sprained in her feet. They take her to make her sit. Pallavi calls Prachi. Prachi says someone called us. She looks at Pallavi and asks Ranbir if she is your mother. They come near the window. Ranbir says she looks like my mother. Pallavi asks if you both are drunk. Prachi says I don’t drink, he is drunk. Pallavi asks them to open the door. Prachi says you will scold us. Pallavi says I am very calm and will not get angry. Prachi and Ranbir try to open the door. They open the door. Pallavi gets inside the room. Ranbir and Prachi have a hug. Pallavi asks them to come with her to washroom, and says she will get them rid of drunkard state. She splashes water on their faces, and says they are drunk. She asks Ranbir to splash water on his face. Prachi says she wants Baklu. Pallavi says she will bring coffee for them. Prachi asks her to add chocolate in it. She laughs.

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