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Mohan angrily comes out of the bathroom only to see Radha sitting on the floor, she at once explains he has always supported her whenever she needed his help, because she thought he knew her and does he really think she is capable of stealing,

Mohan agrees blaming Radha for actually being a thief, he mentions he sided with her because he did not know about her truth but now he knows she is a deceiver as the girl who can confuse the police and blame an innocent person, and can even forcefully get married then it is not difficult for her to steal, he exclaims Damini tried to warn him about Radha but he refused to accept her suggestion, Radha turning looks at the mirror when she hears herself questioning why is she crying, she realizes that Bihari jee mentioned it is important to keep fighting the war without caring for the outcome, she mentions Tulsi jee also informed it is going to be very difficult, and she has two choices first either to feel bad after hearing what Mohan is saying or to fight her war, as even Arjun had to pick up the swords so Radha should also fight. Radha turning to Mohan explains he is rightly saying, she forcefully broke his marriage and herself got married to him but she has not stolen anything, she vows to not prove herself anymore as Mohan still believes she is innocent.

Radha mentions she did not feel bad he thought she is a thief but she is not a bad person, Mohan angrily questions if she can do anything job, Radha mentions that the most difficult job is of a women as she is asked to do a lot of different tasks and even complete the relations, Radha explains he was talking about job, so whenever there is any difficulty then the women tend to learn anything they desire for their family, she explains even if still Mohan feels she cannot do anything, she promises to one day become so successful that he would say he is proud of her. Mohan asks if she wants to be like Damini, Radha replies that there is no need to make someone their guru, she doesn’t want to ruin herself by being like her, Radha says that she wants to be like Tulsi jee, Radha asks if he has also started drinking with Damini, Mohan angrily questions why is she talking to him, because he lost his mother because of it, Radha questions then why was he under the influence last night, Mohan is shocked when Radha informs he held her tightly last night, she mentions he came from Damini’s room in that condition, she advises him to go and ask Damini what did she give to him. Mohan leaves angrily.

Kaveri exclaims what can they do about Radha as she has ruined their life, Mohan angrily enters the room questioning what did she give him because of which he was under the influence, Damini asks why would she do anything, Mohan replies even he knows he was under the influence but would never drink alcohol, Damini angrily questions what proof does he have that she gave him anything, she blames Radha for doing it, Radha also enters the room questioning why is she lying, they both start arguing. Mohan asks them to stop vowing to not let the person live who did this to him.

Radha threatens Damini that she is suspicious of her actions but Damini should be scared of the day when she finds out the truth because then Mohan jee would not let her stay alive, Kaveri gets scared, mentioning Mohan got angry on being influenced but what would happen if Mohan finds all those proofs against them, Damini mentions even she is worried because if Mohan finds out their truth then it would be revealed in front of everyone, Radha hearing their conversation is really confused wondering why is she feeling that the secret relates to the death of Tulsi, she vows to find out the truth. Tulsi standing behind her thanks her saying until she proves the secret behind her death, only then would she be able to remain at peace, Tulsi says that now Radha has to help her.

In the morning Radha blows the trumpet, Kadambari is shocked after seeing that it is seven o clock, she runs down the stairs and is worried about the time Mohan mentions they were not able to sleep peacefully because of Radha, she says he must not make excuses, Mohan says that Radha wakes up so early in the morning that he is also forced to wake up at four in the morning, she gets tensed questioning why does he have to wake up, Mohan mentions because he has to perform the exercise.

Radha and Gungun both are singing the Bhajan standing in the hall, Kadambari and Mohan both are shocked seeing that Radha has prepared everything for the pooja, Mohan seeing the preparations is shocked, Radha meanwhile is still singing the Bhajan and performs the prayers, Mohan feels a bit delighted and is a small smile on his face, he exclaims she is able to perform magic.

Gungun also wishes Happy Birthday to Shiv jee, hearing this Radha smiles explaining today is not her birthday, Gungun questions when does his birthday come, Radha says that he does not have any beginning or ending, Gungun questions then why they celebrate Shivratri, Radha replies because it is the day when Shiv jee and Parvati got wedded, so every year they celebrate it, Gungun asks if it is like the anniversary. Kadambari exclaims if she teaches their new generation everything and never does anything wrong so how can she be wrong, she asks Mohan if they have made a mistake.

Radha asks Gungun to go as she will come after a while, Mohan angrily exclaim Radha knows how to perform magic and is even a deceiver, Mohan asks does Kadambari not see how Radha has changed sides because she would always pray to Bihari jee but is now prostrating before Shiv jee, Radha says that it is men who make sides, but Bhagwan has just different styles, she going to him explains that it is written in Bhagwat Geeta that they both have the same meaning, Mohan replies she should stop teaching because he cannot bear it, he leaves when Radha stops Kadambari requesting her to get ready, Kadambari angrily replies today is her first Shivratri in this house and she must prepare everything, Radha leaves assuring she will make all the preparations, Damini angrily says that she has to break the bond between Radha and Kadambari.

Damini and Kaveri walk out when Kaveri exclaims that Damini was sleeping while Radha did everything, Damini explains that she has to do something about her otherwise their plan would surely fail, Kaveri and Damini both leave, Radha standing behind the pillar prays to have strength so she can reveal the truth both Damini and her mother.

Kaveri slowly opens the window of Kadambari’ room while she is picking the saree, they both notice that she has placed the keys on the bed, Damini whispers this is the right time and so they both secretly enter the room, Damini rushes to pick the keys, thinking they would be able to end the secret from the safe with which their problems would also end, she exclaims Radha was not able to find the entire truth, Kaveri exclaims they both should complete their plan before someone else finds out, Damini turns but is shocked seeing Radha standing in front of her, Radha questions why are they in such a hurry as they both should first give the answer to their crimes, Damini quickly hides the keys when Radha replies there is no need to hide them as she has caught them red handed,

Radha calls the entire family hearing which Damini is stunned so she throws the keys to Radha who is holding them when Kadambari comes out of the bathroom and the family also enter the room, Kadambari asks what does she want to say, Mohan also questions her, Damini blames she came to compete the plan which she was not able to do yesterday, she mentions Radha was stealing the keys so she can empty the safe and is glad she was able to catch Radha, Tulsi replies that Radha has caught Damini.

Radha tries to clarify herself but Mohan angrily stops her questioning what is this with the keys, he asks if she really wants to steal their wealth, Radha replies she did not try to steal anything then and even now has come to reveal the true thieves, Kadambari is not able to believe anything when Radha blames that both Kaveri and Damini are trying to stela the keys and when she caught them they both threw the keys at them, and are now blaming her for trying to steal them. Mohan asks her to at least make stories which have a hint of being true, he asks if she really thinks they would believe someone like her, Radha replies he will find out in a moment how truthful Damini and Kaveri are, Mohan replies he does not want to hear anything, since today is MahaShrivratri and his mother holds this day with immense importance,

he exclaims he is tired of seeing this drama, he turns to leave when Radha stops him asking what is the need to leave so quickly, she exclaims he always believes she has made a mistake and if they desire to see the drama then should watch it properly, she calls Gungun who open the window, Damini is shocked seeing her standing there, Gungun enters the room through the room while wearing glasses, Kadambari requests her to be careful otherwise she might get hurt, Gungun after entering the room takes off her glasses, she walks towards Radha, who explains now Gungun would tell them all the truth, she mentions Mohan does not trust her but questions if he would trust Gungun.

Kaveri whispers to Damini that she should do something otherwise their plan would fail, Damini asks how can they trust Gungun since Radha has made her just like her, Damini asks if they all remember when Radha blamed their entire family then Gungun sided her even when she knew the truth, Mohan remembers that Gungun blamed him for not completing the wedding with Radha. Gungun accepts she is always with Radha as she is her mother, but Gungun informs she doesnot have to say anything as someone else would reveal the truth, Mohan ask Gungun who is here besides them, Gungun informs the third member of their team, she walks towards the corner and picks up a mobile phone, seeing which Damini and Kaveri both are shocked thinking now their truth would be revealed,

Gungun then even pick the second mobile, which she gives to both Kadambari and Mohan. Gungun explains this is the new phone of Radha which she bought from the Shugun that Mr Trivedi gave her, Gungun explains they shot the video from two cameras so that the truth does not hide at all. Mohan and Kadambari both start the video, Damini gets tensed as they see the truth about her, the entire family also comes to see the video, Damini requests them to not listen anything which Radha is saying since it is only to confuse them, Mohan asks her to wait for a moment, Kadambari angrily looks at Damini who is really tensed.

Radha informs she knew they all would not believe her, and Damini is habitual of molding the truth due to which she would be proved as a thief, she therefor took the help of Gungun, who asks how they liked the quality of the camera as in it they can very clearly see the thief. Tulsi appreciates them both mentioning now Kaveri and Damini are trapped.

Kadambari questions what is this but Damini does not say anything, she then asks if Kaveri also sided with Damini, who accepts she stole the keys but what else could have she done since Maa humiliated her by giving Radha the keys, she explains she had waited so many years to become the daughter in law of this house but Radha got married to Mohan, and even was caught stealing but Kadambari still considers her as the daughter in law of this house. Radha blames her for being very clever but she asks the real reason Damini was stealing the keys, Damini replies that Radha does not have any right to question her, she explains she was suspicious of Radha’s actions and so was worried if Radha would steal the money which she has earned,

Kadambari angrily exclaims it is enough, she accepts Damini has handled their business but she is given a handsome amount from the company so Damini must not act as if she does not get anything, Kadambari blames Damini does not have any right over the money which is locked in the safe as only Mohan and Gungun own it, and even she is just taking care of that money, Damini tries to clarify herself but Kadambari angrily replies that she has understood her meaning very clearly, she even scolds Kaveri explaining she ahs understood that relations change when money is involved. Mohan also explains they cannot steal something which they as their own, he says he always thought she considers everything as her own but what was the need to steal anything, he has now understood that she does not think like that and is not a part of their family.

Mohan exclaims but today is Shivratri and they must perform the pooja, he turns back mentioning they would end everything right here, Radha stops Mohan from leaving questioning how can they end everything so easily, the entire family is shocked. Radha says he would not do anything when such a big thing happened in this house, he asks if she wants him to create a drama and call the police,

Radha agrees he should actually call it, Radha mentions he agreed to call the police when she was just blamed for being a thief and she was not at fault but today he has the proof against Damini and now should call the police, she even asks Rahul to call the police. Mohan says that the reason is same to not call the police, as the entire family was suffered. Radha replies their name would have been ruined as if she was arrested as she is his wife, but Damini and Kaveri do not have any relation with this house, and he said it himself that he considers them as his family but they do not consider him as their own, Mohan replies she can be the daughter in law of this house but he is the owner of this house and would decide what happens in this house, Radha accepts it but replies she also right over this house since she is the daughter in law of the Trivedi family.

Precap: Radha informs Kadambari she heard Damini and Kaveri talking that there are some secrets relating to their past, and she feels they are related to Tulsi as how can she take her own life. Kadambari agrees to go and check the safe if the secrets relates to Tulsi, Damini and Kaveri are shocked.

Radha says this means they would not do anything even if someone steals from their house, Mohan asks why is she talking as if the house belongs to them all when he is the owner, Radha replies even she is the owner as she is the daughter in law of this house, Mohan says that this forceful relation does not have any importance,

Kadambari angrily exclaims it is enough but informs Radha that police would not enter in this house, Radha accepts it but asks her to at least find out why both Damini and Kaveri are trying to steal the keys as to what is their true desire, Damini blames she wants to protect the safe from just Radha. Radha replies Damini must not forget that this safe belongs to the Trivedi family and so there is no need to protect it form her, Radha requests Kadambari to go and check the safe herself only to find out what is there which they both want, Kadambari informs there is just money and jewelry in the safe, otherwise what else could be present there which she desires, Radha replies she also wants to know the truth, Mohan angrily instructs Radha to stop this drama as no one is going anywhere.

Radha, realizing it asks Gungun to go to her room, Damini questions why is she sending Gungun away, Radha replies because she wants to reveal something which she cannot do in front of Gungun, everyone is tensed so Radha once again asks Gungun to leave. Radha informs Kadambari she heard Damini and Kaveri talking with each other, she heard Damini saying that there are some secrets relating to the past, Damini is shocked hearing it, while Radha says she feels those secrets are relating to Tulsi, Kadambari is shocked along with the entire family.

Kadambari stares at Mohan who gets furious, Damini start remembering the night when Tulsi died in that fire, Kadambari asks what is Radha saying, Radha accepts she just came into this house a few days ago but knows there are still a lot of queries which have not been answered, Radha explains they themselves say how much Tulsi je loved this family, so then how can she commit suicide,

Mohan asks if she is saying that Tulsi was murdered and she did not commit suicide, Radha replies she is not saying it because she does not have proof but she knows that the answer to this question is in that safe, Kadambari is also shocked. Radha mentions she knows he does not like to remember Tulsi but knows she still resides in his heart, which is why she is saying he has every right to know all the things about her, Mohan starts remembering his married life with Tulsi, Damini blames Radha has lost her mind as there is no proof against Tulsi in that safe.

Radha stops Damini, Kaveri thinks what has Damini just said today, Radha replies she mentioned there are some answers in that safe but never talked about any proof, the entire family is also thinking what Radha said, she asks how does Damini know they would not find any proof because Damini would have never seen the safe as the key is always with Kadambari so how does Damini know what they might find in that safe, Kadambari mentions she would surely go to look in the safe if it relates to Tulsi, Kadambari demands the keys instructing Mohan to come with her, Kaveri questions why is she believing Radha as she is just trying to blame everything on them, Kadambari leaves without believing anything that Kaveri is saying, they all walk to the room.

Kadambari turns asking if everyone came, she mentions she wants to open the safe in front of everyone, Damini is really tensed wondering what might happen, Kadambari opens the safe, she takes out the jewelry boxes along with the money, Kaveri whispers to Damini that they should run from the back as their truth is about to be revealed, Damini notices the cloth so gets worried, Kadambari explains the safe is in front of them and they can see it just contains money and jewelry an nothing else, they all agree. Radha is shocked wondering how can it happen, as she heard it herself.

Damini comes forward mentioning that there is nothing else in the safe and how can anything else be present, Damini mentions Radha has placed a very big blame on her elder sister and her niece, Damini mentions they have stood by her in all the joys and worries of this house but she refused to trust her, Ketki asks what has gotten into her and can she not differentiate between her family and outsiders, Rahul replies that this is what she ahs done her entire life, as she always believes the outsiders. Radha turning asks them all to stop as there is no need to blame Kadambari, Mohan says it is enough mentioning that Maa does not have any problem in it, as Radha should be blamed, he explains she tends to convince everyone by her words and then uses emotion to convince everyone, Kadambari agrees with Mohan explaining that Radha always tends to break her trust, she blames Radha is controlling Gungun and even married her son but today she crossed all the limits, as she even used the name of Tulsi to get what she desires. Tulsi says Radha is telling the truth.

Kadambari mentions Radha knows what place Tulsi has in their hears and she even used her for her own agenda, Radha is not able to say anything, Kadambari explains she felt Radha would one day take the place of Tulsi in this house but she is not even worthy to be like her shadow, Kadambari explains Tulsi joined her house and even gave Mohan a lot of reasons to smile but not cry, she loved Mohan a lot and did not deceive him,

Kadambari further says she did not cause differences in relations like Radha, she prays that Tulsi should once again come back to life, explaining today is the day she would pray to her Bhagwan that Tulsi should come back and if anyone ahs to die then it should be Radha.

Kadambari gets shocked thinking what has she just said, Tulsi exclaims that maa is wrong to think of Radha, Kadambari putting the jewelry back in the safe says she has not thought so wrong of anyone let alone say it, but she asks Radha what she has done to them as she can no longer think or speak clearly.

Mohan explains she must calm down as it is only a matter of six months, Gungun standing at the door asks what is going to happen in six months, she comes in front of Radha asking Mohan what is going to happen in six months, the entire family is tensed. Mohan is not able to say anything and starts to fumble, he explains it would take her at least six months to get used to this house, he says she would surely understand their methods in these six months. Kadambari mentions it is time for the pooja and pandit jee is about to come so they all must go while she will come after getting ready.

Radha starts crying as the entire family leaves, Tulsi requests her to not feel bad since Maa never thinks wrong of her but just said it out of emotion. Damini places her hand on the shoulder of Radha, asking if she felt bad. Damini exclaims this would always happen if she tries to interfere in her matters, Radha says she would do it since this is her family,

Damini replies the same family in which her Mother in law is praying for her death, Radha exclaims that Radha should die so she can be with her ghost friend, Damini asks if she would like to die with poison or should she call the truck, Radha gets furious when Damini questions why is she getting angry as anyone who tries to stop her would share the same fate, either Tulsi or Radha.

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