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Radha says Mohan is very heavy, she falls over him while trying to pick him up and in the mean time the employees manage to open the door, they all are shocked seeing Mohan and Radha on the floor. They all rush to help Radha who is trying to help Mohan and he after standing exclaims the floor is very hard, Nidhi apologizes explaining that she heard someone shouting so came to check,

Mohan says he got a complaint from the HR department that there is very strong gravity here so eh came to check and fell very strong, he leaves while limping, Radha is also very embarrassed when she tries to leave but Neha says that they both were first together in the cabin and now here, so they are sure something is going on between them both.

Ketki tells Ajeet she is very worried that Damini will try to ruin the relation of Mohan and Radha, kaveri standing behind the window thinks that she is right to suspect since this time Damini will surely end the relation of Radha and Mohan.

Radha is drinking water when Neha comes to her saying they all know about her affair and they ask how did she manage to convince Mohan sir, as she acts she is really innocent and question what did she say that someone like Mohan sir fell in love with her. Another employee says that it is not difficult for girls like her to trap wealthy men since Mohan sir is very rich, Radha replies she has not done anything of the sort but he says that it ca be seen clearly that she does not have good character, Mohan angrily turns him and slaps him hard, all the employees are shocked. Mohan picks him up by his collar, asking what did he say about the character, mentioning that his character is not good because of which eh is blaming such an innocent girl an asks if the employee really thinks Radha is using him. Mohan explains he is alive today because of Radha, hearing this all of them are shocked.

Mohan comes to stand in front of Radha, he slowly reaches to twist the Mangal Sutur around her neck seeing which they all are shocked, he introduces her as Radha Mohan Trivedi, all of the employees are left baffled. Mohan asks Radha to give her hand so she slowly raises to place her hand over his. Mohan holds it tightly explaining she is his wife, and just as he is the MD of this office, Radha is the MD of his life. The employees are stunned as they could not figure out she is the wife of Mohan sir, Radha starts crying so hugs Mohan who asks her to calm down.

She just keeps staring at Mohan, he asks how they all think she used him and took advantage of his loneliness but the truth is that he is alive because of Radha and he met her when his life was ruined. He did not have the strength to live, even his daughter hated him but she not only gave him the strength to live but also the reason to stay happy in his life, he explains he is only standing in front of them because of Radha, he mentioned he vowed to never come back to this office since it opens the door to the past which he is trying to forget but then Radha helped him in his struggle and taught him that he can neither run from the past nor stop living his life, he clarifies Radha did not take advantage of him but she made he met his true self. Mohan asks Radha to not cry, he explains that Radha is his wife hearing which she gets very emotional, he warns everyone to bear the consequence if they say anything wrong about Radha because nor would he just be fired but he will make sure they do not get a job in this entire city, hearing this they all get very scared.

Kadambari is very tensed and entering the room closes the door behind her, she calls to Tulsi who comes to stand beside her asking if everything is fine, Kadambari asks Tulsi to give a sign if she is present in this room, she starts causing the lights to flicker. Kadambari apologizes to Tulsi mentioning she kept Mohan and Gungun away from her because she was worried that Tulsi might separate them, but today she heard something which has caused a lot of tension, she says she wants to know the entire truth from her. Kadambari asks Tulsi if Damini took her life and is the one because of whom she died, she requests Tulsi to say as she wants to know the truth, she asks if he fire that resulted in her death was caused by Damini. Tulsi apologizes as she cannot tell her anything because she herself does not know the truth, Tulsi says she just knows that she died in the fire but she feels that Damini is the one behind it.

Kadambari asks Tulsi to give a small sign, when kadambari exclaims she does not know why Tulsi wants to hide the truth however explains how she knows the person who can reveal the truth, Kadambari mentions he is the only one who can force Damini to reveal the entire truth, kadambari angrily calls Dulari who enters the room, she instructs her to instruct the driver to prepare her car, she angrily leaves. Tulsi thinks that her family is trying to solve the mystery behind her death after so many years, she prays that this should not harm the relation of Radha and Mohan.

Mohan tells Aman that he is fired, he tries apologizing to Mohan so Radha requests Mohan to forgive him otherwise what is going to be the difference between them both, he once again hugs Radha who starts crying. Neha is not able to see them both together. Mohan asks if they all understood it. Damini is not able to bear the sight of them both hugging, Radha sees Damini but is really furious and smiles, seeing this Damini gets even more furious. Mohan tells Radha that it is enough. Damini comes to Mohan demanding he must come with her, she pulls him away from Radha so he leaves her hand and leaves with Damini. The employees are shocked seeing it, Radha wonders what new plan is Damini going to come up with, she is very tensed.

Mohan is about to tell Radha something when Damini rushes to hold his hand, all of the employees are shocked when Damini asks Mohan to come with her and pulls his hand towards the cabin, all of the employees are left stunned while Radha keeps wondering what new plan has Damini made.

Mohan asks Damini what has happened when she asks him to come inside quietly, Radha is about to also enter but Damini says she must stay outside and locks the door on her face, seeing this Radha gets really worried so is about to walk away when Neha asks what is going on because if Radha is the wife of Mohan sir then what about Damini mam since she even got engaged to Mohan sir, they say that Mohan sir has the affair with two women one in the house and the other in the office, Radha angrily instructs them to shut up saying that they must not talk so ill about someone with knowing the entire truth, she explains she did not tell the truth because she did not want any special preference and wanted to make her own position amongst them, she questions why can they all not understand it and explains they must listen to one thing very clearly as she will never hear anything against her husband since he is her honor and now that they all know she is the wife of the owner then would straight away fire the person, assuring that no one can stop her from doing this. Damini notices Radha so asks Mohan to see what she is doing outside, she explains two minutes have not passed since he told the truth, and she has started using her position which is exactly what Radha desired, she exclaims what can she say to Radha.

Damini exclaims Mohan is her own but why did he treat her like this, and took away himself from her, she explains she has loved her since their childhood and he even promised to marry her but Tulsi came into his life and he married her, but when she died then there was a hope that they both can be together and he himself promised to marry her but then Radha came into his life and he married her, she says he assured Radha is just his wife on paper and she will get the rights of a wife so asks why did he do it to her, she mentions her life starts with him and ends at him, when he is not by her side then what is her right,

she starts crying mentioning all the employees have thought that she is the partner of this company and his fiance but how can it happen now, Mohan says she is still the GM but just not going to be his wife, Damini gets furious so starts thrashing the cabin, she exclaims she cannot let him go away from her and how can she live without him, he requests her to calm down but she says she does not want to hear anything, she leaves mentioning he does not care for her.

Kadambari is very tensed standing in the room recalling how Damini threatened to commit suicide if Radha and Mohan got married, and then she even blackmailed her by trying to hang herself where she demanded that Radha must be thrown out of the house, and even did the same on the Mandap. Kadambari thinks Damini can do anything to get Mohan so before she manages to cause any harm to either Radha or Mohan, she must tell him the entire truth so she leaves.

Damini coming out hits Radha, she recalls how Mohan informed that Radha is his wife, Damini tries to scold Radha but she stops Damini mentioning she must not even think about raising her hand as she knows what would happen to her, Damini still tries to slap Radha but is stopped by Mohan, seeing this all the employees are shocked. Mohan mentions this is the office and not their house so Damini must not say anything in the office, she questions what about the drama which he has done to her life. Mohan tries to warn Damini but she leaves saying it is enough.

Damini is walking when she hits kadambari but does not stop at all and leaves the office seeing which kadambari is stunned, she turns back to see the employees gossiping so scolds them instructing they must leave to go back o their desks.

Gungun is sleeping while Tulsi is sitting beside her, she is smiling and even leans in to give her a kiss, Tulsi thinks that maa just suspected Damini today but she desires that her truth must come in front of her very soon after which Radha and Mohan should become a family along with Gungun. Gungun turns when Tulsi sees the letter boss so thinks this is the correct time but Gungun once again turns back, Tulsi wonders what is in these letters because of which Gungun is very excited that she is not even leaving them.

Mohan is very tensed sitting on his chair when kadambari enters mentioning she has to talk about something very important with him, he tells her that he does not know how he will handle this situation. Radha says that Mohan must spend some time alone with Kadambari while she will go back home since Gungun would have come back, Mohan tries to stop her but she assures she must leave, he goes to thank her when she says that there is no need since she knows whatever he would do can never be wrong.

Kadambari explains she wants to talk about something with him, he says that he has given Radha the right to be his wife in front of everyone hearing which Kadambari is stunned. Mohan explains the entire situation when he revealed her Mangal Sutur in front of the employees and explains he even tried to talk with Damini but she got very upset and this is the result of it. Kadambari tries to explain it, he says he does not know what to do since Radha got her answer while Damini is very upset, kadambari wonders if she must tell him what she heard Damini say in the room, she tries to explain but Mohan is very confused. She once again tries to explain but he request her to trust him as he will surely take care of everything, he says that Radha wants the answer and he is going to give her the answer. Kadambari once again tries to talk about Damini, Mohan explains he must first take back the promise he made to Damini and has to end all his relations from her, he explains he has given Radha the right to be his wife but now has to make her believe that he will never leave her, hearing this Kadambari starts smiling when Mohan says how did their relation start because first they get married and then have children but in his case Radha first became the mother of Gungun and then got married to him, he then got in love with her. Kadambari thinks Mohan will not listen to anything so she must not tell him that Damini might be the reason for the death of Tulsi, and she feels Damini might herself back down when he talk with her. Kadambri asks Mohan if he remembers that tomorrow is the same day on which his relation started with Radha then he should express his love with Radha on this special day. Mohan says he must first talk with Damini and end this relation, he leaves assuring he will come back after a few moments. Kadambari thinks that once Mohan talks with Damini then who knows what else she is guilty off.

Radha is helping Gungun with her homework when she asks Ramaa that they must now read the letters, Tulsi exclaims she also wants to know what is written in those letters. Radha starts looking at the door when Gungun exclaims she knows that Ramaa is waiting for papa but must rest assured as he will surely come very soon. Radha thinks Mohan jee is with Maa je so would be fine.

Radha agrees to read the letters when Ketki also comes and then Ajeet and Rahul also come exclaiming even they want to listen, Gungun gets excited exclaiming now she will find out what her mother has written in these letters, Tulsi gets worried thinking she never wrote any letters for Gungun.

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