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Shekar gives Mohan his divorce papers hearing this Radha is shocked, Mohan also cannot believe t and so turns back to look at Radha who walks out of the room after wiping off her tears, Mohan stops her requesting that she should listen to him, Radha asks what is left there to listen because he even arranged the divorce papers, Radha leaves mentioning that she has gotten late for the office.

Shekar comes out asking what is going between them both since their love story suddenly changed into a dramatic film Mohan asks why is Shekar asking these questions after ruining everything, he asks who instructed Shekar to bring these divorce papers, Shekar says that Mohan himself messaged him, Mohan thinks for a moment but then says he knows who did it, he angrily starts calling Damini.

Kaveri and Damini both are stunned in their room when Kaveri asks Damini what has happened to Mohan, she says that the fire which she started has just reached Mohan, the entire family also come out asking what has happened when he keeps calling Damini.

Damini comes asking Mohan what does he want, he says that he would not get the peace until she is with him, Damini asks what has she done, he angrily shows her the divorce papers along with the text, he asks on whose instructions did she arrange these divorce papers. Damini says she does not know anything but Mohan asks how did Damini dare send this text to Shekar, he warns her to not lie since only two other people know the password of his phone, either Radha or Damini, he asks does she not remember that he gave the password to her for the income tax and Radha can not do it so did she do this, Damini says she just took his mobile for the work and gave it back when the work was complete, she suggests he should have changed the password.

Kadambari angrily turns Damini warning her to not change the topic and say it clearly if she is behind everything, Vishwaniyat also asks Damini to speak the truth if she send the texts, Ajeet also asks her, Ketki however is sure Damini would have called them. Kadambari once again demands her to speak, Damini finally accepts she is the one who sent the text demanding the divorce paper. She says what option has Mohan left for her because he first promised to marry her but then left her, she exclaims she has been tired waiting for him.

She sys he himself assured he will divorce Radha after six months, so only two days are left for them to complete after which he must oust Radha from his life. Mohan starts remembering the promise he made to Damini, she asks if he remembers the promise and must say what decision has he made for her life, Tulsi advises Mohan to not believe Damini and do what he desires. Mohan replies he does not want to talk about it and is going to Radha since she needs his support, he is about to leave when Damini asks what about her and her needs, she says he is just worried for Radha, Mohan says she is asking what about her needs, he is about to get close when Kadambari stops Mohan signaling him to leave and be with Radha. Tulsi says Damini will not learn her lesson no matter the beating.

Ketki questions Damini why did she send those texts and must be ashamed, Damini replies this matters is between her and Mohan so Ketki must not interfere in anything, she leaves angrily. Kaveri asks what mistake has her daughter made since Mohan indeed promised her daughter, she calls Kadambari devi. Ketki comes to kadambari informing that Radha is the mother of Gungun and even if Mohan was first irritated but he has no started loving Radha, she informs that Kadambari must do something when she replies now Mohan would have to do whatever he can for his relation.

Radha slowly enters the office when Neha along with the other employees come and start blaming Radha for using the right method to stay in this office as she is an intern and does not have the experience so she got close to Mohan sir, Radha is just quiet when Mohan comes questioning what is going on here, they all get worried replying they were discussing about the project, he says that they must indeed work hard since this is what they are paid for. Mohan asks Radha to come with him to his office but she does not move, he asks her to at least respect him a bit since he is her boss.

Damini is very tensed when Kaveri says she is sometimes worried thinking if Damini has a brain or not, she informs that the plan of Damini was working then why did she make this second plan as it will surly fail. Kadambari entering the room exclaims that Kaveri is right since this plan of Damini is surely going to fail, Damini gets worried thinking if she heard about the letters, Kadambari explains that Mohan has gotten in love with Radha so now she is not only the mother of Gungun but also the wife of Mohan.

Damini starts panicking and then mentions only she can be the partner of Mohan and not anyone else, she vows to not anyone remain with Mohan just as she did the last time. Kaveri thinks why does Damini not control herself since she accepted her own crime. Kadambari questions what is Damini saying, has she done something in the past to get the love of Mohan and did she do something to Tulsi, Damini leaves mentioning she has to go to the office and not has the time to answer her stupid questions, Kadambari then questions Kaveri if Damini has done anything in the past, Kaveri replies that she has not done anything but gotten mentally unstable because of Mohan, she says that Damini is in a very problematic situation since she has beard the problem of not one but two wives of Mohan, kaveri is glad Kadambari left because otherwise their truth would have been revealed..

Kadambari comes out wondering what did Damini say right now and has she actually killed Tulsi, she is about to fall but manages to stand up. Tulsi comes behind Kadambari mentioning she was just not able to find the truth because of which this entire family suffered, kadambari sees Gungun who is searching for her book.

Kadambari asks Tulsi to give her a sign if she is present here, the lamp starts moving when Kadambari requests Tulsi to stay beside Gungun because she has been worried ever since the incident occurred, Tulsi agrees but requests kadambari to not be scared, Kadambari keeps crying.

Mohan enters his cabin followed by Radha, she is very furious. Mohan gets a bit worried so closes the door and starts smiling but stops noticing how furious Radha is at the moment. Radha calls Mohan sir asking what can she do for him, he asks why is she talking like this to him, she replies this is the only relation left between them.

Gungun is playing in the room when Tulsi standing beside her asks her to go and wash her hands after which they even have to complete the homework, Gungun sees the box so goes to open it meanwhile Tulsi is worried wondering what is in the box. Gungun then closes it thinking Rama assured they would read them together so she cannot cheat and would wait for her. Gungun goes to pick the photo frame of Tulsi, apologizing to her she assures she would read them in the evening Tulsi gets worried thinking she saw it with her mother, Tulsi wonders what is in the box and why is Gungun apologizing to her for it, she starts walking towards it. Gungun says Raama said they must always take a bath after coming from outside, so she rushes to the bathroom.

Tulsi notices the box and so opens it to find the letters, she wonders why did her mother give these letters to Gungun and what are they actually about, she is about to open the letters.

Gungun thinks that Ramaa said they must always take a bath after coming from outside, she goes into the bathroom to take shower. Tulsi wonders what is in the box, she slowly opens it to find the letters and picking one from the top thinks of the reason due to which her mother gave the letters to Gungun, she wonders what are they about. Gungun suddenly opens the door thinking she forgot to take the towel, Gungun is shocked seeing the letter in the middle of the air so she screams and closes her eyes. Tulsi quickly puts the letter back in the box. Gungun after opening her eyes is not able to see the letter so she thinks she must stop seeing so many horror movies, Gungun rushes to the wardrobe from which she picks the towel and then rushes back into the bathroom. Tulsi wonders what is in these letters, she thinks she would only see them with Gungun and Radha.

Radha is standing when Mohan slowly walks over to her, he asks why is she talking in this manner. Radha asks how else can she talk with him since this is the only relation left between them and the other relation is about to end very soon. Mohan request her to not talk like this as he came to talk about it, she asks what is he going to say mentioning he would only say he cannot fulfill the relation and the feelings that re rising amongst them both, she has been able to become a good mother of Gungun but can never be his wife. Mohan tries to explain but she stops him saying he must not explain since it is not his fault but her as she considered him as her Bhagwan since her childhood and always prayed for him, but felt heart broken when she saw him tensed and so came to bring back his happiness after leaving her village and relations, she is crying when Mohan tries to wipe off her tears but she keeps pushing him away, Mohan then brings the tissue saying she must herself wipe off the tears, she warns him to not even think about convincing her, explaining that when she came here, then in her soul she considered him as her Ishwar but then slowly started falling in love with him, and considered their relation as a truth, she saw the dreams to live with him but how could she have known that she was praying a rock, and trying to make the river flow backwards. Radha exclaims how can anyone fall in love with Mohan, she vows to remain calm and stops crying. Radha says they say that anyone can be won by love, Mohan agrees but Radha says it is not true since only the person who is ready to lose can be won by love, and have the same feelings for each other.

Radha says but he does not even love her a bit, she keeps on crying. Mohan does not know what to do, she tries picking the tissue and exclaims they have ended, she keeps screaming. Radha starts checking her purse but does not have the napkin, Mohan picks the used tissue asking her to take it, but she shuns him and then he picks his coat for her, she gets furious at first when she exclaims she is the one who would have to wash it, Mohan replies that he will indeed clean it, Radha says he would ruin a lot of other things as he is even worse then her Gungun.

Mohan is shocked when Radha asks if he does not love her then why did he pretend to care for her because he protected her from the cold storage and even the criminals, she asks why was he always there to hold her hand whenever she was in trouble, Radha keeps questioning him on why did he keep wiping off her tears and tried to make her smile, why did he make her into a habit when he knew he would remove his hand one day, Radha says it is not a crime to not fall in love, but to steal the love after showing hope is a very big crime. Radha mentions he should not have done all these things if he did not have to live with her, Mohan tries to explain how it all happened. Radha says she would not have felt bad if he did not accept her as Radha but he has broken her heart today, saying a Bhagwan has broken the heart of his Bhagt. Mohan says it is not the case however Radha angrily walks out of the room.

Mohan exclaims she does not even listen so thinks how can he inform her how much he loves her, he angrily pushes the chair wondering what sort of game is Damini playing.

Damini is driving the car when kaveri calls her asking if she has gotten mad since she talked about the death of Tulsi in front of Kadambari, Damini gets irritated replying she does not care if Kadambari finds out the truth as she cannot do anything, Kaveri warns her to not underestimate her since she is Kadambari devi and can ruin them both, Damini asks what is she saying since nothing can happen as she has already played her mark and just needs to wait for the result. Damini informs she is about to reach the office and would teach her a lesson there. Kaveri exclaims that she si feeling this time her daughter is surely going to succeed and be the new princess of this house.

Radha standing in the bathroom mentions she has fought a lot of wars in the past but the pain she is feeling today is immense and like she has never felt in the past, she is crying.

Mohan standing outside the ladies bathroom calls Radha, she goes to the door informing this is the girls bathroom so he must leave, he replies he is glad she told him but then apologizes to her, Radha while crying says she told him to leave so he must go away, Mohan thinks that Radha is very furious so he must find another way to enter the bathroom.

Mohan enters the bathroom through the window, he after checking all of the cubicles knocks on it demanding that Radha must come out, she says he should leave since it is women bathroom. He says he asked this question because he wants to see her, so climbs on the other cubicle when Radha gets worried seeing him so requests him to leave, he replies he is the MD of this company so would tell them to mind their own business, he is smiling when Radha says she is worried but he is laughing. He explains he just wants to talk with her, she says there is no need to cheer her up, she asks if Shekar purposefully send the divorce papers, he replies that Shekar is not lying when they both keep arguing. Radha angrily is about to walk out of the bathroom when Mohan tries to follow her but he falls on the floor, Radha is furious so she keeps scolding Mohan saying he does not take care of himself, he asks her to stop talking and help him stand up, she apologizes saying she kept scolding him and did not mean it. The entire office staff is trying to listen standing against the door. Radha while trying to help Mohan stand falls on him, they both get very close to each other when Mohan asks what has happened to her, Neha along with the other staff members are trying to open the door but it is locked when they ask the peon to open it with his key but he is hesitant so they both open it, they all are shocked to see Radha and Mohan together on the bathroom floor, even Radha and Mohan are worried.

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