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Radha Mohan 4 April 2024: Radha agrees to read the letters seeing which Gungun says now she find out what her mother has written for her in the letters, Tulsi exclaims she has never written any letters for Gungun and cannot understand what is going on here,

Radha starts reading the letters but remains quiet, Gungun asks her to read them quickly because she could not wait when her Grand mother gave those letters, Tulsi does not understand what is going on, suddenly there is noise of something breaking in the house hearing which everyone gets worried, Ketki asks what has happened to her now, Radha mentions they have to go and check. Tulsi exclaims Damini would have surely caused some drama, she notices the letters are still placed here so thinks this is the right time to check them but just as she is about to pick the letters,

Gungun quickly picks them up and places them in the box which she takes with her, Tulsi gets worried thinking what is in the letters and on whose orders did Maa gave them to Gungun.

Damini in the room starts panicking remembering when Mohan accepted Radha as his wife, she keeps thrashing the room thinking how Mohan said he is alive only because of Radha, just as he is the Md of this office then Radha is the MD of his life, he warned everyone that if they say anything against Radha then would not only get fired but he will make sure they never get a job in this entire city. Kaveri requests Damini to open the door, she thinks how Mohan said that she is still the GM of this company but not going to be his wife, she thinks this cannot happen since Mohan only belongs to her and is going to be her husband,

Radha rushes to Kaveri questioning what has happened to Damini, Kaveri blames Radha is the reason for this condition of her daughter and who knows what she said to her, Rahul asks Damini to open the door along with Ajeet, Kaveri gets worried f Damini does something to herself since she is not in the correct mental state, Ajeet exclaims Damini is also very humble. Mohan comes with Kadambari asking what has happened, Ketki informs that Damini has locked herself in the room and might be doing another drama, Radha asks Mohan to go and talk with Damini. Kaveri stops Mohan mentioning he first ignites the fire and then comes to calm the situation, she says that her daughter is in this condition because of Mohan, as he said something very wrong to her. Kaveri exclaims that it was the biggest crime of her daughter’s life that she fell in love with Mohan.

Ketki asks Ajeet to see how kaveri masi is now going to blackmail Mohan bhai and take advantage of his nice behavior, Rahul says that Mohan bhai is not a nice person but really selfish. Kaveri says Mohan has really wronged her daughter and ruined her life, she wonders what would Damini do now. Kaveri curses Mohan saying he will never be able to remain happy and she is not going to forgive him for the rest of her life. Kadambari thinks that only Mohan can talk with Damini today and she will talk with him when the time is right. Mohan asks for what should he feel sorry when he has not done anything wrong, Mohan mentions that it is time for Kaveri masi to hear it, he says that she is the mother so it is her responsibility to show the right path and teach some manners, but she has always supported Damini in all of her decisions and wrong actions, the result of which they can witness since Damini is not even able to control herself

Kaveri asks Kadambari to look at what Mohan is saying, kadambari agrees with Mohan and suggests that Mohan should finish the work which he has started, mentioning they all have lived a lot in fear so it is time that they live their lives according to their own desires, she says he should only do with what he feels happy and nothing else, hearing which Gungun starts smiling.

Mohan asks Kaveri if he can call Damini outside or should he return back to his room. Kaveri steps aside, Mohan knocks on the door demanding that Damini should open it, otherwise he will break the door but Damini does not respond when kadambari allows him to break the door, however just as Mohan is about to hit it Damini opens the door.

Mohan is about to enter and kaveri tries to follow him but Mohan heads inside mentioning he wants to talk with Damini alone if no one has a problem with it, kaveri tries to listen through the door.

Damini is really tensed and even crying when Mohan comes to her demanding that she must sit on her bed, he then goes to pick the glass of water for her, she refuses to drink the water but agrees when Mohan insists that she must have some water.

Kaveri is stunned asking what kadambari said, that Mohan is telling the truth then whatever is happening with her daughter is not wrong, she questions what doe her son desire and what has he gone to talk with Damini. She asks what did Kadambari mean that Mohan should choose his happiness, Kaveri says Kadambari should listen to one thing very clearly, that if anything wrong happens to her daughter, she tries to walk ahead but the entire family signals her to stop seeing which Kaveri gets shocked. Kadambari asks if Kaveri was saying something but she seeing the situation exclaims that they all are standing like a wall in front of her family but she is not gong to do anything to her sister, kadambari exclaims she can not do anything even if she desires, Kadambari asks the children to step aside mentioning that she wants to talk along with her sister hearing which Radha gets worried but Kadambari assures nothing is going to happen to her as the elder aunt is not going to do anything, kadambari asks Kaveri if they should leaves o she walks away after pushing Kaveri through her hand.

Tulsi mentions she is worried for Maa on one hand while is worried for the relation of Radha and Mohan, she does not even know anything about the letters and is very tensed.

Mohan sitting with Damini asks if she did all this for him and is it really necessary, Damini says if he did not understand it till now then what is the point, Mohan says that he knows there are some relations in which they tend to hurt each other unknowingly, he accepts he broke her heart after marrying Tulsi. Damini mentions he must not talk about the past as they can get married right now after which everything would be sorted,

Damini says but he promised her, Mohan accepts he indeed promised her but he never wanted to get married as he first wanted to get married for the custody of Gungun and then that Gungun must get a mother while on sometimes so she does not get sad and the last time because he hated Radha, Damini recalls when Mohan cursed Radha. Mohan holds the hands of Damini informing she is his childhood friend and if he loved her then would not have married Tulsi, since he neither loved her in the past nor would happen in the future but the truth is that she is his best friend so he does not want to lose her, he explains in the past year he has felt a lot of times that her intentions are not good for this house but he still not lose her trust as he never wanted to lose a friend like her but now he is losing the trust, which will only happen when she realizes that their wedding cannot happen hearing this Damini gets worried.

Mohan informs Damini in the past one year he had suspected her a lot, that her desires for this house are not good but he did not lose his truest however now is slowly losing it, he requests her to protect the trust and this can only happen when she accepts that they both cannot get married, he ask her to let him go knowing she will feel pain but he cannot give her anything else other then being friends, Damini still refuses when Mohan replies she has the right to have a life partner who only thinks about her and is ready to die for her, but he is not that person, Mohan says she can call him anything she desires, liar, deceiver or any other bad name as she has all the right, but the truth is that he is breaking his promise, hearing this Damini is shocked. Mohan once again says he cannot marry her, hearing

this Damini cannot even utter a single word when Mohan mentions he does not love her. He informs he has always thought the best for and wants her to remain happy, he apologizes to Damini before taking a very deep breath, he stands up to leave but Damini holds his hand asking why did he not say it before, and said that he does not love her and cannot marry her.

Radha is very tensed while standing with the rest of the family, she wonders why is it taking Mohan jee so long inside so prays that everything should be fine.

Damini mentions she has done a lot to get him, she explains she has come a long way and has been ruined, Mohan explains love can never break or ruin anyone as it only tends to make things better, no one can be weak in love as it is the biggest thing of life, no bitterness can enter a life as love only gives happiness, he asks her to look at him since the love of Radha has changed him a lot, she is stunned when he asks her to see what Radha has made the angry and furious Mohan, someone who used to hate Bhagwan has started praying in front of him, he even has gotten back the self confidence which is all because the love of Radha. Mohan mentions they both have never been able to bring the change in the life of each other even after they tried, and what she is feeling for him can never be love ass they do not make each other a better person, she only has the obsession and infatuation, Damini warns him to not make fun of her love, explaining she has always truly loved him. Mohan agrees what she feels for him but mentions he does not feel the same about her, hearing this Damini is even shocked.

Kadambari asks kaveri if she truly cares for the happiness of her daughter then she also cares the same for her son, and she is going to chose the happiness of her son and not the desire of Damini, kaveri asks what is she saying when Kadambari replies she should have taken this decision when kaveri along with Damini blackmailed her but she got scared for Mohan that day and now he has taken the decision so she is also going to stand by his side, now Kaveri and Damini have to accept the decision of Mohan and move on, Kaveri asks what does she mean by moving ahead, she asks what is Kadambari trying to say,

mentioning she promised her that Mohan will get married to Damini so she cannot break her promise, kadambari replies she no longer wants any drama and has said it for the last time, she once again turns back to Kaveri, explaining she suspects that Damini was the one behind the death of Tulsi, hearing this Kaveri is shocked questioning what is she saying, kadambari informs that she is surely going to find out the truth but until then she along with her family would not be scared of her, she explains her son has chosen his happiness so she will stand by his side, Kadambari mentions the time has come when Kaveri and her daughter should look for another house and the she cannot live with them anymore, Kaveri asks if Kadambari is ousting her from this house when she is the elder sister, kadambari explains she is giving her two days to look for another house and leave with her daughter, she furiously walks away, Kaveri is shocked realizing she must leave this house so wonders what is going on with them.

Damini exclaims then she cannot live in this house and has no reason, Mohan mentions he never thought their relation would reach to this position but if this is what Damini desires then it is right, and he feels this is the best choice for them all.

Radha is very worried when Gungun asks her Ramaa what is her Grandmother talking with kaveri masi and papa talking with Damini, Radha says they all would be talking about the problems, Gungun says then they are getting late to read the letters of her mother, Tulsi gets very worried hearing it. Radha mentions they must just wait for a few more minutes. Tulsi wonders why is she getting the feeling something is very wrong in these letters which is why Ba kai Bihari jee does not want anyone to read them, she cannot remember when she has written them and wonders what if her mother has written them to cheer Gungun. Radha is very worried for Mohan jee since he cares a lot for others and prays that he should not believe the words of Damini.

Mohan turns to leave but Damini stops her saying he has changed her entire world in a moment by saying he does not love her, she just asks the answer to one questions, she asks if he truly loves Radha or is just by her side because she loves his daughter a lot. Mohan says he cannot give her the answer since only Radha has the right to know this answer, Damini gets even more furious hearing it.

Mohan starts looking at the ring which he starts taking off, seeing this Damini requests him to stop when he tries to give her the ring but she does not give him her hand, however he manages to place the ring on her hand. Damini remembers the day she got engaged to Mohan and made him wear this ring, he apologizes to Damini before walking away, she tries to follow him but stops and sits down on the floor crying. Damini keeps remembering the time spent with Mohan and how she has truly loved him, while even kept the varth for him, he promised to marry her without any condition. Damini angrily also takes off the ring which Mohan gave her, she starts weeping, she angrily throws the rings but keeps crying while holding the cushion, she is not able to stop after suffering such a trauma.

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