Radha Mohan update Saturday 6 April 2024

Radha Mohan 6 April 2024: In the night Radha is sleeping but Mohan is not able to fall asleep and is constantly staring at Radha who is sleeping, he is not even able to take his eyes off her, so turns towards Radha, remembering how Radha has always been there to support him in the difficult times,

he slowly leans close to kiss Radha on the cheek but stops and gets back from her, he exclaims she must just wait till tomorrow as he would tell her what feeling does he have in his heart for her and they will take this relation forward, both Radha and Mohan would become one for the rest of their lives, he corrects her hair before slowly leaning to kiss her on the forehead while she is still asleep, he wishes her good night and goes to sleep, a drop of tear falls from the eyes of Radha and she opens her eyes to turn towards Mohan who has fallen asleep, she starts smiling thinking about what he has just said not being able to comprehend it she also turns to wards Mohan and is smiling.

Tulsi sitting beside Gungun thinks she also wants to find out what is written in these letters, Gungun thinks she would not be able to sleep until she finds out what is written in them, Tulsi stops her saying that she promised to read them with Radha, Gungun thinks what if she reads them alone once as she will also read them with Radha, Gungun starts reading the letter in which she has been greeting her, Tulsi is glad and then thinks that she will go and check on Damini and Kaveri masi as they would surely be planning something, just as she is about to leave Gungun wonders what is all ths, she reads the letter in which it states that their life was happy until that women set her eyes on their life, Gungun thinks that her mother would be surely be talking about Damini, Gungun after reading the letters starts panicking exclaiming that it is all a lie and Ramaa can never do anything of the sort,

Tulsi asks Gungun to tell her what is written in these letters, but Gungun keeps reading them saying that Ramaa can never do anything of the sort. Tulsi requests Gungun to stop crying as she cannot understand what is written in thee letters, Gungun closes all the letters in the box and starts crying, she cringes onto the letters and is constantly weeping but after a while she falls asleep, Tulsi wonders why was Gungun crying after taking the name of Radha, she thinks of reading them but wonders if she snatches the box then it might scare Gungun, tulsi pleads with Ba Kai Bihari jee to make sure nothing wrong happens in the relation of Radha and Mohan as they have just started moving on. Tulsi seeing the box wonders what is written in these letters, she slowly picks the box as Gungun is asleep.

Tulsi opens the letter and after reading it is shocked exclaiming it is wrong, she after reading them mentions she has not written anything of the sort and it is all a lie, she thinks Radha can never do anything of the sort. Tulsi wonders who is behind everything, she thinks that Damini is the one behind everything but how could she have written these letters and how did they reach her house, she is crying.

In the morning Radha is dressed long with the rest of the family while preforming the rituals of Tej, she even starts singing, Kadambari is also enjoying when she notices that Mohan is also smiling while constantly staring at Radha, he signals that it is nothing to be ashamed off. Gungun is still sleeping in her room when she wakes up to find the box of letters placed beside her, she gets really worried thinking about what she has read in these letters, she wonders why did Radha do all this to her mother, Tulsi tries to inform Gungun that she has not written those letters, Gungun leaves thinking she has to tell everyone about these letters.

Radha is still singing the song while the entire family is enjoying, Damini asks Kaveri to see how their plan has started and she must look at Gungun, kaveri smiling sees Gungun who is very tensed and looking at Radha. Damini is eagerly waiting for Gungun to blame Radha.

Radha finally completes the ritual and places the Murti, the neighbors also praise Radha for making such beautiful Murti, Kadambari mentions she even made very beautiful Murti last year and she has never seen anyone who makes such beautiful Murti other then Radha. Tulsi asks Gungun to go and talk with Radha as she must not be scared of her.

Mohan coming says that Radha is doing whatever she did last year, as she decorated the house and even made the Murti while she also kept the Varth, hearing this Ketki and Kadambari both are shocked. Mohan says she is very clever and today is not the first Varth of Tej for Radha rather it is the second, and she even made him break her fast last year, hearing this Kadambari is shocked while Radha gets really nervous. Mohan says she is really clever. Kadambari mentions all this was happening right under her nose but she was unaware of it all, Mohan calls Radha but exclaims that now she will not even turn back.

Gungun is still very tensed wondering who can she tell about these letters, she sees Vishwaniyat coming so thinks about telling him, Tulsi tries to stop Gungun but she rushes to go and inform Vishwaniyat, who is shocked to see that Gungun is not still dressed. He wishes her good morning when Gungun mentions she has to talk with him, but he says that he was busy just today but she did not even take a bath, Gungun requests him to listen to her but he tells her that today is a very big function so she must go and take a bath after which he will listen to whatever she has to tell him, he leaves.

Gungun thinks about talking with her uncle Ajeet so rushes to him explaining she wants to talk with him but he refuses explaining he cannot talk with her since he has to prepare the Haar and even brings the things required for the pooja. Tulsi says that whatever he read in the letters was false and nothing of the sort has happened, Damini asks kaveri to see how Gungun is running and now because of her Radha is going to wear the white saree, kaveri thinks after witnessing all this she thinks her plan would be successful, Damini says this time Tulsi is by their side but are shocked when ketki angrily warns them to not even think about doing anything wrong, Damini is stunned to see Ketki angrily staring at them both.

Kaveri tells Damini that she feels her plan is going to be fulfilled, Damini says this time they have Tulsi by her side so her plan would surely complete and she has done her part so they have to finish their plan, Ketki warns them to not even think of trying anything, Damini and Kaveri are shocked seeing Ketki standing behind her, she walks up to Damini asking what were they both thinking abut, or have they made a new plan to stay in this house, she mentions nothing can happen since they both have to leave this house and so must pack their bags and leave as soon as possible, since today si the festival of Tej and they both are going to leave their house, Damini hugs Ketki mentioning they both have been brought up in the same house, she accepts they have always kept fighting but are of the same family,

Damini says she will honestly miss her a lot, Ketki is shocked hearing it and leaving exclaims she has actually lost her mind. Damini is still shocked seeing kadambari and going to her informs she knows they have been given just two days time so they will surely leave but till then she can spend some quality time with her family, she is her aunt but she has always considered her as her mother so she can allow this to happen, Kadambari angrily leaves without saying anything. Damini think that someone else is going to leave this house before her.

Radha is walking when someone pulls her hair, she keeps asking who is it and is shocked to see Mohan who greets her, Radha starts smiling. Gungun seeing them both thinks if what is written in the letters is the truth then she is scared if Radha does the same things to her father what she did with her mother, Radha asks how does he come so suddenly when Mohan replies she must get used to it as he will surely come suddenly, Mohan keeps looking at the sweets when Radha asks if he is feeling hungry but Mohan replies it is not the case, Radha tease him saying he could eat the sweets as she has kept the Varth, Mohan mentions he is worried if Radha leaves him, she replies it can never happen. Radha notices that Gungun is very tensed so asks Mohan why is she behaving so weirdly as Gungun is standing all alone and she cannot understand anything. Mohan says that today is just his day, Radha asks him to stop since today is the day of Gungun and she is going to her, Radha leaves when Mohan says he will get rid of the flies.

Radha keeps walking towards Gungun who starts walking backwards, Radha asks Gungun why is she running from her like this, Radha hears the voice of her father so is amazed to see him, meanwhile Gungun manages to run away, Radha is shocked to see that Gungun is not present behind her so gets to Radha who keeps wondering where did Gungun go. Tulsi asks why is Gungun so scared of her Ramaa since she has not done anything so Gungun must go and talk with her, Gungun sees Kadambari so rushes to tell her something about Radha, Kadambari notices she is very tensed but starts greeting the lady who has arrived to apply the Mehandi.

Kadambari asks Radha if she would keep talking with her family members and not let the Dai apply the Mehandi, Radha takes her blessing when the Dai explains her sister said that Radha would get married to the person who name has been written on her hand, kadambari is glad when ketki explains that the love story of Radha had started a long time ago, Ajeet explains this time she must write the name of Mohan on her hand.

Gungun is hiding when Tulsi asks why is she so scared from Radha and must go to talk with her, Tulsi requests Gungun to go and take with her about the letters, as today she would be surrounded with a lot of guests however Gungun must find a way to talk with her.

Rahul enters the house when he notices Gungun standing in the corner so asks what has happened to her, Gungun rushes to hug Rahul and even starts crying, Gungun informs Rahul about the letters and is jut about to talk of Radha but just then Radha holds her hand mentioning she is standing here when her Ramaa got busy for jut one day, she forgot to even take a bath. Radha asks Gungun to come with her as they would surely take a bath, Rahul wonders why is Gungun so worried since something has surely happened.

Radha tells Gungun she will first help her take a bath and then get ready after which she can go and play with her friends, Mohan suddenly scares them both, Radha tells Mohan to calm down as she has to first help Gungun get ready after which she will come with him. Mohan says that Gungun has grown up so she will get ready herself, Gungun runs away after removing the hand from that of Radha. Mohan takes Radha to the room who says that there is no time to be mischievous, he asks her to turn as there is a surprise planned for her, Radha is shocked seeing the gifts when Mohan explains that Gungun also helped in this gift, Radha says that this is what he was telling in the ears of Gungun, Mohan mentions today is when their relation started and he said he would give her all the answers today, Radha gets very excited so turning hits Mohan with her hair, she apologizes for whatever has happened. Mohan explains there is a condition that until she gets rid of her hair then would not get the answer, Radha replies it cannot happen since she loves her hair a lot, he tells her there is no need to be worried as he is not asking her to cut her hair.

Mohan makes Radha turn, she says she is not going to cut her hair, Mohan explains he has never seen her with open hair so just wants to see her today, he slowly holds her hair mentioning she is very beautiful but with open hairs would be even more beautiful, he says he is going to wait outside while she must get ready quickly. Mohan leaves with a smile while Radha gets a bit nervous so prepares to change the dress.

Gungun sees Mohan coming out so thinks that she must tell Papa the truth about Radha so she tries to follow him but he walks out of the house seeing which Gungun gets worried, Rahul once again comes to her asking what has happened and why is she so tensed, Tulsi explains that Gungun is tensed about the letters, she asks Rahul to read them and tell Gungun they all are a lie. Gungun hesitantly informs Rahul about the letters, just then Gungun sees Narmada arriving to the Trivedi mansion. Gungun runs to hug her grandmother while crying, seeing which Narmada is shocked and asks what has happened and why is she crying, kans starts smiling. Gungun asks Naramada to come with her while Kans sees Damini and Kaveri standing on the balcony so signals them and Damini also signals back at him.

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