Lost in love starlife update Sunday 7 April 2024

Savi imagining herself as goddess and Kiran as asur punishes him with a Mahishasura Mardhini bhajan playing in the background. Out of imagination, Savi steps on Kiran and asks if he thinks women are men’s slaves, she will teach him a lesson today.

She tries to kill him with trishul. Baji stops her and arrests Kiran. Kiran’s mother calls Bhavani. Ishan restlessly waits for Savi. Prateek asks him to call Baji as she has gone to play garba with him. Durva brainwashes Ishan saying Savi disrespected him by disobeying his order; he took a hurried decision to mentor Savi going against his family, but Savi doesn’t consider him nothing and disrespects him repeatedly. Ishan as usual easily falls for anyone’s trick. Durva walks away grinning.

Savi returns to Harini and finds her missing from her hospital room. She questions nurse who says she was busy look after other patients. Savi starts searching for Harini and hears wardboy getting angry seeing someone opening terrace door. She rushes up and is shocked to see Harini trying to commit suicide by falling from terrace wall. Harini cries that she lost her baby and doesn’t want to live as she has no one left in her life. Savi also climbs a wall and asks if she is no one to her, doesn’t their relationship matter to her. Harini gets down. Savi comforts her.

Kiran’s parents visit him at the police station and he pleads them to get him out of here as police beats him brutally. Baji says he would have broken his bones for his heinous act, but law stops him from doing so; he will use his pen and write a brutal story for him now. Kiran’s father asks him to take Kiran to doctor at least. Baji asks what about Harini’s pain whom Kiran brutally tortured and killed her baby, they should understand a pain of a mother who just lost thier child. They stand speechless. He orders them to get out of there. They walk away.

Next morning, Ishan calls Savi’s friend who informs that Harini is not traceable and didn’t even return to college. Receptionist from Sandhya Gupta’s institute calls him and asks him to send Savi soon as exam will start in 5 min. Ishan requests if she can postpone exam for a few minutes. Receptionist says it’s a pan-India exam and can’t be postponed, Savi will be blacklisted from appearing in exam for a year and it’s an insult to even Bhosale institute. Ishan gets more angry on Savi.

Savi takes Harini to Kiran’s house. Harini hesitates and says it reminds her of her pain. Savi gifts her a flower tree and says it reminds her of mother earth which bears pain silently. She rings bell. Kiran’s mother opens door and looks angrily at them. Harini is surprised to see Bhavani there and crises hugging Bhavani. Bhavani comforts her and blames Harini for ruining Harini’s life. She in her usual rudest continues to blame Savi. Harini says Savi is not responsible for her problems. Bhavani says Kiran’s parents told her everything and warns Savi to stay away from Harini and orders Harini to consider Savi as dead. She pushes Savi away and asks Harini to take back police complaint and get Kiran back home. Savi says Harini will not take back her complaint. Kiran’s mother provokes Bhavani. Bhavani tries to hit Savi. Savi holds her hand.

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