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Radha Mohan 16 June 2023: Radha replies she did not come back for Mohan, Damini exclaims she came to protect this family but her work is done since she found the partner of Hriday, Radha is stunned. Damini turns back requesting Radha to leave their lives. Radha questions how she knows about it that she and Mohan jee are searching for the partner of Hriday. Damini tries to clarify herself but Radha doesnot want to listen to anything explaining only she and Mohan jee knew about it,

Radha Mohan 15 June 2023

she vows to tell Mohan the truth refusing to listen to Damini she walks down the stairs calling Mohan who is on the call, Damini is really stunned when Radha explains their desire to search has ended as she found the enemy of the house, Mohan also agrees explaining they have founded the enemy of the house and calls everyone including Kadambari, Ketki and Ajit downstairs.

Kadambari gets worried when Radha thinks how would Damini be able to lie this time since now Mohan is sure Damini is the culprit. Tulsi is also glad Mohan got to know the truth about Damini. Mohan explains to Kadambari how they thought that Hriday came to this house because of Dadi but it is wrong as someone from this house informed Hriday about everything, including their weakness and strengths even the relation they all have.

Tulsi is smiling. Mohan explains this is why Hriday knew everything before coming to the house, Kadambari questions Mohan how he knows about it, Radha reveals if Kadambari remembers she went back to the mandir so she can return the Murti of Radharani so when she want to that Mandir the Pujari there thought she was the culprit which is when she found out that Hriday jee came to this house after planning everything.

Mohan mentions the person who tried to ruin their family and even placed the life of Radha and Gungun at risk lives in this same house, with them all Kadambari asks him who is tat personPrecap: Radha says to Damini, my work is not over yet, someone tried frame Rahul. Damini asks who. Radha says you, you tried to hide the truth, now Mohan will decide about truth and lie. Damini slaps Radha.

Mohan mentions he is not going to do anything but the police would take care of the situation, he starts dialing the police to call them while Kadambari is weeping standing in front of Mohan, Radha thinks it is wrong because Damini is the real culprit, Kadambari asks Mohan to let it go since they would not call the police,

Mohan questions what about the things which Rahul is doing since he might have hurt the life of Gungun and Radha, Kadambari accepts she knows he made a big mistake but Mohan should forgive him this last time and if anything happens in the future then she would never stop, Kadambari even holds her hands in front of him, Mohan not being able to bear it requests her to not do it,

Rahul says there is no need to apologize since her son is innocent, Mohan informs the last bit of relation which was between them both has ended, now Rahul is not his brother but just the son of his own mother and is living here because of her. Mohan turns back to leave but Radha stops him, Damini once again gets furious.Mohan replies that he got the call of Damini and told her about his plan, he reveals she was also trying to find the real culprit and was even keeping an eye on her own mother, Mohan leaves when Damini exclaims that wrong is wrong no matter the culprit,

she reveals that Mohan informed about their plan when she called him and Radha made a mistake suspecting her, she found out who is the real culprit and enemy of this house. Gungun tries to go and hug Rahul but he stops her asking if she did not hear what her father said that he is not a nice person and never loved her but can also kill her. Rahul exclaims he is the sort of p[person from whom children are kept away so she must stay away and with what relation is she coming to him,

her father has ended all of the relations so now even their relation has ended. Kadambari feels helpless but Damini is relieved and Rahul leave mentioning the relation has ended.Radha comes to hug Gungun while Kadambari is tensed, Kaveri whispers to Damini they have become masters of ending the problems and if this continues then people would take their name in the future, Damini replies that the danger has not ended but it is time to get rid of it once and for all.

Radha consoles Gungun while she is constantly crying, Radha wonders why when everything is pointing to the fact that things have sorted then why is she feeling there is something wrong, Gungun informs Rahul uncle has not done anything and also doesnot know how to wear a saree but it was Damini who gave this advice and even provided the wig,Tulsi also explains that Rahul can hate Mohan but would never do anything of the sort. Radha asks then why they came to that road,

Gungun informs because Damini said they should purchase a stick. Radha is hugging Gungun when Mohan enters the room calling her but she leaves replying she does not want to talk with him as he is really bad, she runs away and Mohan follows her. Radha thinks that this means Rahul is innocent and Damini is at fault.

Rahul is really furious sitting with Ketki explaining Mohan believed the words of Radha and not trusted his own brother, he explains Mohan did not stop beating him even blamed that he can harm Gungun, Rahul explains that he for the first time in all these years thought his relation with Mohan was getting better and started thinking of Mohan as his elder brother but he is not worthy to be called his elder.

Rahul exclaims it is enough as now he is going to take the life of Radha once and for all.Radha walks out of the house wondering where did Mohan and Gungun go to, Damini calls Radha and coming to her explains she is glad that Radha did such a favor for this house, she got tensed when Radha returned thinking it was for Mohan but she came to protect them,

and now when the enemy of their family has been caught she can also return to her house, Damini mentions this is why she brought this travel gift. Radha taking the vase in her hand drops it causing it to break. Damini is stunned questioning why did she throw it, Rahda replies because when she was not leaving then what is the need to take this gift and now her work here has not completed.

Tulsi mentions Radha should not leave on the orders of Damini.Damini in anger questions why is she not leaving, Radha replies because sometimes they are not able to see the truth because they donot want to witness it, she feels Rahul is innocent and there is someone else behind it all, Damini doesnot understand questioning what Radha means as who would trap Rahul. Radha replies she feels Damini is behind it all, Damini getting tensed questions why is she blaming it without any reason and proof.

Radha replies she has a lot of reasons as she saw her with Hriday a lot of time and they both used to leave for hours and even when Mohan came to save her, Hriday did not have the black pepper spray but it came to him as soon as Damini arrived, and Hriday took her out with the knife and until Rahul could reach her, Hriday had already left so was she helping them or providing Hriday a chance to run away.

Damini replies it was just coincidence. Radha replies that it can happen once or twice but these things have happened in their house a lot of times in the past, Radha informs how she tried to break her fast on Hriyali Teigh, and when her photo was printed with Mohan along with pandit jee who suggested they should get married. Hriday came into her life at the moment while after that Gungun was thrown in the well and even a snake came into their house so these all can not be just a coincidence and above that all,

if she is not interested then how did Damini know they met Rahul at GP road, so when she wanted to tell Mohan, Damini tried to stop her so what was the reason, Damini replies that she was just worried about Mohan since Radha might try to use her little brain, she informs that Pujari and Munim are both the evidence. Damini threatens Radha saying she might ruin everything, but Radha says she is speaking the truth which is why she is not scared,

Radha informs Damini was insecure of her relation with Mohan so tried to get her married to Hriday. Radha informs that a person should care for their children, but she put the life of Gungun at risk and it si said that truth is also present in the lies around it. Radha informs she might be humble but is not stupid as the eyes of Bihari jee can see everything and she would have to pay for her sins. Damini replies she is blaming her so what does she think of herself, Radha replies Mohan would decide what is wrong and so turns to leave but is slapped by Kadambari, Radha is not even able to move and starts weeping when Damini is standing there with a smile on her face.

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