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Our perfect place 27 May 2020:  Hetal cries that Sam betrayed her again. Her sister is staying in Sam’s house and is marrying Rahul, Sam is a big cheater. Prachi says he cannot be a cheater and must not have time to reveal truth to her. Hetal cries that she changed her mind after yesterday’s incident, but he lied again and today she finally broke out with Sam. Prachi says Uday told Rahul and Tanu’s relationship will unite Sam and Hetal, but opposite is happening.

Our perfect place Tuesday 26 May 2020

Ila tells whole story to family and tells them Tanu tried to stay away from Rahul for this reason. Sam shouts at Tanu how can she reaccept her father’s murderer. Parimal asks what the rubbish is this. Sam says Hetal’s father died because Rahul did not marry Tanu. Parimal says babuji got heart attack at that time. Sam says babuji faked heart attack, maa and Rahul knew about it and Rahul confessed in inebriation. Ila says they did not know anything and Bapuji faked it with his friend.

Sam continues shouting that his bapuji is a villain in their lives, because of him all their lives are hell. Hetal will leave him permanently after knowing truth. Tanu asks him to calm down, whatever bad should happen has happened already. Sam says he does not have a bigger heart like her and does not want to stay in this house. He packs his bags. Ila says he cannont go as he promised he will not leave her. He shouts Bapuji is a murderer and he will not stay here. She continues pleading to stop. Rahul and Parimal try to stop him, but he shouts he does not want to stay here. Tanu says let him go, but he should know first that his bapuji was right.

Sam tries to leave house angrily. Tanu says bapuji did not accept her as he thought she would break his sanyukt parivar. She came in this house and Bapuji’s son is leaving. Sam calms down. Rahul and Parimal hug him. Whole family sit for breakfast.

Parimal says some call Tanu as Shree and some as Tanu, what should they call. Ila says she is Rahul’s Tanu, so everyone will call her Tanu. Sam sadly reminisces Hetal fighting with him. Parimal notices him. Ila says soon Sam will also unite with Hetal. Uday asks when will his number come. Parimal angrily looks at him and scolds.

On the other side, Prachi leaves for her house. Hetal sees her off and then fumes reminiscing Rita tells that Shree is part of their house and is marrying. She shouts how can didi do that.

Rita reminisces Ila telling not to wear small clothes as bapuji and Parimal don’t like their family women wearing skimpy clothes. She gets tensed. Gayatri tells Rahul and Sameer they should go and wish Rita all the best for her first interview. She goes to Rita’s room. Rita shows her concern. Ila comes and says bapuji sent letter to her from ashram. Rita reads it that he always went against her and she always obeyed him, now he will obey him and doo whatever she says. She gets very happy. Rita and Gayatri congratulate her.

Rita walks towards door to go for her first shooting. Rahul and Sam joke to touch their feet. She twists their ears. Everyone laugh. She then touches Ila’s feet. Family bonding continues. Parimal consoles Sam that soon Hetal will calm down and will reunite with him

Niranjan looks tensed and calls Ila. Ila asks what is it. He says he thought a lot and gathered courage to speak to Rita over phone. Ila says he thought right, but Rita has gone for shooting. Niranjan calls Parimal and fumes that he told Rita will not go for ad shooting, but she has gone, she will model a skimpy nightie. Parimal says seeing her wearing sari, he thought she dropped that idea.

Gayatri opens door hearing door bell and gets happy seeing Prachi Prachi asks if Sam is at home. Gayatri says yes, even Uday is at home. Prachi smiles. She walks in and tells Sam that Hetal is working hard without him, so he should go and help her. Sam leaves. Prachi tells Uday even she will leave as she has bus to catch. Gayatri gives her juice and says she should come here often, if she had not had bus to catch, she would have stopped her here. Uday goes out to drop Prachi and says they are more than friends now, etc.

Parimal angrily enters calling Gayatri and Uday and says Gayatri that they are leaving this house right now as he cannot see Mehta family’s bahu Rita doing skimpy nightie ad. Prachi hears that and yells at Uday that they cannot be more than friends seeing his orthodox father and walks out. Uday shatters. Parimal continues fuming and Rahul tries to calm him down saying Rita is an actress and it is common. Parimal says bapuji had told already that she cannot act after marriage and she agreed. He calls Uday.


Uday angrily walks in. Parimal shouts where was he, they are going from here right now. Uday shouts he and his mom will not go with a low thinking man. Parimal slaps him. Uday shouts let him beat, he will tell truth today. Rita aunty wants to build her career, but this heinous man is stopping her. He continues confronting. Ila says it is her wrong upbringing that Parimal thinks so low, Gayatri’s upbringing is good, so Uday thinks so good. She apologizes Gayatri. Parimal angrily leaves. Gayatri and Ila hug each other emotionally.

Hetal remembers Sam sitting in cafeteria. Sam walks in. Hetal says not again, he will repeatedly apologize and request to give him one more chance, she is tired of his sorry. Sam says this time he will not apologize as he and Tanu di are not wrong, she is wrong. Hetal sits in a shock and fumes.

At ashram, bapuji tells guruji that he can face any situation now and takes permission to leave. Lady manager takes his signature and says finally Mrs. Mehta’s wait is over and he will be with in her a few hours. He says he will meet her, but after finishing an important work.

Parimal tells Ila that he will correct himself and his thinking and will not object if Rita does acting. Rita cries seeing Falak and Bejal drawing family. During dinner, Ila asks Gayatri where is Rita. Gayatri says she will bring Rita. Door bell rings. Gayatri opens door and is surprised to see Niranjan and Rita behind him. She greets them in. Family is surprised to see Niranjan. Rita says she cannot accept Niranjan as her husband, but can accept him as her children’s father and sanyukt parivar/united family’s member. They all hug Niranjan.

Bapuji in temple sees a man lashing himself and entertaining people He takes lasher and lashes himself in front of idol. Family enjoys and Ila says it would have been good if their bapuji would have been with us. Hetal enters with Prachi angrily. Sam asks what happened. Prachi says Hetal got a message and headed taxi towards here. Hetal shows message if she wants to meet her father’s murderer, she should reach Sam’s house. Sam checks number and says it is Bapuji’s number. Hetal shouts where is her father’s murderer.

Bapuji enters and says he is here. Ila gets emotional seeing him and hugs him. He pampers her. She sees blood on his clothes and asks if he is hurt. He says this blood is his repention. Children touch his feet except Rahul. He hugs Rahul and says he did a big sin by separating Tanu and Rahul, the doctor who is treating Rahul is his friend and assured that Rahul will be fine with proper treatment. Hetal shouts at Tanu that Rahul is her boyfriend then, she will not let her married to Rahul and drags her.

Bapuji says he is her sinner and she can punish him and let Rahul and Tanu marry and even she should get back to Sam forever. He will shoot himself as a punishment, pointing gun on his throat. He shoots, but Hetal pulls his hand away. Hetal cries that she knows the pain of losing father and cannot let his children go through same, else her father’s upbringing would have been questioned. Bapuji says he will take care of her like a father whole life, she should forgive him.

Tanu tells Hetal if papa was alive, even he would have asked same, she should agree. Whole family requests her with folding hands. Hetal hugs Ila emotionally. Parimal hugs Uday. Hetal hugs Bapuji next. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Whole family smiles. Bapuji thanks god. Serial ends with Bapuji’s dream of sanyukt parivar coming true. The end.

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