Lies of the heart update Wednesday 27 May 2020

Lies of the heart 27 May 2020: Rudra is shocked to find that shashi is planning to get samrat remarried, and starts reprimanding her for the same. Shashi says that the truth is urmi wont come back now. adiit asks her to calm down, as when urmi cools down, she would return.

Shashi says that she wont let urmi return, after the way she insulted all of them. aditi asks her not to talk much, as she changes sides within a second accprding to samrat’s whims. shashi silences her. kanchan says that shashi is right and also starts putting in her suggestions. but shashi wards her off, syaing that she would herself select a girl for samrat. All others are tensed.

Shaurya insists on some colouring books and crayons, and urmi goes inside the book shop to get some, while shaurya wanders outside. Shaurya finds samrat talking on the phone, that his work should be properly done and urmi’s fdamily should be completely em,barassed and humiliated, and rushes to him. samrat starts caressing him. Urmi selects some books, and as she comes out, she is shocked to find shaurya missing. Whenj she starts looking around, and asking people about him. She is distraught, but is shocked when she finds shaurya with samrat. she gets tensed, as she finds them both happily chattering. she goes upto him and faces them both.

Samrat gets tensed too seeing her. She asks shaurya to come along. samrat asks if she doesnt want shaurya to even meet his own father now, as she cant stand him loving his own son. urmi asks why didnt he come home, if his love for shaurya is so abundant. She asks that she saw him walking on the road, and started feeling affection for him. Shaurya says that he is missing mandira and asks samrt when shall they come home. samrat says that he shall come very soon with his own mother. urmi doesnt reply and samrat continues to taunt her. They both leave, while samrat eyes them going, evilly smiling.

she landed the job of the receptionist, even though she didnt have prior experience, and assures the boss that she would try to live to his expectations. she is overwhelmed as she receives the appointment letter. She thanks him, while he gets busy accepting calls.

urmi comes back, in the auto, just when those men are leaving. she is shocked wondering who they are. She hastily comes inside, and finds them all tensed. She finds accusing glances at herself, and sending shaurya off, she asks saroj what happened. devi and granny severely start reprimanding her for being responsible for all this, as they narrate what they had to face.

Anu asks them to stop, as this isnt urmi’s fault, as samrat had sent those hooligans. asha comes out with her luggage, saying that she wont stay here, instigated by her mother, after the holligans visit. Asha’s mother butts in too, and starts emotionally blackmailing them for their grandchild. She asks granny how her own wish shall be fulfilled. saroj tries to calm her down. Asha tells them all that either she stays in this house, or urmi and asks them to decide what they all want. urmi asks why would she leave.

Asha starts with her rant of leaving the house. asha’a mother too adds in fuel to the fire, again pointing at asha’s pregnancy and that the goons are coming for urmi only. granny and devi start reprimanding, while urmi asks how can she think wrong for her own nephew and niece. Granny asks urmi if she cant see what the situations are, and how and what they had to face, and tells urmi how the goons had come to turn this home into a brothel run by her and anu. Urmi is shattered and shocked to hear this. anu asks her to be quiet. Granny says that now they can come anytime, and then devi says that noone shall tell this to gaurav to keep him out of danger. urmi folds her hands, and asks him not to worry, as what done is done, and from now on, she wont pose them a problem.

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
At the dining table, while all are having dinner, samrat gets the news that his latest plan was rightfully executed. He gets happy. just then, aditi starts vomitting. She rushes to her room, while shashi ruehs after her. Shashi comes in with a shy aditi, and tells everyone that she is expecting. diwaker and rudra are tensed concerned whether this is actually good or bad news, after what amrit did. All are happy while samrat says that they should instantly go to the doctor, to which shashi happily agrees. but when samrat completes the sentence by saying that he doesnt want this child, and hence it should be aborted, all are shocked, while aditi is distraught. Samrat leaves while aditi starts breaking into tears.

The next morning, samrat finds a new about his spat with the reporters at the award show. he gets furious and shashi is shocked when she sees it too, and starts blaming urmi for this. samrat tells about amrit’s role and swears vengeance at him. aditi comes in casually, and is tensed when samrat asks what happened and if they didnt leave yet for abortion. Shashi and aditi are apalled. aditi stands up and says that she doesnt want an abortion. Samrat vents out his anger at her, also spewing venom against amrit and his child. Aditi says that its her child too. samrat says that his descision is final, and if she gives birth, he would try to join back with her and samrat too. He shows her the newsclip, and asks what does she want now. She begs him not to talk like this. shashi tries to advocate for her, but is silenced by his stare, and aditi continues to beg him, but he is unfazed, and continues to torment her. Kanchan too says that without a father, a child can survive. she says that her husband is alive stil. Kanchan asks if aditi would go back to amrit then. She is distraught,as samrat says that if she wants to bear the child, then she has to leave this house, and if she has to stay, then she has to get an abortion. aditi rushes inside. Shashi asks him to calm down explaining the sentimental severity of the situation for aditi, and says that she would manage. Samrat leaves in anger.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Annu starts blaming samrat for all this, while saroj refuses to believe this. urmi says that samrat is capable of going down to the deepest levels. Saroj is shocked. Anu extends her full support and decides to tell everything to gaurav when he returns. urmi asks her not to, as gaurav is already tensed, and makes anu promise to remain silent. Anu makes her promise too that she wont get affected by all this and change her descision. Urmi complies. Saroj says that anu is right, and she shouldnt take back the step that she has taken ahead. She asks urmi not to feel bad at asha’s taunts, as she is unaware of the world, and that she doesnt mean wrong. urmi says that she isnt completely wrong either, as this is brought down due to her only. Saroj composes urmi.

The next morning, as gaurav is happily being prepared by everyone, for his next interview, all look around for urmi and dont find anywhere. All are tensed where urmi is, as shaurya is sleeping in the room. they wonder where she went. asha says that after what happened yesterday made urmi come to her senses. Gaurav asks what happened and if samrat came. But granny gives an excuse and and she and saroj ask him to leave. When he complies, saroj is tensed for urmi. granny hopes that urmi came to her senses, and went to meet shaurya. she asks for a cup of tea. Saroj begins to prepare it, while asking anu to get shaurya ready for school. anu complies. finally urmi returns, and is bombarded with questions from saroj and anu about where she went without telling anyone. All wait for the answer, and are shocked when urmi finally says that she had some work, and then takes shaurya and goes inside. Anu is shocked as urmi finally comes out. saroj is shocked to find urmi coming out with her bags, and asks where is she going. urmi replies that she is leaving the house.

Anu holds shaurya and says that she wont let her go back to samrat’s place at any cost. Devi asks her to let urmi go, if she has made up her mind, as after allk this is good, and she is returning back to her house. Granny supports the descision. Urmi stands resilient. Saroj asks her to speak up. asha’s mother asks saroj not to overthink this, and devi reprimands saroj for probing, as now urmi has made her descision. saroj begins to speak, but urmi asks her to calm down and not bother about her, as devi is right and she has taken this right descision after much deliberation, and requests saroj to let her go. Saroj stands disheartened. Urmi takes devi and granny’s blessings and hey advise her to be happy and care for samrat’s family. Anu says that she wont let her go. but urmi asks her to take care of herself and everyone else. Saroj hugs urmi and says that this isnt needed, and she can think again. Shaurya assures her that he would take care of urmi. saroj hugs him, and then urmi takes everyone’s leave, after greeting asha and her mother. Granny and devi are happy, while anu and saroj are distraught, as urmi takes her final steps out of the house.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Samrat smiles victoriously, as he gets devi’s call, informing him that urmi has decided to leave their house and return to him, on their advising. samrat praises him and devi is happy. Samrat is jubiliantly making plans and thinks that a grand reception would await urmi, once she returns, as he has been waiting desperately for her return.

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