Once there was a king update Thursday 5 May 2022

Once there was a king 5 May 2022: There was a knock at the door, Iqbal goes to answer but opens the door only slightly. A lady watches the development from the other room.

In the palace, Sakina held herself responsible for all this chaos.
Bashir asks Iqbal Khan if that MNA came here, he would kill her as she disgraced them. Iqbal Khan says no one is here. Bashir asks to recheck, Iqbal insists no one is here. Bashir says he himself asked to teach her lessons. Iqbal says he didn’t ask them to put the city on fire, strike could be held without this killings. The men leaves saying they would find that MNA anyway.
Raja looks for Rani across the streets, calling her name loud.Rani shouts at Iqbal why he saved her life, she is his enemy. Iqbal boasts he doesn’t forget his ethics even in enemity.

If a woman comes to his door for rescue, he would protect her. Rani asks if he consider women weak, Iqbal says they are weak and are precious too; anything precious needs to be protected. Rani turns to leave, Iqbal holds her behind determined not to let her go. He assures he would protect her family and sends a man after them.

Raja finds Rani’s anklet fallen on the road. There, Rani was worried and prays for protection for her household. The lady at Iqbal’s place bribes Abdul outside that no matter what but Rani’s family shouldn’t come here. Rani tries to run out of the house through the window, Iqbal Khan stops her as its not safe for her to leave, if something happen to her he won’t forget her.Bashir and other men enter the palace, Raaj Mata confronts Bashir, not ready to allow him touch Sakina. Bashir attacks Raaj Mata with a sword, but Raja stops the strike with his hand and counter the men.

Raaj Mata takes advantage and hold a sword. Abdul comes there, Raja beats him asking about Rani. He says she is at Nawab’s house.At night, Rani stood at the window crying. Iqbal brings fruits for her to eat something, her tears would be of no use. Its women nature to break into tears after litting the fire, although they know these tears can’t put this fire off. He offers her a glass of water. Suddenly Rani feels a breeze of wind and runs towards the door, in hope of Raja. Iqbal Khan silently leaves from behind her. Rani looks at Raja coming towards her, both run towards one another. Iqbal watches them. Rani was concerned about Raaj Mata. The lady thinks Abdul couldn’t even stop Rani’s family.

Raja tells Iqbal that his men tried their best, but he reached there in time. He calls everyone inside. Iqbal watches Bashir and other fellows come inside, injured. Raja boasts he did this to them, he could have behaved worse with them but in their family females are never hit. Iqbal Khan comes to clutch Abdul’s neck. Abdul says he did this because of his mother. Iqbal goes inside, the lady hurries to his bed. Iqbal enters the room and breaks a glass on the floor, his ammi sits up. Iqbal warns his cheap drama won’t work in front of him. His ammi replies she cares for her daughter, Afreen. Iqbal demands her to apologize. Ammi comes to apologize Rani.

Rani says these men must be ashamed, they are really brave to harass a woman, and put the whole city on fire. She demands if it’s a sin to protect a female? Iqbal says yes it is, Sakina has a husband and a home. She disrespected her husband and then locked him at home and run away. Rani remembers, Sakina told Rani that her husband is wild and won’t spare her. Rani asked what her husband wanted, but there was a letter. Rani accepts she didn’t listen to Sakina completely, but she wasn’t lying. May be Iqbal is also unaware about the complete truth. Iqbal agrees to call Sakina and husband here. He warns his men to remember his rules this time, forgiveness for the first mistake and punishment for the next. Raja leaves Rani.

In the palace, Raaj Mata was concerned about Sakina but Raja assures he won’t let anything happen to Sakina. Sakina was ready to go with Raja.Javed begins cursing Sakina at first sight. Iqbal stops him, and throw a cloth piece over the floor, forbidding him to cross this limit of his. Woman is weak and is responsible for home, a man is strong and has to go out to work; for a female leaving her house is the biggest sin and he wants to know why she commit such a sin. Javed accuses Sakina’s character and insists that such women must be buried alive.

Sakina agrees that she disgraced Javed in front of everyone and left him home, but he compelled her do so. Female cover their respect under their veils, she sometimes covered all his brutalities silently. No woman wants to leave her home but when her husband speaks about selling her in market, what she should do? Her husband wanted to sell her for money.
Javed comes forward with a hand raised to hit Sakina. Iqbal slaps him so hard, he fell on floor.Iqbal curses Javed, then tells Sakina her home was her fortress that she shouldn’t have left. Javed demands another chance. Rani warns him to touch Sakina again. Sakina forgives, Iqbal reminds Javed of his rules. Forgiveness for the first time, and punishment for the next time.

Rani tells them to go to police station by themselves, else she would have to send the police here.Iqbal asks Rani if she learned the lessons of acting before knowing the whole truth. He says if she had brought Sakina here before taking her to police, the issue must not have flamed this much. Raja asks her to leave, this argument is useless. Iqbal says he doesn’t like arguing women, they must stay at home anyway. Rani tells a woman’s position is higher than men, that’s why each religion has placed heaven under mother’s feet but may be no woman ever taught this to her, but she would prove this to him as well. Raja takes Rani along, as Raaj Mata and Ambika must be worried.

Rani leaves with him fuming. Iqbal Khan was thoughtful, and tries to calm himself down.In the palace, Rani was enraged and cooking in the kitchen. Meenu says she is really angry, and until she burns something she wouldn’t get calm. Everyone try to flee, but Rani comes from behind. She presents him with burnt toast and egg. Rani says women work every 24 hours, still they think women can’t take good decisions. She was worried that no matter how much she tries, she won’t ever succeed. Raja tells her to get rid of the rubbish, and gives her a burnt bite. She wonders what she cooked for him, then goes to bring something. Raja drags her behind, and kiss her on cheek.

Rani stares at him, then reminds its her first day in office and she doesn’t want to be late.In the house, Nawab’s mother speaks to a photo that earlier a female brought such storm in Iqbal’s life as well. But this time, if someone gets hold of Iqbal she has to stop this storm. Iqbal couldn’t concentrate with his work, when his sister comes to tease him try not to think about her. Iqbal denies thinking about MNA, Afreen says she didn’t mention her name. He was angry, but Afreen calms him down saying he has only two hobbies, either to collect pens or to mix perfumes. He shouldn’t now start a third one, to keep angry and goes to get tea for him. A man comes to inform they need Rani’s permission for constructing school.

Raja comes behind Rani, and says till today he loved her, but today he is proud of her. Rani says she is here only because of him. She hugs him, Raja makes up he has something important to do and he would meet her for lunch.Iqbal tells Saleem that MNA would bring about hurdles in their way. Afreen comes there, and smells the fragrance of perfume that he had ruined. She considers it new and different than others. Iqbal calls it spoilt, Afreen takes the perfume promising one day a woman would come in his life who would put this perfume on. Iqbal assures Saleem he would speak to that MNA.

Meena receives the call in office, Iqbal asks to speak to MNA. Meenu says he would have to take time. He calls her proud. Meenu considers him misbehaving with her, Iqbal hears Rani say she met the most ill-mannered person yesterday. She speaks to Iqbal then says her appointments are full today, he may call tomorrow. Iqbal asks what this manner is, Rani replies maybe it’s a result of the person she met yesterday.
Afreen comes to a shop and likes a pen at a shop. Raja comes there, the shopkeeper says Raja got this pen in order for himself. Afreen requests Raja for the pen, she needs to gift it to her elder brother. Raja agrees, and gives the pen to Afreen. Afreen forgets the perfume at the shop. Raja goes looking for her, then says he would return if he meets her again.

Outside, Meenu warns Raja that MNA’s mood is really worse. Raja wonders how he should improve her mood, her gift has already been taken by that girl. There, Afreen comes to gift Iqbal with the pen. He exclaims wow. Raja asks Rani to close her eyes, then puts a little of the perfume on her hand and kiss over it. Rani smells the fragrance. Iqbal writes with the pen, then says he never saw more beautiful pen. Rani says she never used such perfume, she wish she could have met the one who created this smell. Raja complains she doesn’t value the one who brought this gift. Rani thanks him, he demands for a kiss but Rani warns this is her office.

Raja says if in the office, he wish to kiss her he would keep his finger over his lips, so does she. They would consider it a kiss. There, Iqbal sat with his finger on his lips.

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