My heart knows update Monday 15 November 2021

My heart knows 15 November 2021: The Episode starts with Nurse asking Kalyani who is the baby’s mum. Kalyani says she is Maasi of the baby. Ward boy says I have called Police and accuses them for stealing the baby. Nurse takes the baby forcibly. Anupriya tells Nurse that the baby is their baby. Nurse asks ward boy to close the door. Kalyani fights with the ward boy and asks Anupriya to run. They escape from there locking nurse and ward boy. Anupriya tells Kalyani that baby is not stopping crying. Kalyani takes baby in her hand and baby smiles. Anupriya is surprised.

Kalyanisays may be they have special relation like they have. Pallavi calls Kalyani and asks where are they? Kalyani says they are coming. Pallavi asks her to bring flowers for puja. Kalyani says we will bring. Anupriya says where we will take baby. Kalyani says we will take the baby hidingly. Anupriya says it is risky and asks how?Kalyani looks at the flower basket. They reach house with the baby. They hide the baby in between the flower petals. Anupriya thinks if you tell family about baby then Sampada’s life will be in danger and prays to God. They come home.

Malhar asks Anupriya how is she? Kalyani says doctor prescribed medicine and told that she will be fine. Floral basket is about to fall, but Malhar holds it and asks why it is heavy? Anupriya says because of flowers. Aao Saheb asks where is Atharv? Pallavi says he went to meet his friends. She takes basket from their hand and asks Kalyani to do puja. She taunts her. Aparna taunts her. Kalyani prays. Anupriya asks malhar, why is he tensed? Malhar says he is busy in kidnapping case. Godaveri picks flowers, baby’s face is about to be seen by her, but Anupriya asks her to keep flowers back. Pallavi scolds Anupriya.

She recalls keeping scorpion in it. Kalyani thinks how to throw flowers on devimaa.Anupriya tells Pallavi that they present flower one by one. Aao saheb says it is her mayka’s ritual and she knows better. Pallavi says she will throw the garlands later. Anupriya thinks now we have to tell baby’s truth to everyone. Kalyani prays to God to hide baby’s truth. Pallavi thinks she will die after scorpion bites her. Kalyani is about to drop the basket, but malhar holds it and says I will help. Just then Pallavi sees scorpion on her hand and shouts. She tells that she will die. Aao Saheb asks her to brush off her hand.

Malhar asks Servant to take the scorpion out. Anupriya changes the baskets. Aao Saheb taunts her. Malhar gets a call about the kidnapping. Kalyani asks if the kidnapped girl is found. Malhar asks how do you know? Anupriya says I told her after hearing you. Malhar says he is investigating. He tells that he couldn’t talk to Sampada and is worried about her. She shall return from Mumbai. Kalyani says she is not in Mumbai. She makes excuse. Malhar leaves.

Kalyani says sorry to Anupriya and says it is good that Malhar ji came to know about the jeep and will reach Sampada. She says we can’t keep the baby at home for more time. She tells that they have to keep the baby out and says she will be with the baby. She says I hope this morning will take away all the darkness from our lives.Kalyani is trying to make baby stop crying, but she is not able to.

Anupriya comes and feeds milk to the baby. She says right now baby should be drinking mother’s milk. Kalyani says when his mother comes, he will drink a lot of milk. Baby is quiet now. Anupriya puts bangles in his hands. Kalyani asks when she managed to buy those bangles. Anupriya said her and Atul purchased for their kid, but that never happened. Kalyani says she’s her daughter only even though she did not give birth to her. Anupriya says she will be back later. Kalyani is sure Anupriya will accept her soon.

It’s morning. Kalyani wakes up and thinks Malhar must have found Sampada by now. She calls him to find out. Malhar says they haven’t found kidnapped girl yet and asks her to concentrate on her wedding. Just then Malhar gets news of finding the jeep. Kalyani gets happy knowing that and tells the baby that soon his parents will be with him and Atharv will be behind the bars.

Atharv and Sampada are getting ready to leave. Malhar and his team enter the room, but they already left. They see police car and decide to leave jeep there only and take an auto. Sampada calls Malhar so he doesn’t get doubt on her. He asks how she is feeling. She says she is feeling good and is on her way to home.Anupriya thinks of getting Kalyani in the house before someone sees her with the baby. Aao Saheb comes where Kalyani is. Kalyani sees her and gets worried.

She hides the baby and hopes he doesn’t cry. Aao Saheb asks what she’s doing there and hopes she’s not drinking. Kalyani says she was not able to sleep. Aao Saheb says these are the signs of an alcoholic. Anupriya comes there. Aao Saheb goes to get grass basket in which Kalyani put the baby. Kalyani tries to stop her, but fails. Kalyani tells Anupriya about the baby. They run behind Aao Saheb. They don’t know what to do. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb to let Kalyani feed the grass to cow as it’s her marriage today. She gets the basket and gives it to Kalyani saying everything is in her hands now. Kalyani says she will first do 3 rounds around the cow. Aao Saheb gets impressed seeing Kalyani talk like that. Kalyani thought Aao Saheb would go back inside, but she is standing there only. She makes Kalyani put basket near the cow. Cow starts eating grass.

Kalyani says she must tell Aao Saheb about the baby now hoping Malhar found Sampada by now. She’s about to tell her when Atharv comes there. Kalyani is shocked. She says if she tells the truth now, then Atharv will definitely kill Sampada. He says sorry to Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb says she didn’t ask for any justification and asks him to get ready. Baby’s face can be seen now. Kalyani acts of feeling dizzy and falls down to cover the baby. Aao Saheb says if this is drama, then it’s not going to work. Marriage must happen today. She finally goes inside.

Anupriya takes the baby in her room from back entrance. She says baby can wake up any time and if he feels hungry, then he will start crying.

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