My heart knows update Tuesday 16 November 2021


My heart knows 16 November 2021: Kalyani says she must tell Aao Saheb about the baby now hoping Malhar found Sampada by now. She’s about to tell her when Atharv comes there. Kalyani is shocked. She says if she tells the truth now, then Atharv will definitely kill Sampada. He says sorry to Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb says she didn’t ask for any justification and asks him to get ready. Baby’s face can be seen now. Kalyani acts of feeling dizzy and falls down to cover the baby. Aao Saheb says if this is drama, then it’s not going to work. Marriage must happen today. She finally goes inside.

Anupriya takes the baby in her room from back entrance. She says baby can wake up any time and if he feels hungry, then he will start crying.

Kinners come to Aao Saheb’s house to celebrate new born’s arrival. Aao Saheb says there is no new baby in the house. Kinners say they will find that out soon. There is no baby that doesn’t cry hearing them singing. They start singing. Kalyani hopes baby doesn’t cry. Baby starts crying. Anupriya tries to calm him down. She recalls baby had stopped crying when Kalyani took him last time. She comes outside and tells Kalyani to go to baby. One kinner sees Anupriya and says she saw baby with her only. Kalyani comes to the room and it’s quiet.

She is happy that baby got quiet on her arrival only. She comes inside and sees Sampada holding baby. She asks her how she ran away from Atharv? and Atharv is also at home, so he knows about that? Sampada’s phone rings. It’s Atharv. Kalyani puts it on speaker. Atharv says he said not to be emotional and she still went to see baby one last time. Now Malhar is also at home. He tells Sampada to come out fast, he’s waiting. Kalyani is shocked knowing Sampada is involved with Atharv. Kalyani tells Sampada all this time, she was making her and Anupriya fool? Sampada apologizes to her and says truth is she never loved Malhar. She only loved one guy and that’s Atharv.

She didn’t want to harm Kalyani. Her and Atharv were going to run away quietly, but doctor told her not to travel, so they had to do this kidnapping drama.Anupriya says she doesn’t have any baby. Aao Saheb tells kinners don’t they understand there is no baby in the house. Malhar gives them money. Kinners say they don’t want money from liars and leave.

Kalyani asks Sampada how she can leave baby and Malhar. Malhar loves her so much. Sampada tells Kalyani that she won’t be able to understand. She never truly loved anyone. She wants to spend her entire life with Atharv only. She walks to leave, but Kalyani stops her. She says she won’t let Sampada leave her baby like that. Sampada asks Kalyani to leave her. Kalyani doesn’t. Sampada pushes her and leaves.

Aao Saheb is upset as kinners talked disrespectfully to her. Malhar asks Anupriya whether she is okay. Sandhya comes there. Family asks about Sampada. Sandhya says why Sampada would be with her. Malhar says she went to medical camp with her, right? Sandhya says she said she would go, but last moment, she said she was not coming. Aao Saheb wonders where Sampada is then. Suddenly baby starts crying and everyone hears it outside. They check inside and are shocked to find baby in Anupriya’s room. Aao Saheb slaps Anupriya and asks whose baby is that. Malhar picks up the baby and finds a note.

He cries. He says it’s his and Sampada’s baby. Sampada has run away. Sampada’s mother says what he means. She reads the note and breaks down crying. Anupriya thinks Atharv wrote that fake note, so everyone thinks she ran away as they don’t know he kidnapped her. She decides to find him.Sampada is running on street. Kalyani is following her, trying to stop her. Sampada says she has made her decision. Kalyani says Atharv is not right for her, he’s very dangerous.

Sampada says just like her family, she is not able to understand her either.She has only loved Atharv. Kalyani says she understands that she loves Atharv, but what about her baby? She’s a mother now. How a mother can leave her child. Sampada says before mother to that child, she is Sampada and Sampada is incomplete without Atharv. She asks Kalyani to stop following her now. A police car comes. They think it’s Malhar, but Kalyani gets shocked seeing person inside.Kalyani tries to stop Sampada for the sake of her baby. Sampada refuses to listen. A police car comes there.

They think it’s Malhar, but it turns out to be Atharv. Sampada sits in car and they drive away. Kalyani thinks only Malhar can stop Sampada now and decides to tell him everything.She comes home and is shocked to know everyone already knows the truth. Aao Saheb slaps her first and then beats her up with a stick for lying to them. She regrets for allowing her to stay in her house despite knowing she’s an illegitimate child. Kalyani asks what she has done. Aao Saheb says she helped Sampada and Atharv in running. Kalyani says she didn’t do any help.

Malhar asks then that letter says wrong? She asks what’s written. He says Sampada is thanking Kalyani for helping them in tough time. She says they are lying. He asks her to shut else he will slap her. He reads further that Sampada had given up hopes, but when Kalyani found out about it, she encouraged Sampada to fight for her love. She gave example of Atul and Madhuri to motivate. Just because of her, Sampada and Atharv got courage to run away. She wanted to show Aao Saheb and her family that love always wins. He tells Kalyani that she won and asks whether she is happy now.

She says this is all lie. She asks everyone to trust her, but everyone turns away their faces. She tells them to ask Anupriya, she knows everything. Sampada’s mother says she was involved too and that is why she ran away after they found letter. Kalyani says Anupriya is not someone who will run away. Atharv must have done something.Anupriya is hiding in car that Atharv is driving. She wonders where Atharv is taking Sampada and prays for her. She gets shocked hearing their conversation and knowing Sampada was involved with Atharv.

Sampada says she feels good completing revenge against Kalyani. She tells him what she wrote in the letter and how that family will throw her out.Malhar throws Kalyani’s stuff out. He says now he figured everything, why Kalyani was taking away Sampada’s clothes, why she said yesterday that Sampada was not in Mumbai. She knew all this time that Sampada was in village only. She says she didn’t tell because Atharv had threatened her to kill Sampada. She tells family everything that Atharv did and how Sampada was involved with him.

Malhar or family doesn’t believe her. She asks Malhar to keep everything aside and think about Anupriya for now. Atharv is very dangerous. Postman delivers a mail. It has Sampada and Malhar’s divorce papers. Their divorce has been approved. Malhar is shocked as he never signed any divorce papers. He remembers Atharv and Kalyani had made him sign some papers. He asks Kalyani she knew about this, right? She says yes.

Other side, Atharv tells Sampada by now her divorce with Malhar must be approved as well. They can marry and settle now. Anupriya comes out and says she will never let that happen. Atharv tells her to get off the car. They don’t have any issue with her, but if she comes in their way, then she will be responsible for whatever that happens. Sampada tells Atharv not to stop the car as Anupriya says she won’t let them run away and take Sampada back home. Anupriya grabs Atharv and steering wheel and asks him to stop. Athav and Sampada ask her to leave steering wheel, but she doesn’t and their car gets hit to the rocks.

Anupriya holding the car steering and asking Sampada to promise to come home, just then the jeep meets with an accident. Atharv helps Sampada get out of jeep and is taking her from there. Anupriya asks them to stop. Kalyani tells Malhar that Atharv blackmailed to hurt Sampada and that’s why they made him sign on divorce papers. Malhar tells Kalyani that he hates her very much and don’t want to see her face. Aao Saheb tells that they are repenting today to give her shelter and says you have proved that you are Madhuri’s daughter. She says we should have left you and Anupriya. Kalyani asks Malhar to save Sampada and says Atharv took her in your jeep.
Malhar asks her not to show favor on him and tells that he will catch them. Malhar asks Constable to track the jeep device. Kalyani tells Rao Saheb that she is not wrong. Baby starts crying in Aparna’s lap. Kalyani asks her to give baby in her hands, but Rao Saheb asks her not to touch baby and says Anupriya and you are curse to our family. Anupriya aims gun at Atharv. Atharv asks her to put down the gun. Anupriya asks them to come home and apologize to Aao Saheb. Sampada says why, and tells that this all is happening because of Aao Saheb. A fb is shown, Aao Saheb slaps Sampada on knowing about Atharv and her relation and tells that she has fixed her alliance with Malhar. Malhar thinks about Sampada.

Anupriya tells them that they have done wrong with Kalyani and will be punished. Atharv asks Anupriya if she will shoot him with shaking hands and snatches gun from her hand. The bullet is shot by Atharv’s hand. Atharv and Sampada fall down in the river. Malhar comes there hearing gun sound and sees Anupriya shouting for them. Anupriya tells Malhar that they had fallen in the lake. Malhar sees gun on ground. Anupriya says I didn’t shoot them. Lady constable arrests Anupriya. Malhar shouts Sampada’s name and cries aloud.

Aao Saheb, Aparna and Kalyani take baby to hospital. Nurse tells that the baby is having jaundice and asks why didn’t you bring him here when he was born. Kalyani offers to take baby, but Aparna pushes her to wall. Vivek comes and tells that Maayi has shot Atharv and Sampada, and they have fallen in the lake, Malhar arrested Maayi. Aparna cries and says my daughter can’t die. Aao Saheb says Vivek is lying, our Sampada can’t leave us. Vivek says Sampada is no more. Kalyani cries and looks at the baby. She says what will happen with this baby, says Aayi can’t shoot the bullet. She asks Vivek to check again and asks baby not to cry. She runs out of hospital.

In the Police station, Anupriya tells Malhar that she is not guilty and hadn’t shot Atharv. She says he had snatched gun from my hand and shot himself. She says how can you accuse me and says I didn’t kill them. Malhar asks her to end her tamasha and says you helped atharva and Sampada to elope and hid them from me. She says I used to see my Aayi in you, but today our relation is over, and the tears from your eyes is our relation blood. Anupriya tells that she hid the truth from him fearing danger to Sampada’s life. Malhar says your words are making you lower in my eyes. Kalyani comes there to talk to Anupriya. Malhar stops her.

She asks Malhar why did he lock her in lock up and says she can’t even kill a mosquito. She says you knows her well than me. Malhar says I was mistaken to identify people. He says you have mistaken me and have seen only my goodness, you haven’t seen my madness. Kalyani asks what is the proof that she shot them? Malhar says Maayi will be in jail until Sampada and Atharv’s bodies are found. He tells Constable that he has doubt on Kalyani also.

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