My heart knows update Friday 12 November 2021

My heart knows 12 November 2021: Anupriya asks Kalyani to throw water on Sampada. Kalyani does it and Sampada wakes up. Kalyani informs Anupriya that both Sampada and her son are fine. Anupriya is happy and relieved. Kalyani asks her to talk to Malhar and bring him there. Sampada gives baby to Kalyani and goes to washroom. Kalyani is sleepy and falls asleep. When she wakes up, Sampada is still not there. She looks for Sampada and hears her scream. She goes outside and sees Atharv keeping knife on Sampada.

He has also tied up Anupriya with his car. He gives Kalyani choice whether she wants him to kill Anupriya or let him take Sampada with him. Kalyani asks her dog to untie Anupriya. Atharv puts Sampada in car and drives away. Anupriya manages to be freed on last moment. Anupriya asks Kalyaani why she didn’t save Sampada. She was more important. Who will take care of her baby if anything happens to her. Kalyani says she also thought about her mother and saved her first. They get video call from Atharv. He’s spreading kerosene on Sampada. He blackmails them not to tell anything to Malhar before his wedding is done with Kalyani. Anupriya agrees. After call, Kalyani says she has some plan to send Malhar to Sampada without telling him anything directly.

Pallavi informs Aao Saheb that Atharv and Kalyani have taken Anupriya to doctor. Aao Saheb says why they took her to doctor when she wasn’t even sick.Kalyani calls Malhar as a random girl and informs him about seeing a jeep in which someone kidnapped a girl. Later, Kalyani says she knows there is risk involved, but they had to take their chance.

Sampada frees herself. Atharv sees and goes to her. They hug and kiss each other. Atharv says now no one can separate them. If Sampada didn’t handle everything on Kalyani’s birthday, then God knows what would have happened. Sampada says they barely got saved. She thought Kalyani would stop after meeting Varsha, but she turned out to be smarter than she thought. Sampada is angry as she had to leave her baby with Kalyani. Atharv tells her not to worry, Anupriya is with her. She wishes they could have run away before only, but due to urgent delivery she had to stop in village. They are angry at Kalyani, but say whatever happened happened for good. They plan to leave village in morning.

Kalyani will be waiting for him in mandap and they will disappear tomorrow.Anupriya thinks of keeping Sampada’s baby in hospital until Malhar finds her. Kalyaani says Atharv proved today that he has no humanity.Anupriya and Kalyani bring baby to hospital. They say baby look weak, so they thought to keep baby in hospital for few days. Hospital staff get suspicious and call police saying they have kidnapped the baby.

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