Mismatched update Tuesday 16 November 2021


Mismatched 16 November 2021: The Episode starts with Shaan saying I want to talk to you for 2 mins. Aastha says sorry, I forgot to thank you. He says I didn’t come to hear your thanks, we can talk anywhere, cafe or library, its been 25 years. She says I have to go. He says you always refuse to me, you are my wife, we are still marriage, I m asking for some time, you can give it to me. She cries. Anokhi is happy. Shaurya sees her admission form. Anokhi gets her temporary ID card. She cries happily.

Shaurya recalls Aastha’s words. He says I won’t let Anokhi succeed. Anokhi dances. She says I have to make my dreams true. Shaurya says Aastha has seen dreams for you, not me. She says I will fulfill everyone’s expectations. Shaan and Aastha have a walk together. Tere bina….plays… She stumbles. He holds her. She smiles seeing the library. She says nothing changed here. Shaan says everything looks the same today, thanks. She asks why. He says for giving your time.

He says you have a habit to convince people. He says I couldn’t convince you 25 years back. She says it all happens for a reason, you didn’t understand my perception. He asks could you understand me, if you gave me some time, I could have solved everything, you were in hurry, you left Shaurya and me, your pride came in between. She says you think so even today. He asks what shall I think. She says difference between esteem and ego, I had to take care of my parents, I had to do my duties. Shaan says Tej said he will do something for your parents. She asks why would I take his favor, my mum taught me esteem, I didn’t want to leave you, I wanted to do duties towards both the families, Saberwals didn’t accept that their bahu works in a job.

Shaan says it was my mistake, but Shaurya didn’t get your upbringing, else he would be a changed person today.Rama gets Anokhi’s call. She asks did you get TC, did you take breakfast, did you get the admission. Anokhi says all the answers are yes, I got the admission. Rama asks really. Anokhi says Aastha helped me, is dad fine. Rama says he is much angry, I m sure that he will regret one day. Anokhi shows her college. Shaan says you left Shaurya, but look at him now. Aastha asks is it my mistake, what did you do. He says I was shattered after you left, I tried to handle him, I spent much time with him but…. none can raise a kid like a mother.

Aastha says many children get raised without mothers, not every child is like Shaurya, he has ego in him. He says sorry, its my mistake, I couldn’t leave Tej and Devi, my identity is by them. She says my identity is by my parents, you don’t need to apologize. Shaurya looks for Shaan. Ravi says he is in the library. Shaurya goes.Aastha asks didn’t you like any other girl, you didn’t have a habit to stay alone. Shaan says I can’t give your place to anyone. She sees their names engraved on the cupboard.

She says we were so naughty. Shaurya comes and looks on. Rama asks is everyone good there, I m missing you a lot. Anokhi says once I settle here, you come to meet me. Rama says sure. Bhalla comes. Rama hides the phone. Anokhi asks are you there. Rama talks again. Anokhi sees Bhalla on the screen. Rama asks her to study well. She says you didn’t ask how is Anokhi.He says she will be fine. She says congrats, she got admission in SIAC on merit, you should be proud.

He says I lost my pride, how will I feel it now. Shaan goes after Shaurya. Shaurya leaves. Aastha says don’t leave him alone. Shaan asks how can I leave you alone. She says Shaurya needs you, nothing can change in our relation, Shaurya is our responsibility, we have to think about him now, not ourselves. Shaan says fine and goes. Anokhi comes to Vineet’s house. She sees her bags outside. She rings the bell. Vineet opens the door and scolds her. He asks her to get lost. Babli looks on.

Anokhi getting insulted by Vineet and his mum. She says Babli gave me the bangles, it was given to her by Rama, its her jewellery and has a right on it. Babli cries and says its unsafe for girls to stay outside at night, please listen to me. Vineet asks shall I pack your bag also. His mum says Anokhi won’t get a place for free. Anokhi says I have some money. Babli says Anokhi will not trouble anyone, she will go in the morning and come in the evening, please, let her stay until she gets hostel room. Devi asks what happened in the college.

Shaan says Shaurya got upset seeing Aastha. Alok asks where were you after the admission. Devi asks did you say anything to Shaurya. Shaan says no. Alok says maybe he has seen you and Bhabhi in the park. Shaan gets angry.Devi says Shaurya isn’t at home, why. Shaan says I saw Aastha after many years, I asked her to stay back for some time, we were in library, Shaurya had seen us, he got upset and left. Gayatri thinks Aastha came to college. Devi asks how dare Aastha came to our college.

Shaan says she came for her student’s admission. He scolds Alok. Anokhi says fine, I will go. Vineet’s dad stops her and says its not good, if anything happens to her, then we will get defamed. Vineet’s mum says our expenses will get double. Anokhi says if I stay anywhere else, everyone will worry for me, let me stay here, I have money, please keep it, it will be enough for my expenses. Vineet’s mum takes the money. Anokhi says I will give more money if you say, I will never forget your favor.

Vineet asks Anokhi to stay in storeroom. Anokhi says its fine, I will adjust. Babli cries. Devi says Aastha is using you. Shaan says no, I had stopped her, she is still my wife, its our personal matter. Gayatri says we should think about Shaurya. Devi calls Shaurya. Kanchan says Aastha came to the college. Gayatri asks her not to tell anything. Kanchan tells this to Yash. She says it will be good if Aastha comes back. Pinky hears this and tells it to her sister. They think to welcome Anokhi well in the college. Shaurya is on the way. He thinks of Aastha’s words.

Anokhi comes to the storeroom. She coughs and sees the place. Devi says if anything happens to Shaurya, I will not leave Shaan. Shaan says he isn’t answering, his anger is like Aastha. Devi says he is not like Aastha. Shaurya asks Makhan to stop the car. He says I will walk to him. Makhan says you won’t get a taxi here. He gets Devi’s call. Devi asks where is Shaurya. Makhan says Shaurya wants to stay alone for some time.

Anokhi cleans the storeroom. Shaurya is sad. Jo bheji thi…plays… Anokhi hears Vineet scolding Babli. She says sorry, I will work hard and fulfill my promise. Shaurya sees a mother and son. He recalls Aastha. The lady asks him to buy their handmade items. She says buy anything, I can’t see my son hungry, he can’t bear hunger. She cries. Her son consoles her. He gets food for them. He cries seeing their love. Its morning, Anokhi gets ready. She says I have Aastha and your blessings. Babli gives her the halwa. She asks her not to get scolding on a good day, forget everything, the sun is shining for you. Anokhi smiles.



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