My heart knows update Monday 13 June 2022


My heart knows 13 June 2022: The Episode starts with Yashwant asking Malhar to throw the gun else he will burn Shera. Malhar throws the gun angrily. Kalyani asks yashwant to tell her about Moksh and tells that after that he can kill her also. Yashwant takes her out and says nobody shall come out. He threatens to burn her and takes fire wood near her face. A little girl comes there running dressed as a devi and holding the trishul. She climbs on the car and jumps on yashwant holding trishul on his chest. Kalyani also falls down on other side. Kalyani looks at the little girl who saved her. Yashwant gets scared. The little girl runs away hearing the police jeep sound.

Yashwant tries to escape, but Kalyani holds his hand and asks him to tell where is her son? Yashwant pushes her on the ground and leaves. The police team arrives there. Kalyani asks them to go and catch yashwant. Malhar snatches the goon’s gun and comes out. Anupriya and Sarthak and also comes out. Malhar asks Kalyani if she is fine? Kalyani tells that she has sent Police team behind Yashwant. Malhar also goes from there. Anupriya asks Kalyani about who saved her? Kalyani recalls the little girl and tells that she was saved by her.

Later Kalyani talks to someone and tells that it has been one day since Yashwant fled. Anupriya asks her to take Maa’s blessings. Anupriya tells her about katha of maa brahmacharini who was born in Raja Prajapati Daksh as Sati. She says she is the supreme avatar of a daughter. The same little girl comes to Kalyani’s house in the Goddess costume. Pallavi thinks she is a beggar and asks her to go. The little girl goes. A florist comes there and brings the flower basket. Pallavi asks why did he come late. He tells the reason and asks for water. Pallavi goes inside to get water. The girl sees the flower basket. She gets a chance, sits inside it and covers herself.

Anupriya ends the katha. Kalyani prays to God to make her meet her son. Just then flower falls down. Kalyani senses someone’s presence outside and comes out. The florist couldn’t lift the basket. Kalyani comes there and tells that she will take it inside. The florist says he will do, but she insists.She lifts the basket and takes it inside. A fb is shown, Kalyani takes Moksh in the basket the very same way for the first time. Kalyani keeps the basket and goes to wash her hands. She returns and sees the girl standing. She asks the girl who is she? The girl identifies her and tells that yesterday she had rescued her life. Kalyani says so that girl was you and asks why did she come here?

The girl tells that she came to get the charity, but a lady (Pallavi) sent her out, so she had to come this way. She says you have to give me charity. Kalyani asks what you will do? The girl tells that we will do navratri play and tells that an uncle asked her to bring money to take part in the play. She tells that she has to act to get charity money and acts pleading for money. Kalyani gets emotional and feels connected with her. The girl asks if she don’t have money then she will give her hers money and says she has 18 rs. Kalyani brings money and gives to her. The girl counts 100, 200, on and gets happy. She gives her kiss on her cheeks. Pallavi comes there.

The girl hides behind Kalyani. After Pallavi goes, the girl comes out, talks to Kalyani and runs away. Kalyani tries to speak to her, but she is already gone. Pallavi comes there and sees the fallen dustbin. Kalyani says no girl came here to ask charity. Pallavi thinks Kalyani got mad in Moksh’s memory. She picks a paper from the floor to put in dustbin and reads Anupriya Rane..failed. She thinks Aai failed in the exam.Kalyani bringing Anupriya to Sarthak’s office. She asks him if he can swear on Gita and tell that he didn’t fail Aai intentionally.

Sarthak asks from where do you get waste time to talk all this. He says I don’t have time for all this and asks her to accept that her mother can’t write law exam and can’t pass. He says she wrote 2-3 answers, but I am sure that she can answer it verbally. Kalyani asks him to ask questions from her Aai and says if she couldn’t answer then I will not waste your time again. Sarthak asks what is section 144. Anupriya says section 144. Sarthak says this is your level and demotivates her. Kalyani gives her courage. Anupriya tells about the Sec 144 surprising Sarthak. Kalyani says very good Aai. She asks when he will give the certificate.

Just then a couple comes there. The guy tells about his wife’s operation mark and tells that he wants to file case on the hospital. Kalyani gets an idea and tells that even Moksh must have the mark and thinks to gather the children from near the railway station and check them. She says she will call Malhar. Sarthak asks why don’t she leave Malhar.Anupriya says Kalyani is Moksh’s Aai, why don’t you understand. kalyani says I know my limits and also that he is Avni’s husband. She says she is happy alone and don’t need anyone, until she has her Aai and son. She says my family will get complete, but what about you. You have kept your family far, asks how you will complete your family.

Sarthak looks angry. Kalyani thinks I will search Moksh and think of staying way from Malhar. Later Kalyani comes to meet Malhar outside her house. Malhar tells that he couldn’t catch Yashwant as Avni called him for emergency. Malhar tells that he heard that she is going to search Moksh. He says he will come with her. Kalyani tells that she had gone to Doctor and now going to Parlour. He asks why? Kalyani shows her white hair and tells that due to the medicine effect, it turned white. Malhar says he didn’t read about it and goes. Kalyani cleans her hair and thinks she wants him to get separated from her now itself and says I have to search Moksh alone.

Pawar tells Kalyani that he has gathered the street children. Kalyani talks to him and says I will come there. Pawar says this place is not good, but she insists. Just then a goon comes and steals her purse and snatches her mobile. The girl watches this and runs behind him. Kalyani is about to run, but stops seeing Malhar. She tells that a goon snatched her phone and ran away. Malhar asks what is your problem, you came alone to search Moksh, I know your drama. Kalyani says why don’t you understand, you are not mine. She asks what is our relation? Malhar says you are DM and I am officer working under you. He says I will catch the goon as it is my duty.

The girl runs behind the goon and calls him pakiya…She makes him fall down and manages to take the purse and mobile. She says I am shouting since long and asks if he can’t hear. She runs taking phone and purse. The goon runs behind her. The girl hides. Kalyani calls on her number using Malhar’s mobile. The girl picks the call and tells that she is on call, who had saved her. She tells that she has rescued her phone. Kalyani asks where is she? The girl says she is hiding and ends the call seeing Pakiya coming there. Pakiya calls her Mukku. The girl hides in water barrel. Malhar comes there and takes out the girl from the water barrel. He asks about her gang? The girl tells that she plays Devi Parvati’s role and tells about other characters.

Malhar tells that he is Police officer. She asks if he thinks her fool and says Police officer wears uniform and has stick. She says I have setting with Police constable. Kalyani comes there. Mukku tells her that she has saved her purse and mobile from Pakiya and him. She handovers over to her. Kalyani says he is a police officer. Mukku asks if he is police and tells that he don’t have singham moustache, not simba’s body, and he don’t have much height too. Kalyani says I accept that personality is less, but education is good and he is a good police officer. Malhar says he knows such kids and says they are trained.

He says he will take her to PS. Mukku tells that her father is a lawyer. Malhar asks for his number. The girl says she don’t have the number. Kalyani saves her from Malhar. Mukku runs away and comes to Aparna’s house. Aparna asks if she brought money. The girl gives the money which she got from charity. Aparna asks how did her color turned blue? She says she fell in the barrel. Aparna asks her to go and clean her face. Mukku goes. Aparna gets yashwant’s call and tells that she will come and meet him. Kalyani tells Malhar that the girl saved her from Yashwant. Malhar tells that they are a gang. Kalyani tells that she feels connection with the girl and tells that if Moksh would have been here then he would be mischievous like her.

She says he used to be like me and then when you both had a fight then I solve it then we…

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