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Once there was a king 13 June 2022: In the villa, a girl is shown working out to her full. A lady comes calling Rani. Rani stops during her workout. The lady finds the room all messed up and wonders what current this girl get as soon as she hears about marriage.Rani hurries to the room slipping on the way. Maa was concerned for her. Her Bua comes to tell Rani she has been going on the wrong path. Rani replies to Bua ji she has been saying as if she is a drug addict, had 12 boyfriends or is pregnant. Bua ji shows Suminda (Maa) how ruined Rani is. Rani has rejected 22 proposals in age of 21. Bua ji’s daughter comes there saying she won’t also get married until Rani does. Bua ji tells Rani to be concerned for her daughter, then finds a lice in her head.

Rani catches the lice and mocks Bua ji she has also been working on the wrong path. She takes her sister into hug. There was a ring of bell, Suminda sends Bua ji to attend the guests and brings traditional dress for Rani to change. Rani calls her clothes close. Maa forces her to come downstairs in lehnga.In the hall, Bua ji says after her brother died, Suminda took care of everyone. Rani comes downstairs speaking casually. Suminda asks why she didn’t wear the lehnga. Rani says it seemed to be Bua ji’s choice so she kept it for Preeti. The family was happy meeting Rani and introduces their brother to be London graduate. Rani speaks loosely about fairy tales saying she wonders what she must have done if she was a real prince.

The boy introduces himself as Mahesh, Rani says she got so many proposals already she doesn’t remember the names even. She isn’t talented or career oriented, she only likes to party hard. The family liked Rani and were about to fix the proposal. Suminda interfere sharing about a deal, if she likes the guy Rani must accept the proposal but if Rani does, she would have to accept her choice. Rani says it’s important to speak to someone whom one must spend the life. She asks to speak to Mahesh. Maa stares at Rani.Mahesh’s family had left. Rani insists she doesn’t want to marry and fulfil her dreams.

Suminda says one has to dream with some partner. Rani wasn’t ready to understand. She says she doesn’t want a man in her life, she can do something better with her life at least. On the door, Rani turns to think she can’t leave her mom alone but can’t share the truth with her as well.In the party, Preiti asks Rani why she hates guys so much. Rani was drinking, and tells her she doesn’t hate guys and asks her let Suresh Mahesh come here. She recalls Mahesh calling her to meet him, she had invited him for party. The crowd cheered Rani’s name. Rani steps up a table and dances around. She was dragged down by Mahesh. She calls him as Suresh, he corrects he is Mahesh and says he understood watching her she isn’t a wife material. Rani pushes Mahesh nd twists his arm behind asking if he thought he can harass her.

It’s not her clothes that are small, but his thinking as well. Another guy enters to help Mahesh, Rani twists a plate towards him and wrestles another. A guy there holds Mahesh from hitting Rani with a bottle. Rani turns to hit the guy with a plate. It was Raja. Rani says it was her problem, why he interfered within her fight. Raja says it’s his duty, he is MahRaj, her body guard.At home, Rani comes to snatch Suminda’s pen and says she has been snatching her independence this way. Suminda says she is snatching her pen, she says Raaj is only to protect her. Rani boasts about her biceps, someone like her doesn’t need a bodyguard. Raaj was waiting outside.

Suminda says she understands Rani wants to encounter new challenges in life. But she only wants to sleep well at night, she kept Raaj not for Rani but for her own relaxation. Rani was sure to make Raja leave.Raja follows Rani through the corridor irritating her. She turns around, their hand touches his. They were standing in front of temple. She looks towards him skeptic. Raja says she gives shock. Rani says that of 440 watts, he shouldn’t touch her.Sumindra comes to Raja and tells him to keep an eye over her daughter. Raja says she never shared with her about her daughter, Sumindra says she doesn’t want to share with her daughter that someone is calling her and threatening her about Rani’s life. Rani would be angry hearing that someone is disturbing her, she might not care about herself.

Raja assures to take care of Rani. Raja promises to take care of Rani till death. He reads from a paper and thinks he has to fulfil his responsibility.Raja comes to his room and finds Rani on the bed. He reminds it’s his room, Rani says it’s her house. She throws a bag full of money and says her mom must be wasting worth 10k over him, she can spend 5 folds over him to leave. Raja burns the money in the bag. Rani was shocked to see this and questions why he burnt it. Raja replies that a man with self-respect earns for his living. Rani brings boxing gloves and asks him to box with her. Raja says it’s his duty to protect her, not hurt her.

Rani says he is a servant, but Raja corrects himself to be a body guard. Rani boasts about being trained in boxing for three years. Raja says he has learnt it on streets, through experiences of life. They box with each other, Raja’s shoulder touches Rani’s. He feels the touch.Raaj Mata opens her eyes in the temple and stands to sprinkle flowers over the idols saying Raja and Rani have returned, they would defeat Bari Rani Maa together now.Raja was moved and doesn’t fight back with Rani. She however punches his face hard to make him fell over the bed. She leaves calling him a loser. Raja comes to push her from behind, she fall off; she shouts how he cheated on her. Raja says she also cheated on her? Raja says he is her body guard, she has lost. The wall clock struck 12, Raja wishes her birthday.

Rani comes to her room where a surprise had been arranged for Rani by Sumindra and Prieti Raja hurries to the room at the sound of balloons, Rani says it’s a balloon only. Rani was worried about her friends, what they would think about Raja. Sumindra gives Rani her gift and leaves. In the room, Rani thinks she must make Raja leave. Rani’s gift was an expensive necklace, she says this would make her win her game now.In the party, girls compliments Rani’s necklace. One of them spots Raja and wish for such body guard. Rani boasts this necklace is worth millions. Prieti comes to ask Rani what she would do about Raja now. Rani winks saying magic. She plays guitar in the party and dances with Sumindra and Bua.


The cake ceremony takes place. There was a sudden light break, Raja comes to cover Rani. The lights were turned on, Rani calls it a power drop. Rani thanks Sumindra about her gift, she touches her neck and asks where her necklace has gone. Everyone around was worried. Raja makes the waiters look around for necklace. Prieti says the necklace was stolen once a bodyguard was appointed. Raja was checking every wallet and purse in the party. He checks on Balu and Mohan. Rani comes to search over Raja, he doesn’t let her read the letter in his pocket. She searches another pocket, winks at Raja and brings about the necklace. Sumindra was shocked to see this and questions Raaj about it. She says the hands that can steal necklace from her daughter’s neck can suffocate her as well.

She tells Prieti to call the police. Raja says it’s his rule not to touch a girl or money. Rani forbids her call police and orders the guards to push him outside. Raja says Rani has already insulted her enough, if he comes to insulting her it might cost her heavily.It was night. Suminda gets a threatening call who warned it could be the last birthday of her daughter. Suminda leaves her room out of worry.Rani was sleeping when a masked man climbs her room. She wakes up but the man had already covered her mouth to suffocate her. She tries to hit his head by a vase. Raaj tells Rani she proved him a thief in front of everyone. Suminda had heard everything and questions Rani about it. Raaj apologizes Suminda for coming this way.

Suminda was apologetic to Raaj for not recognizing her daughter’s lie, she promise Rani would apologize him. Rani objects, but Suminda angrily announces she must apologize Raaj. Rani says I am sorry to Raaj. Raaj thanks Sumida. Suminda requests Raaj to stay as her bodyguard, none can be better than him for his daughter. Raaj says he fulfils each of his commitment till death. Suminda warns Rani she will trust Raaj more than her, she shouldn’t find any complaints from her now. Raaj leaves Rani’s room.

There, Raaj sat with the photo of Rani. His friend comes to him and asks why he has been working for this girl when he can get better jobs. Raja opens a letter and tells Krishna he has a reason to come here.There, Rani sat on her bed enraged over Raaj. She comes out with Prieti and tells her about Raja. She was sure to teach him a lesson, they would plan something in college. Rani greets Raja along with Prieti and asks if he is vegetarian or non-veg. Raja tells them to come out of their car only after he signals them. He looks ahead goes behind, Rani and Preiti get a chance to get out and meet their friends. Her friends cheer watching Raja with her. The girls walk inside. Rani tells Raaj to stay outside, its group study and only students are allowed. Raja places a foot between the two doors preventing it to be shut.

Rani gives up. Rani calls Raaj who doesn’t respond on the door. Raaj tells her to eat almonds first in the morning, and corrects his name. Rani tells him to taste the food she has ordered as its his duty, the food was all non-veg. Rani says he can’t complete his duty if he can’t taste the food. Raja stuffs a bite in his mouth to Rani’s astonishment. He tells Rani she won’t lose her life by eating this food.Prieti says he won’t leave her today. Raja runs outside to vomit what he had eaten. The girls feel disgusted inside.

At home, Rani receives a phone call which was unanswered. Suminda comes behind her and forbids her receive any calls again. Rani notices she was really disturbed, Suminda explains she is only over burdenized. Rani closely looks towards her and says she is lying. Rani reminds Suminda of lying once about a frock, Suminda promised her then they would share everything with each other no matter what. She says she has brought her a body guard and is running away from her work in all these years. She says she will find out about the matter. Suminda tells Rani someone is threatening her about Rani’s life, those who killed her father are after her life now. Rani questions Suminda what it means, her father had an accident. Suminda says her father was murdered, and since she will inherit all his business her life is also in danger.

Rani cries and was determined she will find her enemies and will not spare them. She would call the police to tract this number and not leave them. Suminda swears her of her life, she has learnt to live only for Rani. She wants Rani to stay alive.Rani comes to Raaj’s room. She shares with Prieti they must get rid of a body guard. Raaj comes out to mind them not to search his personal belongings. Rani points a gun at Raja. Raja tells her to shoot at him, Rani says she only wanted his gun for practice. Raja says one has to take an aim of lion to kill him. He holds her hand and points the gun towards him, demanding her to shoot. Rani’s hands tremble. She was about to pull the trigger, Raja screams a no and pushes her hand upwards. Both fell down, Raja snatches the gun off Rani’s hand and tells her to save herself before attacking the enemy.

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