My heart knows update Tuesday 14 June 2022


My heart knows 14 June 2022: The episode starts with Pawar and Malhar coming to the place where Yashwant is hiding. Yashwant is on call with Aparna and asks if Malhar or Kalyani caught me. Aparna says nobody can catch you and assures him. They come inside and finds the carpets hanging for drying. He says there is nobody here. Pawar says address was this only. Malhar finds Yashwant’s bag there and says he is somewhere here. Someone switches on the pedestal fans and it starts. Malhar says who has done this. Aparna is the one who switched them on and tells that Kalyani and Malhar will yearn for their son and they will never get Moksh. Malhar asks her to come out.

Kalyani is in her office and refuses to sign on the papers. Her employee says this is Minister’s order. Kalyani says this is my office. The Constable comes and tells that they have gathered some kids who have marks on their bodies. Kalyani gets happy. Anupriya calls her and asks about Moksh. Kalyani says she is going to search him and ends the call.Anupriya does the aarti. Sarthak tells that husband and wife do aarti together and holds the aarti plate. Aao Saheb asks what are you saying? Sarthak says I am going to stay here and asks until when she will get angry. He completes the aarti with Anupriya and tells that I am fulfilling Kalyani’s wish, came to stay with my wife and accept her. Anupriya is shocked.

The girl tries to take out the blue color from her body using an iron scrubber for scrubbing. She thinks how will I go infront of Amma now. Kalyani tells Constable that few people might be missed and tells that Moksh was not among them. Kalyani sees the girl Mukku sitting on the road and scrubbing her hands with iron scrubber. She asks what is she doing? Mukku says if she don’t get the blue color off her body then Amma will feed her roti to the Dog. Kalyani gets surprised and thinks what a coincidence. Whenever we are in trouble, help each other. She takes the little girl from there. Aparna sees Kalyani in car, but doesn’t see Mukku.

Sarthak tells Anupriya that she has to take care of Avni being her mother in law and asks her to get ready to welcome him. Aao Saheb threatens to file case against him. Sarthak asks her to hire the famous lawyer and says he will give her numbers. Anupriya asks why are you doing this? Sarthak asks did you daughter give you these values and asks if she forgot. Anupriya says I am ready to come with you as your wife, but you will not stay here. Aao Saheb says what are you saying? I will not let you go with this man. Anupriya says I have to do this to save Kalyani and says you came here to trouble Kalyani. She folds her hand and asks him to leave her daughter.

She says I am ready to come with you. Sarthak keeps her hand on her hand.Kalyani applies ointment on her injury in her office. She asks her to change her clothes and says I will help you. Mukku tells that Amma asked me not to change clothes infront of anyone. Kalyani asks her not to use that iron scrubber again. Mukku says Amma gave it to me. Kalyani says may be mistakenly. Malhar comes there. Mukku calls him duplicate police officer and asks how are things going on? Kalyani tells Malhar that Moksh was not among the boys. She tells that she feels connection with Mukku and asks about Yashwant. Malhar tells that he couldn’t trace yashwant.

Mukku tells that she has to go to the play and think of becoming which God. She says Shri Ram was having blue complexion. Malhar asks if her parents taught her anything. Mukku tells that she don’t have parents, Amma brought her up. She tells that she remembers everything and asks if he will become Ravan and tells that drama company needs man like you. Malhar asks do I look like Ravan. Kalyani says I will talk to the drama company and asks them to give you role, you wanted. Mukku says she don’t want anyone favor and tells that she will do such an acting that she will get the role. She says Bapu asks her to do her own work. Malhar says you said that you don’t have father.

Kalyani asks Malhar to leave it. Mukku asks what role I shall do? Kalyani says even she wants to participate. Mukku says she will change her clothes herself and not infront of her. Kalyani says ok. Malhar asks what play you are going to do.During the act on the stage, Kalyani and Mukku dance on the song kya Karen yashoda maiyya while she is playing yashoda maiyya and Mukku is playing kanha’s character. Kalyani hugs her at the last.Kalyani and Mukku passing in the audition test. Ths casting director says both are finalized. Mukku goes to inform in her neighborhood.

A guy identifies her as DM and asks why did you come here, and says you would have called me. Kalyani says there is no problem and asks them to let the girl act. She then shows Moksh’s pic and asks did you see this boy, who was missing since 4 years. They refuse to see her. Kalyani thinks why she is feeling that her Billu is here, near her. Mukku comes to Aparna and tells that she got selected for the role. Aparna gets angry and rubs her face to get off the blue color. She stops seeing Malhar on her door and makes her hide in the kitchen area. She then opens the door, hiding her face. Malhar shows Yashwant’s pic and asks did you see this man? Aparna refuses and closes the door.

She thinks Kalyani and Malhar will reach Moksh, but she won’t let this happen. She asks Mukku to go and take bath. Mukku hugs her. Aparna says I am not your Aai. Mukku asks about her Aai. Aparna says your Aai was Sankat. Mukku thinks now I will search my Aai Sankat.Anupriya brings her stuff and tells that they will go after Kalyani comes. Pallavi asks how she will do housework if Maayi goes. Aao Saheb tells that she is worried that if Kalyani goes then they will lose business as it was better as she is DM. She tells Anupriya that she can’t let her go, even though if she has to give permission to Sarthak to stay here. She says world is bad. Sarthak says if I stay here then it is your good luck as influential people will come here to meet me.

He says even your neighbors don’t ask you. Kalyani comes there and calls Sarthak. Sarthak makes flowers fall on him with her hand and tells that you are welcoming your kaka, as your Aai’s husband came back. He says I will never leave Anupriya. He says your Aai will decide if she wants to live in my luxurious house or this house. Kalyani says my Aai will not go anywhere, says she knows well why he wants to stay here, even then she is letting him stay here and will not let her Aai go anywhere. Sarthak smiles.Mukku massages Aparna’s feet and feels hungry. Aparna tells that she didn’t make food as she is fasting. Mukku says she is hungry.

Aparna asks her to check in the vessel if something is there else tie the wet cloth on her stomach. Mukku checks in the utensils and then ties wet cloth on her stomach.The lullaby surmayi ankhiyon me….plays….Aparna asks her to take the bucket and stand in the queue to fill water in it. Mukku says it is not yet morning, don’t send me now, I am very hungry. Aparna says you are arguing with me and asks her to go. Mukku goes. After Mukku goes, Aparna takes out food plate to eat it. Anupriya asks Kalyani why she is not having food. She says Sarthak can’t trouble you. Kalyani says I really don’t understand, why I am missing that girl Mukku. She says when she is near me, I feel strange peace and connection with her. She says that girl is not having parents and she stays in very bad environment. She hopes her Amma gave her food.


Mukku comes out to fetch water and asks God, why he didn’t give her Aai and says if I had Aai then she would have fed me food. Pawar comes there and goes somewhere parking his bike. Malhar tries talking to Pawar and Mukku takes the walkie talkie and asks him to search her Aai. Malhar asks who is on line? Mukku says I and tells that her Aai is lost and her name is Sankat. Malhar tells that he will lock her in lock up and asks what is this misbehavior? Mukku says I will tell your name to Acchi Aunty who sits in big office. Malhar says so you are that girl who was in kalyani’s office. Mukku says I will search my Sankat Aai. Malhar calls Pawar. Mukku keeps the walkie talkie and runs. Pawar comes back. Malhar thinks don’t know what her Aai ate to give her birth and don’t know what Kalyani sees in that girl.

Next morning, Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that it is a miracle and says Bappa drank milk. Anupriya asks shall I check once and finds Bappa drinking it. She gets happy. Aao Saheb asks her to call everyone. Pallavi comes out from behind and tells that she has fixed the pipe well. Aao Saheb says now that lawyer will know about my reputation and status.Mukku asks the ladies to give some milk and tells that her Amma is fasting and didn’t eat anything. She asks them to give her some milk. They refuse and tell that they are going to Ahilya Nivas to feed milk to Bappa and asks her to take milk from Bappa. Mukku looks on.

Malhar calling Kalyani. Kalyani tells that Moksh couldn’t be found among the boys near the station. She get Shekhar’s call and attends it. Mukku comes there and thinks how to meet Bappa in these dirty clothes. She finds Malhar’s shirt there and takes it. Malhar asks Kalyani not to worry, tells that atleast they have found Yashwant’s car. He says he will go and sits in his jeep. He then asks Kalyani about his shirt. Kalyani says she didn’t see. Mukku comes inside the house and hides behind bappa. She finds big pot and milk is filling in it. She thinks bappa kept milk for her and feels good. She prays to Bappa and asks him to make her meet her Aai. She says you don’t know her name, her name is Sankat and asks him to give her Aai.

Kalyani comes inside and asks what is happening? Anupriya tells that miracle happened in our house, tells that the ladies came to feed milk to Bappa. Kalyani asks how can Bappa’s idol drink milk, says it is just blind faith. Anupriya says no. Aao Saheb says even though you have become an officer, but everyone is small infront of him. Kalyani says I am a firm believer on God, but such fake stories can’t be spread from my house. Pallavi asks what do you mean that they all are illiterate. Kalyani asks did you find logic behind it. Pallavi says if you had find logic then you would have search Moksh. Kalyani asks why are you cursing me? A lady calls her Sankat.

Mukku thinks Kalyani is her Aai Sankat and comes out, asking if she is Sankat, her Aai. She hugs Kalyani and says I got my Aai. Kalyani is surprised and smiles. Mukku calls her Aai and says I didn’t know that my Aai is solid and says I will tell my lane people that I found my Aai.Aao Saheb asks who is this girl and asks her to get out. Mukku tells that her Amma told that her Aai is Sankat and tells that she is Sankat. She says she thought her Aai to be Rakhi of Karan Arjun, but she is Katrina. She hugs her and asks the ladies why were they shouting at her Aai. She says Bappa was not drinking milk, but collecting it in the pot for her Amma. Pallavi asks her to go and is about to slap her calling her thief, but Kalyani holds her hand and says Mukku is not the thief, and we all came to know who is the real thief? She asks did you call neighbors to show the fake miracle.

Anupriya says no miracle happen in our house. Kalyani says your daughter came out from death and what could be the big miracle than this.She says Bappa don’t need to do small miracles. Aao Saheb says what is happening, this girl is proving us wrong infront of everyone. She says I saw the miracle since morning and asks who kept this pot behind bappa and says she must have done this. She asks her to leave and not to call her Aai. Kalyani says a little girl can’t lie. Mukku says if you are not my Aai and runs out of crying. Kalyani runs behind her.

Malhar stops Mukku and asks if she stole his shirt? He asks why are you crying as you got caught. Mukku calls him fake Salman Khan and tells that she didn’t steal his shirt? Kalyani comes there and wipes her tears. Mukku asks why you are not my Aai. Kalyani says she will get her clothes changed and return his shirt. Mukku says no. Kalyani says I remember that your Amma asked you not to change clothes infront of anyone. Malhar takes Kalyani to side and tells that he feels that the girl is with Yashwant and asks why is she calling her Aai. Kalyani says it is a big story. Malhar says such kids are trained. Kalyani takes Mukku to change her clothes. Aparna thinks she will not let Malhar and Kalyani reach Moksh through Mukku.

Sarthak tells Malhar that they have done good comedy and tells that Aao Saheb has a misunderstanding that she has much respect and prestige in her neighborhood. He says a little girl exposed Aao Saheb’s ploy. Malhar asks him to come out and talk to him. Sarthak asks him to say right there as he stays here with his wife and can’t live without her. He says my wife can’t stay away from her daughter. Mukku comes there. Sarthak asks her for her autograph. Kalyani comes there and says I brought roti for you Mukku. Aao Saheb says I don’t want to see this girl’s face, send her away. Kalyani says I will feed her food and then will drop her home. Mukku says I will make you meet my Amma.

Later Aparna searches Mukku in the neighborhood and thinks where did this girl go? Malhar comes to Kalyani and asks her to give his shirt. Kalyani says give it to me, I will wash it and return to you, else you will say that stains are there etc. She then remembers and says don’t know why I don’t remember that it is not my responsibility and rights to take care of you. Malhar leaves. Kalyani asks Mukku to open her mouth and have food. Mukku sees the bird and tells that she will feed food to it first. Kalyani asks her to come and have food. Mukku says if cat eats the bird then. Kalyani asks if cat is sankat. Mukku says if you was Sankat then you would have been my mother. Kalyani asks her to sit and have food, attend Rao’s call.

Rao tells that they have found 2 more boys who are having the marks. Kalyani says she will come there and see the boys. Pallavi comes to Mukku and asks her to leave from there, scolding her and telling that Kalyani couldn’t find her own son. Aao Saheb calls her and she goes. Kalyani turns and asks mukku to have food. Mukku asks if Bindu aunty was telling truly that your son is lost. Kalyani gets sad.

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