My heart knows update Sunday 12 June 2022

My heart knows 12 June 2022: The Episode starts with Anupriya asking Kalyani not to lose hopes and tells that they will get their Moksh. Kalyani says I will search my Moksh, even if I have to search him in the world and sacrifice my everything. She says my life’s aim is to get my son back. She says Devimaa is a mother and can’t be unfair with other mother. She applies tika to her forehead and keeps diya on her hand. She tells that it would be easy for her to search Moksh, she has to many problems, but a mother has no option to defeat. She asks Goddess to give her strength so that she can’t get weak and tells that if I get your support then no power of this world can stop me from reaching my son.

She promises that she will search her son before Navratri ends. Aao Saheb hears her and asks Anupriya to go to write exam. Kalyani says I will come with you.Kalyani drops Anupriya to the court and asks did you keep pen etc and asks her to go. She asks her to concentrate on paper and says all the best. She tells that she has to go to room no 6 and tells that Kaka is waiting there. She hugs her and says all the best. Malhar comes there. Kalyani tells that she came to drop Aai to the court. Malhar tells that the threatening calls number was traced and it is of Yashwant.

Anupriya reads the question papers. Sarthak throws water on her head and tells that he tried to cool her down as she was worried seeing question paper. Anupriya asks what is this misbehavior. Sarthak says you have just one hour to complete the exam. Anupriya asks for answer sheet. He gives it.Kalyani and Malhar come to meet Yeshwant. Malhar asks where is he? The goon tells him that Yeshwant is in hospital as he met with an accident. He tells that his daughter has the marriage soon. He asks if he wants to meet him. Malhar says we will meet when he gets fine.

The goon asks them to leave them. Malhar tries to look inside and leave from there with Kalyani. An old guy is sitting inside and calls someone. Malhar tells Kalyani that there is something wrong for sure. He tells that he shall go to Pune City hospital. Kalyani says ok. He asks her not to do anything until he returns and asks her to take care. Kalyani says ok. Yeshwant calls Aparna and tells that Kalyani came to his house searching him and tells that this means she came to know that her son was kidnapped from railway station and I made threatening calls to Mehra on your sayings. He says there is nothing for worry, I got a person admitted on my name in the Pune city hospital. He says until they return from Pune, till then my daughter Swati’s marriage will be done and we will leave from here.

Aparna says I am not worried, Kalyani will never know where is Moksh.Kalyani collides with a girl who comes out of Yeshwant’s house and her jewellery falls down from the box. She asks if she is the bride? Swati tells that yes she is the bride. Kalyani asks her how she can elope when her father is admitted in hospital in a critical state. Swati asks what nonsense and tells that her father is inside and is fine. She says she is eloping as they are getting her married forcibly. Kalyani is shocked and tries to talk to her, but she pushes her and elopes from there. Kalyani calls Malhar and tells him everything. Malhar asks why did you go to bride’s room? Yeshwant’s goons asks Swati to open the door. They break the door and see the bride standing covering her face. Kalyani is standing in the room.

The goon asks why didn’t you speak to me. Kalyani asks if I shall reply to my father’s goon. The goon asks why your voice seems to be different. She says her voice got rough. The guy tells his goons that nobody shall know about Swati.Sarthak snatches Anupriya’s answer sheet and writes fail on it. Anupriya cries. Sarthak asks her to go and show her performance to Kalyani. He gets a call from Malhar. Anupriya hears him, Kalyani thinks don’t know what is Malhar ji’s plan, I have to think.

Malhar and Pawar come there indisguise of a caterer. Pawar says I couldn’t bring more team as everyone is busy. He compliments his looks. Sarthak comes there in the truck in disguise. He tells that he is ready in the get up as he told. Malhar tells that they have to make yeshwant’s men unconscious and take them in the tempo. He says it will be easy for them to interrogate Yeshwant. Malhar sees Anupriya in disguise and asks her. Anupriya says she heard Sarthak and his conversation and tells Malhar that she wants to come with him. Sarthak says he don’t want illiterate lawyer here. Malhar says let her be here, don’t show your personal enmity. Just then goons come there and asks if they are cooks. Malhar says yes and asks him to tell from where to take the water.

Kalyani thinks they are dangerous, but she has to do this to get Moksh. Pandit ji asks her to leave her hand impression on the wall. Kalyani leaves her hand impressions on the wall and thinks she will leave her impression on all the walls. Pandit ji says there is no such rasam. Kalyani says shall I call babu saa and calls him. Pandit ji says ok, do it. She senses Malhar’s presence and finds him standing there. Malhar also senses that the bride is Kalyani. Kalyani tells that she will go and apply her hand impressions on the wall. The goon insists to come with her, but Kalyani threatens him asking if he will come with her with bathroom and she goes.

Pawar asks Anupriya to mix something in the juice to make them unconscious. Kalyani comes to Malhar and shows her face. Malhar says you are here as a bride. Kalyani asks him to go out. Sarthak and Pawar make the goons drink water and make them unconscious. They keep them in the utensil, to take them to the temple. Malhar tells Kalyani that Pawar and Kaka are making yeshwant’s men unconscious and locking them in tempo. He says you have taken risk by wearing this bride costume. Kalyani says I will become bride to get Moksh. Malhar asks what do you mean? Kalyani says I didn’t mean that and asks him to go. She thinks my heart can’t beat for him now, he is of someone else and can’t be mine, ever.

She signs him to go. The goon asks Malhar what is he doing here? Malhar says he is going to kitchen to cook food. Anupriya mixes the powder in the water. Malhar comes back to Sarthak and tells that there are many more men of Yashwant. He says we have to go inside and serve them food. Anupriya tells that she had mixed medicine to make them unconscious in the juice. A man overhears them and tries to go and inform them, but they hit him and make him unconscious. They take him to tempo.Anupriya asks where is Kalyani? Malhar says she is in bride’s costume. Anupriya worries for her.

Kalyani leaves her hand impressions on the walls while the goon is behind her. She thinks where is Yashwant, he is not seen in any rooms. Yashwant comes to now that Kalyani and Malhar didn’t go to Pune and asks goons to find out where are they? Kalyani lifts her ghunghat, and her face is shown on CCTV footage, but Yashwant doesn’t see her. He looks at her later and doesn’t find out.Anupriya comes inside and gives juice to the goons. The goon asks other to give juice to Bhai ji in basement. Kalyani tries to go there, but the goon stops her. Anupriya pretends to fall near Kalyani and asks her to write on the tissue paper. A fb is shown, Malhar asking Anupriya to ask Kalyani to write on the tissue as carbon paper is inside. The goons drink the juice and gets a call. Sarthak, Pawar and Malhar take the goons in the tempo.

Pawar says he will leave them far away. Anupriya comes to Malhar and gives the tissue paper to him. Malhar reads and says yashwant is in basement and the way to it is from the backside of this bungalow. Kalyani sees the goon about to faint and gets inside the basement. Yashwant asks someone on call about Kalyani and Malhar. Just then Malhar enters there breaking the door and comes inside. He tries to strangulate him with rope asking where is his son, Moksh. Kalyani is about to lift her veil. The goon comes there and asks him to leave Yashwant, aiming gun on him. Malhar leaves yashwant.

Yashwant hits Malhar and makes him unconscious. Malhar faints. The goon tells Yashwant about seeing Malhar’s men kidnapping their goons. Yashwant asks him to lock Malhar and his men in separate rooms. He asks if Kalyani is found. The goon says no. Kalyani says she got doubtful after drinking the juice and came to see babusaa. Yashwant asks Kalyani to sit for the marriage and asks goon to search her. Kalyani thinks what to do?Yashwant’s goon taking unconscious Malhar from there. Yashwant asks his goon to find out if Kalyani Rane is among the captive people.

The goon says she was not there. Yashwant asks him to go and search Kalyani and asks her to sit in the mandap for marriage. Kalyani asks him to send the lady (Kaki) who came with them to alter her lehanga. Yashwant asks goon to go. He calls Aparna.Anupriya, Sarthak and Pawar are caught and captive by the goons. Anupriya tells Sarthak that they have to stop this marriage, else they will think Kalyani as Swati and will get her married to any goon. Sarthak says I don’t care about your daughter and tells that if she gets married then my nephew will get rid of her. He says I am worried about Malhar. Anupriya looks at the glass bottles kept there.

Kalyani comes to the room and sees Kaki. Kaki says you are not Swati and is about to shout. Kalyani keeps hand on her mouth, and says you are a mother. Kaki asks how do you know? Kalyani says before having child, she used to have make up stuff, but after her son arrived, she used to have his stuff. Goon brings the groom and makes her sit in the mandap. Kalyani tells the lady/kaki to help her and give her phone so that she can talk someone. She says come to my office later, I will give you money. The lady/Kaki refuses to take money for the help. Kalyani dials the number. Just then goon comes and knocks on the door asking Swati to come.. Kalyani asks Kaki to dial the number and asks Police to reach there. She asks her to give the location to the Police.

She says she will go out and sit on the mandap. Kaki asks if she will really marry. Kalyani says she can do anything for her son and if she has to do this marriage then she will do to stop Yashwant till Police reaches there. She goes. The lady calls Police. Kalyani comes and sits on the mandap, thinks she can do anything for her Billu. She looks at the groom and realizes he is Malhar ji. The goon asks Kalyani to give her hand in the groom’s hand.Kalyani keeps her hand on Malhar’s hand and says Malhar ji…you are here. Malhar asks if she will give all the sacrifices alone.

She asks how did you come here? A fb is shown, after Malhar is taken to the room, he beats up the goons and leaves from there. He goes to the groom’s room and hits him with his hand, asking what will he do, as his bride ran away. He hits him. The groom faints. Malhar wears the groom’s clothes. Kalyani tells Malhar that Police will come here as the lady signs her. She tells Malhar that she don’t want to do injustice with Avni. Malhar wishes to tell her that he never married Avni, and that he is fulfilling promise made to his baba, but he don’t tell her. He says he will not let any injustice happen to her. Pandit ji asks Malhar to make her wear the mangalsutra and asks her to lift her ghunghat to be show her face in the water.

Kalyani thinks she can’t let injustice happen to Avni. Malhar gets tensed. The goon asks if you are dreaming and push Malhar a bit, making the mangalsutra falls on Kalyani’s head. The goon asks Kaki to make her wear properly. The lady nods her head. Pandit ji calls the bride’s father. The goon goes to call Yashwant.Anupriya tries to run, when the goon aims gun at her. Sarthak and Pawar come infront of the goon. The goon tells that he will shoot them. Anupriya throws the glass piece on the goon, making him fall. Sarthak beats him and the goon faints. He scolds Anupriya for risking her and their lives. Anupriya says I have to stop this marriage anyhow.

Yashwant comes there to do kanyadaan. Anupriya comes there and asks to stop the marriage. Kalyani lifts her veil a bit and Yashwant sees her face in the water bowl. He calls her Kalyani Deshmukh. Kalyani lifts her veil and tells Malhar that he is Yashwant. She asks where is my son? Anupriya looks shocked. Yashwant takes the fire stick from the havan and says I am happy to meet you. Malhar asks him to leave her. Yashwant asks him to back off else he will burn Kalyani’s face. He asks where is my daughter and asks his goons to search her. Malhar snatches gun from goon’s hand and aims gun at yashwant. Yashwant asks him to throw the gun else he will burn Kalyani’s face. Kalyani gets scared.

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