My heart knows update Friday 25 March 2022

My heat knows 25 March 2022: Some goons come to Kalyani and push the mechanic. They tell that she seems to be Police and tell that they shall finish her.

Kalyani gets scared as the goons attack her with knife, Malhar calls them asking to stop. He is seen standing on a car and then jumping down. The goon is about to stab him, but he fights with him. Kalyani sees the register burning.

Kalyani fails to stop register burning. She says Anupriya was saying something about number plate and that could have been helpful to them. She looks around and mechanics have run away. Police come and arrest goons. A police man thanks Kalyani for helping them to arrest those goons. Kalywani wonders how to catch the mechanic now. There is mechanic’s number on his banner. She says they can trace him through that. She tells Malhar to be ready to give her informer job. Malhar is hopeful to solve the case after finding number plate information and mechanic.

He tells another police man not to give credit to Kalyani as he doesn’t want to risk her life by giving informer job.Kalyani and Anupriya are talking about MH 8055 number plate. SB hears them. Anupriya says she is not able to remember. She scolds Kalyani for getting into informer job. She further says she knows she committed murder. Kalyani sees SB and asks her to come in. She gives her Diwali gifts saying they are not expensive. Before SB takes them, Aahir comes and takes SB with him saying Malhar brought Diwali gifts and his gifts must be very expensive. Kalyani gets sad.

Malhar has arranged medical checkup for everyone. Sarthak asks what kind of gift is that. Kalyani laughs and tells Aahir not to expect much from Malhar. Malhar’s father gets angry at Kalyani for making fun of her husband. Anupriya pulls Kalyani back and tells Malhar his gift is very good. Everyone brings clothes and sweets. Kalyani brings her gifts. She gives gift to Malhar’s father. He asks from where she got money? She thinks she can’t reveal police secrets in house. She says she started working in call center. She took some money in advance for gifts. He throws away gift and says now they have come to this? Daughter-in-law will do a job? He says her job is to manage house. He asks SB to throw all gifts out.

Malhar defends Kalyani asking what’s wrong if she works? He agrees with her decision to work, but not in a call center. She has capacity to do bigger things and for that she needs to study. Malhar asks his father to accept gift. He refuses saying neither him, nor anyone else will take those gifts. Swara steps forward and asks Kalyani what gift she brought for her? Her father gets angry, but Swara doesn’t listen. Kalyani happily gives gift to Swara. Malhar’s father goes inside in anger. Malhar then asks Kalyani what she brought for him. She gives a kurta to him.Aahir is shocked to know that Kalyani reached to the mechanic. SB says they will need to keep an eye on Kalyani.

She won’t stay quiet after finding such a big lead. They hear Kalyani trying to find number plate information from the mechanic. Mechanic informs her he doesn’t know anything, goons threatened him so he ran away. Kalyani tells him not to worry as her husband is ACP. The mechanic says he might have another register. He will check and get back to her. SB says it’s getting out of hand now. They must do something about her.Kalyani is waiting for mechanic’s call. SB gives her work to keep her busy. She starts working, but has eyes on her phone. Aahir tells SB to distract her and he will exchange his phone with hers as they have same model. Just then her phone rings.

Kalyani’s phone rings and she quickly picks it up thinking it must be from the mechanic, but it’s wrong number. SB goes to her and tells her to finish work before Malhar’s father comes home. While she’s busy working, SB and Aahir exchanges his phone with hers. Kalyani keeps looking at her phone, but SB stays there and keeps her away from her phone. Kalyani thinks still no call from the mechanic, maybe he couldn’t get any information. She goes to wash hands. Aahir puts her phone back after switching it off. She comes back and checks her phone. Her battery is dead. She leaves. SB says they still need to do something about number plate. Aahir says he already took care of it.

Kalyani comes outside and is disappointed. She kicks Malhar’s car and a number plate falls down. It reads MH BOSS. She wonders how that number plate was in Malhar’s car. Did he figure out that person’s name? She hears someone’s footsteps. She puts the plate back in car and hides at some distance. At the same time, her phone starts and she gets call from the mechanic. She sees Sarthak driving away Malhar’s car and the mechanic also takes Sarthak’s name. She runs after car and bumps into Malhar. She doesn’t tell him anything yet.

Whole family gathers for Diwali puja. Kalyani sees Sarthak coming and wonders what connection he can have with the incident.They are outside and doing crackers. Swara is upset. Malhar goes to her. Anupriya is standing alone. Sarthak goes to talk to her. He says she’s angry with him, not with the festival. He asks her to forget everything for today. Kalyani goes outside to meet someone. Atharv follows her. She tells him to be quiet. It’s an informer whom she called to get information about Sarthak.

Malhar comes there and asks Kalyani what her and Atharv are doing there. Kalyani says she doesn’t want to hide anything. She got a new clue about the case, so with Raghu’s help she had called an informer there. Malhar tells her to stop it now. 24 hours are over. She is not going to get informer job. She requests him for one more day because if anything happens to Anupriya, she won’t be able to forgive herself. He turns to walk away. She stops him and says she knows he’s doing all this to send her to hostel, away from him. She asks why he wants to send her away. Is she that bad? Is it that difficult to live with her?

Kalyani asks Malhar why he wants to send her away from him. Is it that difficult to stay with her? He’s quiet. She gets furious and tries to turn him to her. In that, his clothes get torn. He grabs her and asks what she thinks? He doesn’t like spending time with her? She looks bad to him? What he doesn’t like to see.. is her in problems, her getting caught with family dramas. He has not forgot his promise that he made to her father that he will let her live her dreams. She forgot her dreams, but he has not. This is why he wants to send her to hostel. There is always a risk to an informer’s life and that is why he doesn’t want her to do that job. She gets emotional. He wipes her tears and kisses forehead.

They both look at each other emotionally. She tells him to think about her, it’s a question about her mother’s life and she can’t see it getting ruined. He asks her to have faith on him. He has promised her he will prove her innocent. She says she wants to trust him, but requests him to understand her point of view as well. She can’t sit idle. She says sorry to him.Next day, Kalyani brings Anupriya in some parking lot. She writes MH BOSS on some car’s number plate and asks Anupriya if she can remember anything. She says it’s same plate number that she saw on 26 July. Kalyani asks her to try remember more. Where she saw the car? Who was inside? She is unable to remember. Madhav sees this.

Anupriya is sitting tensed in her room. Sarthak asks her if she will forgive him any day. Anupriya says in her mind, sorry Kalyani, I remembered something else too which I couldn’t tell. Plate number that she was saying in her sleep and car that she saw outside Radhe’s place belonged to Sarthak. Why can’t she remember fully what had happened on 26 July? And what connection that has with Sarthak.

Other side, Madhav informs SB and Aahir that Anupriya is slowly remember everything which is not good for them.Malhar is crying looking at Swara’s picture. Kalyani comes and says she has convinced Swara to celebrate Bhai Dooj with him. Malhar thanks her. Aahir comes getting ready. Kalyani tells Malhar to go and get ready quickly. Malhar comes back and they celebrate Bhai Dooj. Malhar says he had lost hopes that he will be able to celebrate this festival ever, but thankfully Swara came back. He tells Swara to ask any thing she wants, he will fulfill it. She is quiet. Kalyani tells him to ask.. such days don’t come too often when Malhar says he will give anything.

Swara tells Malhar what she wants.. only he can give him. Aahir and his parents get worried. Swara tells him to always love, respect Kalyani. Don’t become like other men in Rane family who don’t know how to respect women. Madhav gets angry and asks what she is trying to say? He doesn’t respect his wife? Kalyani interrupts to handle the situation. Her phone rings. She says it’s an urgent call and excuses herself from there.Athav brings Anupriya to Pallavi’s room and says he wants to find gift that Pallavi brought for him. Anupriya says to wait for her to come back, but he wants now.

He sees a tape recorder and thinks it’s his gift. He tries to play a cassette. Anurpiya recalls seeing same tape recorder before and Pallavi was trying to play the cassette, but nothing was playing. Atharv gets upset with his gift and walks out. Anupriya was also leaving when she hears from the tape recorder, “please help me whoever is listening this. I don’t have time to tell my story. My name is Radhe Shyam and my life is in risk. Sarthak Rane wants to kill me. Whoever finds this cassette, please help me”. Anupriya gets shocked.

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