My heart knows update Thursday 24 March 2022


My heart knows 24 March 2022: The Episode starts with Asawari, Anupriya and Sarthak coming home. Asawari asks Madhav if he didn’t like Anaarse made by Kalyani and says she will make it good. Madhav says if bahu had made anything then I would have taste it. He says shall I make guests have outside sweets and tells that bahu shall learn to make all sweets. Kalyani says I will learn and asks him to check Anaarse made by her. Asawari smiles. Madhav tastes the Anaarse and gets up. Asawari smiles. Madhav says I didn’t hope this from you, I had such tasty Anaarse after many years.

Asawari is shocked. Anupriya and Sarthak are happy. Madhav says he had such tasty Anaarse for the first time after being separated from Malhar’s mother. Kalyani asks him to finish eating it. She looks at Malhar and a fb is shown. Malhar gives recipe to her and asks her to follow it. He tells that he used to see when his mum used to make Anaarse..fb ends. Malhar meets the informers who are brought by Pawar. Kalyani comes there and gives Anaarse to them. She then stands with the informers and tells that she knows that he is taking interview and quite qualified for the job.

She tells that she has seen many films and will get this job. She asks the informers about their qualification. They are 5th pass/fail and 12th pass/fail. Kalyani asks Malhar to give her a job. She then records a video to upload on social media and tells that ACP is not letting his wife work. Malhar gives her 24 hours to search any clue regarding the case, then her job will be fixed. Kalyani asks about the salary and then says they will talk later.Later Kalyani lies on Anupriya’s lap and tells that she will get job somehow and will watch the movie.

Just then Anupriya starts speaking while in sleep and talks to Radhe Shyam. She tells about the car number MH Boss and says it is strange. Kalyani gets worried and tries to know more. Something falls down and Anupriya wakes up. Kalyani is about to ask her, but stops seeing her tension. Anupriya asks did I confess my crime? Kalyani says no and puts tape on her mouth. She then asks her not to worry and goes. Anupriya feels she had committed the murder unknowingly.Aahir comes to Sarthak and asks if he is hiding something from them. He asks if he wiped all the proofs. Sarthak recalls seeing Anupriya meeting Radhe Shyam and giving him saree, asking him to arrange the money by the time she returns.

Radhe Shyam says ok and goes. Anupriya turns and sees Sarthak. She tells him that she came to deliver saree. Sarthak tells that he came to meet his client and thinks he can’t tell her that he came to meet Malhar’s father else he will know. Anupriya says ok and tells that she has to come to take the money. Fb ends. Aahir asks did you meet Maai that night. Sarthak says no and thinks he is trying to save Anupriya, but she is getting trapped.Malhar tells Pawar that he don’t want Kalyani to be successful for her security. Just then Kalyani comes there to tell about the clue MH Boss. Malhar asks her to take permission before coming and call him sir.

Kalyani goes back, seeks his permission and come there. She tells that she didn’t find any clue yet, but needs help. Malhar refuses to help her and says there is a protocol to talk to ACP. He says you have to talk to Pawar first and then me. Kalyani says so I need to talk to Pawar kaka first and tells that you are doing this intentionally to send me to hotel. She says I will not talk to you and will not take your help. She is about to fall down and stops him from holding her. She says I will not fall in your hands, and says you will ask me to fall on pawar kaka’s arms and then me..Malhar smiles. Kalyani says I will find the clues and will not go to hostel. After she leaves, Malhar thinks Kalyani is made for big things and not for doing housework etc.

He thinks she needs to be much educated and makes her own place.Kalyani selling newspaper to the scrap merchant. She thinks she couldn’t find any clue till now. She thinks may be MH Boss number plate can help, just then she sees number plate of a car and asks the guy. He shows her and tells that previously it used to be artistic, but not now. Kalyani reads the number plate and says MH Pawar. The guy says it is MH 4912. Kalyani asks who names such number plates. He says I know and gives her address. Madhav comes and asks Kalyani to start making diyas and tells that they make diyas at home etc. Asawari says Malhar will help you. Madhav says no, Malhar shall not help her.

Asawari says it is good and asks Malhar to help her. She thinks one more day will be wasted from 14 days.Malhar is trying to make mud diyas. Kalyani asks him to move and let her make diyas. She says just see how I make diyas, let me concentrate. Malhar sits with her and holds her hand to make diyas using wheel pottery. Nainon me song plays…….Malhar and Kalyani looks at each other. Tere mast mast do naain plays…..They make a diya. She moves and he falls down. She then wipes mud from her hands on his clothes. He asks what is wrong and gets upset. Kalyani says I will wash the clothes and searches for the clothes. She finds a cloth there and wipes her hands. She feels weakness and thinks she didn’t have food when Aai made her eat. She sees tamarind there and eats it.

She asks herself to eat to eat less tamarind. Just then Madhav comes there and sees her eating tamarind and calls her. Just then Kalyani feels dizzy. Madhav gets concerned and asks Malhar to take her to see Doctor, says it is a good news. Kalyani acts to be dizzy and asks Malhar to take her to doctor. Malhar says you are fine. They leave.Kalyani tells that she came out as she needs to search the clue for the job. Malhar tells her that his baba thought that she is pregnant. Kalyani says SB thought wrong that day and asks Malhar, why he didn’t tell that nothing happened between them. She then wears googles and gets down from his jeep.

Asawari asks Madhav why did he send them? She tells him that nothing has happened between them. Madhav gets upset and goes. Asawari thinks now they will go and try to find about 26th july and smashes the diyas under her feet.Kalyani comes to the mechanic shop and asks if the MH Boss name plate means MH 8055. He says yes and tells that he had made it. He asks his man to bring the register. Pawar comes to Malhar and tells that he was spying on Kalyani. He tells that Kalyani was talking to the kabadi guy in the morning and tells everything. Some goons come to Kalyani and push the mechanic. They tell that she seems to be Police and tell that they shall finish her.

Kalyani gets scared as the goons attack her with knife, Malhar calls them asking to stop. He is seen standing on a car and then jumping down. The goon is about to stab him, but he fights with him. Kalyani sees the register burning.

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