Dream girl update Thursday 24 March 2022

Dream girl 24 March 2022: The Episode starts with everyone getting another video where someone is seen pushing Laxmi to kill her. They all get shocked. Abhimanyu tells her dad that they got the videos of the wedding day, someone has pushed Laxmi, the person is not seen, just her hand and the ring are seen. Ayesha checks the video again and sees the ring. Laxmi’s dad panics saying something happened with Laxmi. Ayesha thinks where did the ring go, its good they did not notice my ring that day. Abhimanyu stops her. She says its urgent, and goes. She rushes to her room and does not get that ring.

Abhimanyu says someone has tried to kill Laxmi. Samar asks why. Laxmi’s dad asks them to find Laxmi, she can’t leave like that, she knows her dad will die without her. He blames all of them to kill Laxmi, why did they stop him, he said he will decide for Laxmi, and feels guilty. Abhimanyu asks for Ayesha. Manav goes to her. Ayesha falls down being panicking. She comes out of the room, and says she was finding a script. She lies to him. Mithi comes there dressed as Ayesha and wearing her ring. Ayesha sees her and asks her to come and change. Mithi runs and the ring falls from Mithi’s hand.

Abhimanyu sees the ring and picks it. He stops Mithi and asks her about the ring. Mithi says she got ring from Ayesha’s room, and goes. Ayesha gets tensed. Abhimanyu smiles and says its your ring, which the woman is wearing in video, what will you say now. Ayesha takes the ring and says its my ring, what you want to prove that I killed Laxmi, I just went to talk to Laxmi, who made this video, I don’t know, Laxmi was going to marry Samar, she is imp for me.

Manav says Ayesha is right, its foolish to think this, Karan and Laxmi’s video was made similar way, I don’t believe this and that old MMS. Karan comes and says everything will be proved after seeing this. Abhimanyu says third angle of the love story, now it will be fun. Karan gets a CD and Samar pushes him, asking how dare he come here. He kicks Karan and asks where is Laxmi. Karan says I did not do this, I will expose that person, give me one chance.

Manav asks Karan not to come around Navrang and this house, please leave. Abhimanyu says lets hear him. Manav says he is fraud and makes fake stories. Karan says I did not come to say anything, I want to show this, please see it. Abhimanyu says he played imp role in Laxmi’s life, we can get some clue. He says he is Abhimanyu Rathod, special branch, he is investigating case of Laxmi, you are Karan, Ayesha’s brother right, give me the CD. Karan does not give him and goes to Manav. Abhimanyu says we can see the video in laptop, as we all want to know.

They all see the video of Laxmi and Ayesha arguing. Ayesha angrily pushes her down. They all get shocked. Ayesha gets tensed. Karan asks do they trust him now, Ayesha is the real culprit. Ayesha says he is taking revenge on me. He asks is she not in this video. She recalls her words, as she asked him about his presence in that MMS.Ayesha says he is asking me same question. Karan asks did she blame him that day. She says no, you did that. He says exactly, then I m right today, tell everyone why did you push Laxmi.

Ayesha tells Samar that she went to talk to Laxmi, to say about focusing on career. Abhimanyu says you said you went to talk about marriage. Ayesha scolds him, and says why will I do this. Karan says you did not wish Laxmi to come in this house by marrying Samar. Ayesha panics and cries.Ayesha defending herself. Manav and Samar show belief in Ayesha and scold Karan. Karan tries to explain them, and blames Ayesha for this, she was insecure to get all this, she is greedy and jealous of Laxmi. Ayesha says you know I did not do this, he is lying, she did not have enmity with Laxmi. Bua ji says Ayesha has done this, she killed Laxmi, I know she always hated Laxmi and did all this, she troubled Laxmi all the time. She tells how Ayesha made Laxmi’s life hell.

She says how Ayesha made Laxmi work hard in office, and she fell her to drink wine in Dream girl contest day, you locked her in temple I doubt so, and also replacing knife on the set, you are jealous of Laxmi. You killed her. They all look shocked. Samar says how can Bua say this, Ayesha can’t do this. Manav says Ayesha did so much for Laxmi, she has become dream girl now, she wanted Laxmi to win dream girl contest. Laxmi’s dad argues with him and says Ayesha is murderer of Laxmi, arrest her officer.

Karan says he has filed FIR in police station, and her arrest warrant has come. He calls the inspector. The police comes and Ayesha panics. The inspector greets Abhimanyu and says they have arrest warrant for Ayesha. Samar asks why, Laxmi is not dead, she run away from marriage as she wanted my career to be good, she messaged us. The inspector says its not enough, arrest Ayesha. Ayesha shouts. Manav asks Abhimanyu to do something. Abhimanyu says no use, she has to go.

Samar says we can stop her. Abhimanyu says not now, there is no option. Ayesha is handcuffed and arrested. Abhimanyu stops Karan and asks how did he get that video. Ayesha says right, tell me. Abhimanyu says you did not know anything happening here, then how did you come. Karan says I got it at my door, maybe it was sent by Laxmi’s fan, it does not matter, I just proved that Ayesha has killed Laxmi. Ayesha says liar and cries.

Abhimanyu says I know you also loved Laxmi, I feel you are not sad for Laxmi’s missing than happiness for Ayesha’s arrest. Manav and Samar ask Ayesha not to worry, their lawyer will come. The media comes there and asks Ayesha about her arrest. The media creates big scene. Ayesha is brought to police station. The lady constables give Ayesha VIP treatment and inspector opposes. Samar and Manav defend Ayesha and Abhimanyu says they can’t get bail today. Manav asks Ayesha not to worry and asks lawyer to do the bail fast. The lawyer says court is closed, bail can happen on Monday. They get shocked.

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