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Once there was a king 25 March 2022: Raja’s friend drive Rani in the back of their car, as she was tied with ropes and struggles inside. The leave the car in the middle of a forest. Rani faints out of suffocation.In the palace, Amrita was coming with Aarti Thaal that Kaal throws away. She wonders what he did. Kaal asks her to speak a bit loud, she must shout at God as well such that her son is given some brains. Bari Rani Maa and Kokilla come there. Kaal accuses Bari Rani Maa for not bringing up Raja well, it was her responsibility. Bari Rani Maa asks where Raja is, she would speak to him.

Raja comes inside announcing he is here and lay down on the couch. Raja tells Bari Rani Maa whenever Kaal is disrespected he enjoys it. He always want him to cursed for being a father of Rajveer, what people could have done when a father’s blood is filthy. Kaal slaps Raja reminding him to stay in his limits. He turns to leave. Raja asks him to open his eyes and see there are neither any states left nor Raja. Raja is only in the game of chess and after the game packed in a box, he must now choose his box well. Bari Rani Maa thinks whatever she plants only blooms flowers, they only bear thorns.

Raja speaks to his friends, they tell Raja that Rani had a lot of courage but they left her entrapped in the back of car. Raja watches the time and was worried, it has been 4 hours and she must have died. He hurries outside. Kokilla and Bari Rani Maa watch him run outside, Bari Rani Maa boasts that no one can make him stand up against her.Raja drives to the car where Rani had been caught in. She lay there faint, Raja struggles with the car bonut but it doesn’t open up. He breaks the lock, untie the cloth and ropes around Rani’s mouth and hands holding her out. He lay her down on the floor, calling her to get up, rubbing her hands. She doesn’t move, he check her pulse and breathes; then brings water from his car to sprinkle over her face. She doesn’t move.

He shut his eyes and shut her nose and mouth. She wakes up with a cough. He inquires if she is fine. She stands up at once, and asks how dare he touched her. Raja says whatever he did was to save her life. Rani says this is fine, his friends left her in the forest to feed her to wilds and now he came to save her. She is simple but not an idiot, he must narrate all the stories to some fool. He was afraid of being disclosed, she is afraid of dark and suffocates in closed rooms but she is most afraid to bend in front of people like him. He might try anything, but she won’t kneel in front of him. Raja says alright, now he is leaving her in this forest alone. He hands her a knife to protect herself, if saved alive she must come to college. And if she die, he will call a one day holiday for her. He takes his water bottle along him.

Some way ahead Raja stops the car remembering about Rani’s slap. He speaks to himself, she was right that he is ill mannered but he isn’t a bastard to leave a girl die in the middle of the forest. He reverse his car. Rani tells herself she isn’t afraid of anything in the world, she hear wild animals approaching and flee for life. Raja drives back and look around calling Gayatri. Rani arrive at a clearing asking for help but then notice the men were actually drunk. One of them stands up, ready to help her demanding for her help in return. Rani runs away denying their help, they chase her as a prey. Raja was waiting in his car when he see Rani running behind, he thinks now she would join her hands for help.

Rani passes by the car, Raja wonders if she can’t see in the dark. He comes down to confront the goons, he appreciates the man to be brave. The street boys also run away after watching this girl and they are chasing her like street boys, she is like a chewing gum stuck in hair. Rani was being curt at him, wishing she had slapped him atleast three or four times. Raja brings out ten rupees to the goon who in turn twist Raja’s hand. Raja says this is what he awaited and beat them baldy. They all run away. Rani smiles victoriously. Raja wonders who would make her up to get in the car now, he turns around to see Rani already waiting in t he car. Raja wonders what if he die out of happiness. Rani says if he want to die he can, but first drop her to main road. She shut her ears to avoid listening to him anymore.

Raja stops the car saying her hostel arrived. She get off then turns to see her dupatta stuck with car seat. She tries to remove it, Raja finally helps with it. It gets torn. Raja calls her it luck that she got a chance to sit in his car.The next morning, Bari Rani Maa asks for breakfast. She was getting late for meeting, these days Raja’s have to be in time. Jeewan comes there calling her BRM, time stays for his father even today. He boasts about Kaal, he will be victorious even if he doesn’t participate in votes. He takes money from Kaal. Amrita brings the breakfast, Kaal asks about Raaj. Bindu cheers watching Raaj as he enters, she inquires why he is upset, is everything fine? Kaal says either thieves or owls stay outside, who he is.

Raja says even moon stay outside, he could have said so. Kaal says moon has nothing of his own, it takes its light from moon as well. Bari Rani Maa stops Kaal from hitting him with a stick. Bindu demands where he had been all night long, Raja says he was at the incarceration point, he dreamt Kaal had died and went there but… Kaal throw a glass at Raja that he holds.In the college canteen the waiter serves Raja with tea. Raja’s friend say whenever he is upset he drinks such hot tea. Bindu was worried about what happened to him too. Rani walks in the café, Raja recognizes her foot steps and slaps the saucer on the table.

One of Raja’s friend taunt over Rani’s attitude, Sir went to help this girl yesterday night and she has been staring at him. Bindu complains if he went to help the girl who slapped him and got him out of the college almost. She goes to Rani and throw each chair she tries to get over. Bindu asks Rani if college people wear shows in the neck and tie in foot how they would appear to be, everything should be at their place. She must remember that people like her have no place in this canteen specially when Raja is here, she must stay away from Raja. If she dares come near to him, she will have to lose her shadow as well. She points at a bench at the corner and asks her to go there, join her gang.

Rani leaves without responding. Meenu stops Rani in the corridor and offers her Sudha’s hand made Parathas. Bindu had reached there too, Raja’s friend snatch all lunch boxes there. They taunt over them to be hungry forever. They call them all to Sir who is calling Facha – Fresher plus Bacha. Meenu holds Rani behind. They all get together, Bindu announces that everyone would sing a song in favor of Sir. Raja was sitting on a chair above the table. A boy sings for Raja in an unmusical sound, Raja recalls listening to the same song in the car with Rani. He stops the boy, his friend kicks him. Bindu gives the turn to Rani, Raja asks her to let go of her, else she will again cry and go with a complain to VP.

They will kidnap her again and he once again would have to save her. Rani accepts the challenge. The VP arrive there. Rani reads the curt disgusting poetry. VP laugh. Rani openly challenges Raja to fight against him. Raja comes down the chair, Jeewan drops his bag of chips. He says he never thought it would have so much chili. Raja jumps down the table to confront Rani, and says she know cheap poetry as well. Rani says poetry is according to the subject. Bindu demands what people like them can even do, Rani qualifies they can work hard and support others as well.

The question is, what they all are good for. She is emotional and gets teary when a boy goes to school for first time, when an old man is working in scorching heat because she has a heart. She reached here on her own, while they are only here because of their families. She turns to leave, Raja claps appreciating her lecture. He repeats, she worn the scholarship, came here with her hard work, went to forest; if he is here because of his family she is also studying over the money of his family. If she has such self-respect, she must pay the 1000 rupees of scholarship and win this seat. He leaves with his gang.

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