My desire update Wednesday 28 June 2023

My desire 28 June 2023: Rudra with Vanshika reaches Kalindi’s house. Vanshika gets intimate with him seeing Preesha there with Pihu. Rudra asks what is she doing. Vanshika says Preesha is standing there and looking jealous. Rudra thanks her for her concern and reminds that Raj is in jail at this time. He walks to Preesha and Pihu and asks what are they doing here. Pihu says they came to meet Kalindi to know why she wrongly accused Raj. Rudra asks why are they standing outside then. Pihu says neighbour informed that Kalindi left home with her bags. Rudra says Kalindi can’t go anywhere without informing police when the case is on. He calls inspector and asks him about Kalindi’s location. Inspector says Kalindi fears Rudra would trouble her, so she is staying at a secret place with police protection and he will not reveal her location. Rudra asks Preesha if she here as even she thinks Raj is innocent. She nods yes.

Pihu takes Rudr aside and says she trusted him that he loves Preesha and helped him, now he should help her prove Raj innocent. Rudra agrees to help her and says together they will prove Raj innocent. He returns to Preesha and ays he knows a private investigator who can find Kalindi’s location. He contacts his PI who informs that Kalindi is staying at a hotel in the outskirts of Delhi. He informs Pihu about it and says they will go and catch Kalindi in the morning. Pihu agrees. Rudra asks her to bring Preesha along to revive her old memories. Pihu asks how will she convince Armaan. Rudra says she should manage Armaan somehow and bring Preesha along. Pihu thinks if she should lie to Armaan and convince him, how will she do it.

Next morning, Pihu informs Preesha that Kalindi is staying at a hotel in the outskirts of Delhi. Preesha asks when are they going. Pihu says Rudra would be present there. Preesha says she can’t let her go alone and wants to help her find out truth. Pihu thinks Rudra and Preesha somehow come closer unknowingly always. She informs Armaan that she and Preesha are having a girl’s day out with a shopping and spa plan. Armaan asks them to take Kanchan along. Kanchan says she has a kitty party, so they can enjoy themselves. Pihu thinks she knew mom has kitty party and leaves home with Preesha.

Rudra with Vanshika waits for Preesha and Pihu outside a hotel. They both reach. Rudra acts romantic with Vanshika again, leaving Preesha jealous. He tells them that they were waiting for them. Pihu says lets go and catch Kalindi. Rudra’s female fans throng him. Rudra says he didnt’ know he has somany beautiful fans. Preesha gets jealous seeing that. Pihu asks if she is feeling jealous. Preesha says she feels angry and pity for Vanshika who is marrying Rudra. Vanshka says Rudra worked hard to attain success, he doesnt’ look at any other girl when he is around her and she feels lucky. Preesha says these things are felt and not spoken. Vanshika asks it means she also loved someone before. Preesha gets nervous and asks Pihu if they can start their mission.

Rudra returns to Preesha and says he couldn’t stop his fans. Preesha walks away. Vanshika says calling Preesha here was a good idea as she felt jealous. They walk into hotel. Rudra says he will get Kalindi’s room number via receptionist with his charming smile. Preesha says sharing information is not allowed, he will not succeed. Rudra says lets see. He walks to receptionst and flirts with her. She feels elated and says she knows he is rockstar Rudra. He says he wants Kalindi’s number. She says she can’t reveal information or else she will lose her job. Rudra returns disappointed. Preesha taunts him. He says he gave up as receptionist would lose her job. Pihu asks how will they reach Kalindi then. Rudra says they will wait at a lobby and catch Kalindi when she comes to hotel’s restaurant to have food. Preesha says it was even her idea. They wait in lobby for long. Rudra says if Kalindi doesn’t come down in 5 minutes, they would have to search each floor. Preesha says Kalindi will come for sure. Kalindi walks down. They all 4 surround her. Kalindi panics and asks what are they doing here.

Rudra, Vanshika, Pihu, and Preesha corner Kalindi in a hotel lobby. Kalindi asks what are they donig here and why have they surrounded her. Rudra asks why is wrongly accusing Raj in a fake rape case. Preesha asks her to tell truth or else she will go to jail. Armaan tells Digvijay that he feels odd that Preesha and Pihu have gone for an outing suddenly. Digvijay asks him to call them and find out. Rudra insists Kalindi to tell truth. Kalindi notices a few people coming and escapes pushing Preesha away. Rudra asks Vanshika and Pihu to follow Kalindi and lifts Preesha up. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background. Rudra corrects her hair and dress.

Preesha thinks why she is feeling good when Rudra is touching her. Armaan calls Preesha and asks where are they. Preesha says she is in a mall with Pihu and asks if something happened. Armaan says just like that as they didn’t take driver alone. Preesha says they didn’t want driver to wait for long and are enjoying a lot. Armaan asks where are they. Preesha says Pihu is calling her to select a dress and disconnets call. Armaan gets suspicious. Vanshika and Pihu return and say they couldn’t catch Kalindi and don’t know the floor she went. Rudra takes them to lift and says Kalindi’s room is in 10th floor. Vanshika excuses herself citing a client meeting. Rudra, Pihu, and Preesha reach 10th floor and notice police there.

Rudra says its good police is here as he must have come for Kalindi’s protection, they will easily find out Kalindi’s room number. Pihu agrees. Rudra says they should book Kalindi’s adjacent room as they can’t enter Kalindi’s room directly. Preesha asks if they have to stay there. Pihu says yes if they want to catch Kalindi. She notices constables standing outside room no 1001. Rudra books room no 1002 and 1003. He asks Pihu to switch off Preesha’s phone as Armaan may find her location. Preesha says she will pay for her room and argues. Rudra signals Pihu who silently switches off Preesha’s mobile. Armaan calls Preesha and finds her phone switched off. He then calls Pihu.
Pihu gets nervous. Rudra asks her to pick phone and talk confidently. Armaan asks where are they and why isn’t Preesha picking call. Pihu says Preesha is busy. Armaan asks when are they coming as its late.

Pihu says they are not coming as they are enjoying at a hotel spa and then staying at a hotel room. Armaan says this is wrong and asks hotel name. Pihu says Copola Hotel and disconnects call. Rudra asks her not to worry as Armaan will not find out their location. Preesha pays for the hotel rooms via her credit card. Armaan gets a payment message and thinks why did Preesha make payment at Yellow Orchid Hotel. He gets suspicious and hopes Rudra is not with them.

Rudra checks into a hotel room and says he will reach Kalindi’s room via a window. Preesha says its very risky. Rudra asks why is she worried about him, let him die. Preesha keeps her hand over his mouth. Rudra asks her to accept that she loves him. She says she would have said same to anyone else out of humanity. Rudra says he will handle himself. Pihu says its very dangerous and she can’t help her as she is afraid of heights. Rudra says he will do it alone. He tries to get into Kalindi’s room and slips. Preesha and Pihu get tensed seeing that. Rudra manages himself.

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