My desire update Thursday 29 June 2023

My desire 29 June 2023: Armaan heads towards Yellow Orchid Hotel getting suspicious on Pihu and Preesha. He notices a fallen tree blocking a road and thinks he needs to reach a hotel at any cost. Vansihika in her bike thinks she blocked the road on Rudra’s orders as Rudra had seen Armaan calling Preesha and must be suspicious about her. She waits outside Armaan’s house to follow and mislead him and asks Rudra to switch off Preesha’s phone as Armaan has fixed a tracker in it. He agrees. Vanshika follows Armaan and notices him going towards Yellow Orchid Hotel. Shhe thinks how to stop him and calls a tree cutter to block a road with a fallen tree near Yellow Orchid Hotel. Out of flashback, she thinks poor Armaan will be stuck there for hours while Rudra finishes his task.

Armaan thinks how to reach the hotel now. Kalindi calls him and informs that Rudra is at the same hotel and was about to catch her, but she somehow escaped. He says he will do something and warns her not to call him back or take his name if she is caught. He realizes that Preesha, Kalindi, and Rudra are in same hotel and something is really fishy. Rudra slips while trying to enter Kalind’s room via window. Preesha gets worried for him and decides to reach the balcony and help him out. Rudra asks her not to come there, but she climbs balcony and pulls him up with great difficulty. They both hug tightly. Pihu thanks god that they both are safe. A romantic song plays in the background. Pihu thinks they both are made for each other and hence come closer always, she prays god to prove that and reunite them.

Rudra expresses his love for Preesha and says his life is worthless without her. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background. Preesha hugs him emotionally again and thinks why she is worried for him and loves him so much.Armaan notices a cycle rickshaw and pays him 2000 rs to somehow drop him to the hotel. Vanshika thinks how will she stop Armaan now. Rudra realizes that Kalindi’s room is on the other side and trying to move again slips. Preesha holds him. Rudra panics due to height. Preesha asks him to look into his eyes and guides him to Kalindi’s room balcony. Pihu thinks Preesha is acting so lively because of her love for Rudra. Preesha also feels ecstatic. Armaan’s cycle rickshaw breaks down and driver refuses to help him further. Vanshika thanks god that Armaan can’t reach the hotel soon.

Rudra and Preesha enter Kalindi’s room and demand her to tell truth. Kalindi says she already told truth, but they refuse to trust her. She calls Armaan silently and threatens Rudra and Preesha to call police and gets them arrested. She slips and hits her head on a a table. Armaan and Preesha worried for her and lift her up and make her life on a bed. Armaan hearing their voices runs towards hotel. Kalindi wakes up and shouts at them to leave her room or else she will call police. Preesha asks her to call the police and let them know that she is pregnant. Kalindi gets tensed.

Preesha tells Kalindi that they know she is pregnant. Kalini gets tensed and says she is not pregnant. Preesha says they learnt about her pregnancy and recalls checking Kalindi’s pulse when she collapses and learning that Kalindi is pregnant. She says Kalindi’s boyfriend or husband must be knowing why she trapped Raj. Rudra says maybe her boyfriend is behind this. He checks Kalindi’s mobile and finds her boyfriend’s photo. He sends photo to Vidyuth and asks him to find this man and hold him until he reaches there. Vidyut asks who is this man. Rudra says he is Kalindi’s boyfriend Veer, Kalindi will reveal truth if she sees Vidyuth with her boyfriend. Vidyuth calls Veer posing as a courier boy and seeks his address. Veer gives his address. Vidyuth reaches Veer’s house and after threatening him ties him to a chair and tapes his mouth.

Preesha tells Kalindi that they know about her boyfriend. Kalindi says she doesn’t have any boyfriend. Rudra video calls Vidyuth and shows her Veer. Kalindi asks what happened to Veer. Rudra says not yet, but will if she doesn’t tell truth. Armaan reaches hotel room. Preesha asks what is he doing here. Armaan asks why did she and Pihu lie to him that they are at Coppola Hotel and are she booked a room in Yellow Orchids Hotel instead. He asks what is Kalindi doing here. Preesha says Kalindi wrongly trapped Raj on someone’s order. Kalindi recalls trying to put blame on Vidyuth recalling the incident where she befriends him to trap him later, but she can’t as Vidyuth has hostaged her boyfriend. She thinks Armaan will kill her if she takes his name. She lies that she is pregnant with Raj’s child and when she informed Raj about it, he started avoiding him and tried to rape her.

Rudra laughs and says if Raj is Kalindi’s baby’s father, he will get them married and let Raj get a heir for himself. Kalindi gets tensed. Armaan thinks why is Rudra acting like a fool. Pihu peeps into Kalindi’s room. Vanshika walks in and after hearing about Rudra and Preesha inside Kalindi’s room takes her inside room. Rudra reminds Preesha that even he was wrongly accused by a girl named Kaveri similarly before. Preesha recalls the incident and stumbles. Pihu holds her. Preesha says she remembers that incident. Vidyuth threatens Veer to tell why is Kalindi trapping Raj. Veer says he doesn’t know. Vidyuth say she will take him to hotel where police will get truth out of him. Rudra tells Preesha that she must be remembering Kaveri wrongly accusing him that he is her baby’s father. Preesha nods yes.

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