Imlie starlife update Wednesday 24 January 2024

Imlie 24 January 2024: Imlie tells Atharva that Imlie is absolutely fine and safe and is sleeping in her room. Atharva thanks god. Imlie says he needs rest and makes him lie down. Atharva says Kairi is lucky as Imlie is her princess mamma; they were all around, but only Imlie sensed Kairi’s presence under the tank and Kairi is safe because of Imlie.

Imlie says she would have saved Kairi without Atharva’s support. Atharva says they could save Kairi as their team work was best, so why don’t they reunite for life long. Imlie feels awkward and says she will go and check if Kairi woke up. Atharva apologizes her for making her feel awkward and asks if she can sit with him for some time. Imlie nods yes.

She notices Atharva’s IV drip blue and questions nurse. Nurse says she was writing on the drip with blue ink pen and it might have got mixed, Imlie didn’t see the stopped drip and is doubting her. Imlie says its her right to question her as she is Atharva’s wife, apologizes her if she felt bad, and asks her to replace it.

Atharva asks Imlie why she is taking care of her. Imlie says he is Kairi’s monkey paa, what will she tell Imlie when something happens to him. Atharva asks how woud she feel if something happens to him, she should answer it as old Imlie and not Kairi’s princess mamma. Imlie says she is old but had to bear the pain he gave her, doesn’t she have a right to express her pain. She goes out to inform family that Atharva is awake now. Nurse thinks Imlie is not letting her finish Keya’s given task and will get suspicious on her if something happens to Atharva. She walks to Keya and Akash and says she can’t do their task as Imlie wanders around Atharva always and got suspicious on her. Keya tells Akash that they need to send Imlie out somehow and give more money to nurse to finish their task.

Devika performs Atharva’s aarti. Divya says they are relieved to see Atharva back to normal again. Keya suggests Imlie to return back to her work as Atharva is fine now. Devika says Keya is right and convinces Imlie to leave for work. Imlie agrees and walks out of room, suspiciously looking at the nurse. Imlie then fixes a hidden camera in a teddy and asks Kairi to go and keep it near Atharva and play with him. She watches Kairi walking to Atharva and keeping the teddy nearby. She leaves for office informing Kairi and Atharva. After some time, family meets Atharva. Nurse asks everyone to leave and let Atharva rest.

Kairi insists to stay stay back with Atharva. Atharva convinces family and sends them away. Imlie watches them while working in office. At midnight, Keya takes sleeping Kairi out. Nurse locks door and stops Atharva’s drop. Imlie notices that and rushes towards home. Nurse shuts of Atharva’s vital sign monitor and waves him good bye. Imlie reaches home and asks why did she wants to harm Atharva. Nurse gets nervous. Imlie notices Atharva struggling to breathe.

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