My desire update Thursday 29 February 2024

My desire 29 February 2024: Kashvi with Arjun performs Samrat and Nayan’s last rites’ pooja and immerses their ashes into river with a heavy heart. Arjun’s grandfather’s aide brings him to the ghat. After pooja, Kashvi sends Arjun to go and get breakfast for them.

Arjun passes by his grandfather without noticing him. She climbs ghat stairs when she notices an old man’s wheelchair slipping away and holds it. She is shocked to see Arjun’s grandfather and recalls seeing his photo in family album and Jagadish informing her that he is his father who passed away 10 years ago.

Aide thanks Kashvi for saving baba. Kashvi asks how is he related to baba. Aide says he works in an ashram where baba stays. Kashvi asks since when baba is staying in ashram. Aide says he joined ashram 3 years ago, but baba must be staying there from long. Kashvi says baba is her husband’s grandfather and thinks Arjun would be happy to learn that his grandfather is alive.

Arjun buys snacks for him and Kashvi. A thief steals his mobile and switches it off. Kashvi calls Arjun and finds it switched off.

Aide tells her that he needs to take back baba to ashram as it’s his medicine time. Kashvi requests him to wait for 2 minutes until her husband returns as his phone is not reachable. He asks her to accompany him to ashram and gets more details about baba from manager, leave a message to reach ashram. Kashvi leaves with him for ashram and asks manager about baba. Manger describes how he found severely injured baba at an accident spot and took him to hospital where doctor informed him that baba had a brain damage and hemi-paralyzed. Kashvi continues to contact Arjun and finds his number still switched off.

Arjun returns to ghat and finds Kashvi missing. He questions a passerby about her and doesn’t find any clue. He searches his phone to call her and finds it missing. He reaches hotel and finds Kashvi hasn’t reached hotel. He calls Nitya from hotel’s landline and informs her about Kashvi gone missing. Nitya says she must have gone to meet some friend. Arjun says she must have gone to meet Kabir and expresses his jealousy towards Kabir. Nitya asks why he sounds like a possessive and jealous husband. Arjun says he is not. Nitya suggests him to check at Kabir’s place. Arjun reaches Kabir’s dhaba and learns that Kabir went to meet Kashvi.

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