My desire update Friday 1 march 2024

My desire 1 march 2024: Kashvi waits for Arjun’s call and tbinks he must have reached hotel by now and charged his mobile, but didn’t make a call or messaged her. She thinks she will speak to Dadaji first till Arjun reaches ashram.

She walks to Arjun’s grandfather and introduces herself as his grandson Arjun’s wife. She shows him Jagadish and Aruna’s photo and then Arjun and Nitya’s photo. Dadaji panics seeing Nitya’s photo and falls down from the chair. Kashvi gets worried and calls for help. Ashram people lift dadaji and lie him on his bed.

Manager asks Kashvi what did she do. Kashvi says she just showed him his family’s pics and tried to make him remember them. Manager says he must have remembered something bad happened to him and panicked. Kashvi thinks why dadaji panicked seeing Arjun’s pic.

Pradyuman gets ready for a meeting and asks Mahima how does he look. She says dashing as usual and asks him to talk to panditji and fixing their wedding muhurath. Pradyuman says he will and leaves.

Mahima thinks she has trapped Pradyuman completely and will lead a lavish life after marrying him. Monty returns home and informs Romila that he saw Mahima today who is back in Faridabad with Pradyuman, now Pradyuman is very rich than before and is marrying Mahima. Romila says its a good news for them and reaches Mahima’s hotel room. Mahima asks what is she doing here. Romila says she heard that Mahima is here with Pradyuman and is marrying him, so she came here to support her. Mahima asks her to leave. Romila shows her fake concern and hugs Mahima. Mahima thinks she knows how greedy Romila is.

Kabir reaches ashram. Kashvi is surprised to see him and asks what is he doing here. Kabir says his dhaba is catering this ashram since years and asks what is she doing here. Kashvi says Arjun’s dadaji is here and describes him what happened, she says she will inform Arjun what just happened. Kabir stops her and says she should first find out truth and then inform Arjun as she herself told that dadaji reacted seeing Arjun’s photo. She agrees. He takes her to manager and requests him to help Kashvi. Kashiv shows Arjun’s family photo to manager and asks if anyone of them came to meet baba recently. Manager says no, but some big businessman had come a few days ago. He checks register and says it’s Samrat Chaudhry. Kashvi shows Samrat’s pic and asks if he is the one. Manager says yes. Kashvi thinks why papa came to meet baba.

Kashvi gets repeated calls from unknown number and rejects it. She informs Kabir that Samrat was her father. Kabir is shocked. Kashvi says it’s a long story and she will explain him later. She reveals that her parents were murdered by Aruna who is in jail now. She gets call from unknown number again and picks it finally. Arjun speaks and asks where is she. She asks what happened to his phone, why didn’t he pick he calls. Arjun says he lost his phone and asks where is she now. Kashvi says she was feeling hungry and hence came to Kabir’s dhaba. Arjun says he had just visited Kabir’s dhaba and didn’t find her there. Kashvi says she is at Kabir’s house. Arjun feels disheartened.

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