Faltu Starlife update Thursday 29 February 2024

Faltu 29 February 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu taking Shanaya. Savita gets angry. Ayaan says Ruhaan has helped us, Faltu told me, Shanaya is disturbed, I think we should support Faltu. Janardhan says Ruhaan behaved rudely with me, you should talk to Faltu and explain her to be away from Shanaya.

Dadi says where will we keep Shanaya when we leave the house, ask Faltu to send Shanaya back to her brother’s house. Kanika scolds Tanu.

Tanu says its good Ayaan has come back and we won’t go to London now. Kanika says fine, you stay here, Ayaan will never accept you, Ayaan and Faltu’s relation will get stronger. Tanu says I don’t like all this. Kanika angrily leaves. Sid holds Tanu and asks her not to worry. He says Kanika will agree, come, sit. She asks will we get jailed. Sid says no, I will take the entire blame on

myself and save you. She asks why. He says you want me to repeat the things, I can do anything for you, I love you Tanu, I will always be there with you, everything is going to be fine. She hugs him. He smiles.

Faltu says Ruhaan isn’t taking my call. Shanaya shows the nice pics. Amar comes and says many people have come and surrounded the house, shall I tell Janardhan. Faltu looks out of the window and sees the guards. She asks who are they. Shanaya says Ruhaan might have sent them for my security, he is too much, but I like it, I feel someone cares for me, you are also mine now. Faltu says Ruhaan has sent the guards, don’t worry. Amar goes. Ruhaan calls Faltu and says sorry, I couldn’t take the call, I have sent the guards for Shanaya’s security, Shanaya knows she will get scolded so she isn’t taking my call, I can’t force her to come back. Faltu says its okay. He asks her to take care of Shanaya.

She says she is safe here. Ruhaan says she can’t be safe in Janardhan’s house. Ayaan, Govind and Kinshuk see the guards. Amar says its Shanaya’s guards. Ayaan asks where is Faltu, is she with Shanaya. Amar nods. Faltu asks Shanaya to sleep. Shanaya says I have to talk to you. Faltu says yes, take medicines and sleep. Shanaya says I want to play in the state championship. Faltu says I will talk to Ayaan and come. Shanaya gets a bad dream and wakes up. Tanu sees Ayaan and her wedding video. She recalls Ayaan’s words and gets angry. Sid comes and asks are you okay. She asks do you think I will be left alone, am I so bad. Sid says no, I m with you.

She says but family will never love me. He says let it be. She says I love this family, I will ask mom to stop this auction, I made many mistakes, I regret it, I want to stay happy, I want their love, can we give another chance to our marriage. Faltu brings Ayaan to their room and surprises him. He sees the romanic decorations. She says sorry. He says you should keep Shanaya away, dad told me Ruhaan insulted him, when I met her, I felt like I m meeting my younger sister, but she is Ruhaan’s sister, just send her home, stay away from her.

She says sorry for the trouble, sleep well here, I m going. He stops her. Tanu apologizes and asks Sid not to leave her. Sid hugs her and says I m with you, you gave me a big happiness here, I just wanted your love, thank you so much. She says we will go and apologize to everyone, I will tell mom that we are giving another chance to Ayaan, we will cancel the auction and stay together. He says auction can’t stop, bank got involved, we can’t stay with family, they hate us, they are shifting to a new house. She says I want to stay with them, I promise you, I will become a good wife and bahu, please I want to stay with everyone.

Ayaan stops Faltu and gets romantic. He holds her close. He kisses her. Shanaya comes there. Faltu pushes Ayaan away. Ayaan falls down. Shanaya asks how did you fall, are you okay. Ayaan says we were talking something imp. Shanaya asks who talks at this time of night, Faltu left and I got scared. She asks Faltu to come with her. They go. Ayaan says how could I forget this, I had to talk to Faltu about state trials, she has less time, she couldn’t focus on cricket.

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