My desire update Wednesday 28 February 2024

My desire 27 February 2024: Kashvi scolds Arjun for spoiling the cake and not letting even her to have it. He says sorry. She picks a con**m packet from the hamper. He tries to snatch it back and hide it nervously.

Kashvi asks if he wanted to hide this packet. Arjun says he thought she would feel awkward. Kashvi says they are adults now and shouldn’t feel awkward, he spoilt cake and she is feeling hungry now. Arjun says he will take her out for dinner. Nitya tells Jagadish that his father’s death anniversary is coming and she has prepared his photo for the ceremony. He says okay and walks to his room. Nitya grins and thinks nobody will know how she killed Jagadish’s father 10 years ago.

Arjun takes Kashvi to a dhaba. They both excitedly order food. Kashvi’s childhood friend Kabir meets her. Kashvi also excitedly runs and hugs him calling him Kabu. Arjun feels jealous seeing that. Kashvi asks Kabir what is he doing here. He says this is his dhaba and he had to shift to Haridwar after his papa’s death to take over this dhaba. Arjun gets more jealous seeing their chemistry and introduces himself as Kashvi’s husband. Kabir says the treat is from his side and they can have whatever they want to. Kashvi asks him to join them. Kabir says he would have joined her even if she didn’t invite him.

Jagadish’s father’s caretaker takes him back to an old age home and says tomorrow he will take him to some ghat where he feels good always. While having dinner, Kashvi informs Kabir that they are here to immense her parent’s ashes into Ganga river. Kabir says Nayan maa was the best mother and Kashvi is her shadow. Kashvi describes how Kabir used to visit her home to have Nayan’s prepared food. Kabir says he is Kashvi’s best friend. Arjun says even he is Kashvi’s best friend, husband, life partner. Kashvi asks Kabir if he is married. Kabir says no as he didn’t find anyone like her and in fact wanted to marry her. Arjun gets more jealous. Staff calls Kabir to kitchen. Arjun insists Kabir to go and continues his jealous.

Kabir brings Kashvi’s favorite gulab jamun and tries to feed her. Arjun eats them and says even he likes gulab jamuns, but they were not soft. He sends Kashvi to wash her hands. Kabir says he saw how much Arjun loves Kashvi as he is acting too jealous of him. Arjun denies. Kabir says it’s okay to be posessive and warns him to take good care of Kashvi or else.. Arjun holds his collar. Kashvi returns and asks what is happening. Kabir says Arjun told that he will take good care of her. Drama continues…

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