My desire update Thursday 11 April 2024

My desire 11 April 2024: Kashvi feeds chilli to Arjun while Daadi tries to feed him laddu. Arjun huffs due to mouth burning and asks why did she feed chilli to him.

Kashvi says she offered him laddu, but he refused it and hence she fed him chilli. Arjun rushes to have water. Daadi asks Kashvi if she has gone mad. Kashvi says Arjun is not talking to her after a small fight and refused to have laddu from her, instead he complained daadi that nobody fed him laddu. Daadi asks her to go and give him water soon. Kashvi walks ot Arjun and eats chilli. Arjun asks what is she doing.

Arjun says she did a mistake and is punishing herself. Arjun walks away. Kashvi says she will eat chillies until he forgives her. Arjun walks away. Kashvi continues to eat chilli. Arjun returns and stops her and asks who does this. Kashvi says he didn’t forgive her even then. Arjun offers her laddu. Kashvi says she will not have laddu until he forgives her. He says he forgave her and feeds her water. She shares laddu with him. He smiles and hugs her. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Mohit seeks Daadi’s permission to take Mahima out for some time tomorrow to know her better. Daadi agrees and says let’s all have dinner. Next morning, Kashvi gets ready for office and greets family. She watches a news of children falling ill after having RJ Pharma’s medicines which medical board didn’t approve, they need to find out who approved those medicines. She tells Jagadish that she herself had rejected RJ pharma’s file, then how was it approved. Nitya asks if she is sure. Kashvi says yes and goes to office to find out.

Mohit takes Mahima to a restaurant and romantically what is precious for him. Mahima says him. Pradyuman walks in and warns Mohit to not fall for greedy and cheap Mahima who just loves money and nothing else. Mohit warns him to dare not speak ill about his would be wife Pradyum an laughs and says he really is a fool. Mohit holds Mahima’s hand and walks away from there. Back to home, Mahima tells Mohit that she wants to tell him who that boy was and doesn’t want to hide anything. Mohit says he doesn’t want to hear anything as he trusts her. Daadi overhears their conversation and thinks Mohit is a nice guy and hopes Mahima values him.

Kashvi reaches office. Her boss Mr Chandra says he got RJ pharma file from medical department and saw her signatures on it. Kashvi says she signed a rejected file and not approved one, she doesn’t know how it got changed. Chandra says he knows she is honest, but there will be enquiry on her and she may go to jail of proven guilty. Arjun hears that and reaches RJ pharma office. He holds boss’ collar and shouts at him for framing Kashvi. Boss asks who is Kashvi. Arjun says she is the officer who rejected his file, but he tampered it and got it approved. Boss orders guards to throw him away and picks phone to call the police. Arjun stops him and says he has an offer for him. Boss agrees to listen to him.

Kashvi is confused how the file got replaced. Jagadish and Nitya walk to her and say that they heard enquiry committee is set up. Kashvi says yes. Nitya says she need not worry as enquiry committee is to find truth. Jagadish says she is right. Peon informs Kashvi that the committee is calling her. She walks away. Nitya thinks it’s good that Kashvi’s attention would be away from her and soon Kashvi will lose her job and even she will kick Kashvi out of the house. Kashvi meets committee who ask if she signed the documents. Kashvi says she signed rejected document and approved one has a fake signature. Officer says they cross-verified her signatures via experts and signature seems original, she doesn’t have any proof of innocence. Kashvi sits speechless.

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