My desire update Friday 12 April 2024

My desire 12 April 2024: Kashvi tells the officers that she had signed on the rejected file and stamped it and didn’t sign on the approved file and asks them to believe her. The officer says both signatures are same, and you have no proof that this sign is fake.

He asks how you will explain this thing, and says if this sign is fake then there shall be some difference in it. He says you have no proofs to prove your innocence and that’s why we are suspending you, and will set criminal enquiry on you, as many kids are serious because of this medicine, so you can be jailed too.

Peon comes there and tells that healthcare pharma lawyer has come. The officer asks him to send him. The lawyer comes there. The officer asks what you want to say. Lawyer says RJ health care pharma take responsibility of all the situation and says they got the papers, and says Kashvi Bajwa had sent us rejection file, but we spread the medicine in the market, our company takes the responsibility for it, and our legal team is making the apology ready for the press.

He says their company is ready to give compensation to the family, as decided by law. He says we are guilty and not Ms. Kashvi Bajwa. The officer says it is happening for the first time, that the company is accepting its mistake, and taking its all responsibility. He says this way, your company can have losses and it can close too. He asks if owner doesn’t know this. Lawyer says owner believes no innocent person shall be punished. The officer says after his statement, we are relieving all charges from you, and you are innocent now.

Kashvi thanks them and goes out. Nitya and Jagdish are waiting for her. Kashvi hugs Nitya and tells her that the company has accepted that they got the papers and took its responsibility. Jagdish is happy. Nitya thinks this girl is like a cat which gets trapped in a problem, and comes out easily. She says I don’t think that we will get rid of her ever. They come home. Dadi asks Kashvi if everything is fine and says we saw the enquiry is going to happen, and they will question you too. Kashvi says everything is fine, I was proved innocent during the enquiry as I was innocent. Dadi is relieved and asks everyone to have food. Arjun comes home. Kashvi says I have done so many calls to you, and says you didn’t pick the call or reply to messages. Arjun says his phone was silent so he didn’t see the calls, and asks if everything is fine. She says thank god, pharma company took the blame, but I am feeling bad for the innocent kids, I hope they get well soon. Arjun says everything will be fine. Dadi asks them to have food. Arjun thinks Kashvi is upset, I shall do something to cheer her up.

Kashvi comes to the room and sees the gift. She asks Arjun what is it? Arjun says it seems to be bomb and then says it is gift. Kashvi asks if it is for me. Arjun shows the note and says it is saying something. Kashvi opens the box and finds hand bag. She says you have brought hand bag for me, thanks and hugs him. She says I love it, I have seen it many times, and thought it is so expensive. She says it is very expensive, why did you give me so much expensive bag? He says I bought it in sale. Kashvi says then I will keep it, and asks how is it? He says you always look beautiful. She says I asked about bag? Arjun says it is not good, but looking good as you are holding it. She says liar. She brings her old bag and says she will transfer its stuff in new bag, and says she will take this new bag now to office. She says I wish I was a bag. Kashvi holds his cheeks and says you are always with me, you are my partner for life. She hugs him. They smile.

She says she will transfer the things in the bag. Arjun thinks I wanted to see your happiness and that’s why I brought this bag. He thinks I want to give you happiness, and we are partner for life, I will always be with you.

Mahima comes to Kashvi and asks her to give her blue earrings, as Mohit is taking her out somewhere. Kashvi says ok. Mahima sees the hand bag and says so much expensive bag, it is Italian limited edition bag. She asks if it is yours. Kashvi says yes, Arjun has gifted me. Mahima says it is very expensive. Kashvi says Arjun bought it in sales. Mahima says it is never on sale and tells that it’s price is 4 lakhs Rs. Kashvi shouts what 4 lakhs.

Arjun comes to the dining table to pack tiffin for Kashvi. Romila Chachi asks him to have breakfast. Arjun says Kashvi doesn’t have time, so he thought to pack her tiffin. Chachi asks if she can’t do this and you are doing this. Arjun says she is busy. Chachi says you have become wife’s slave. Arjun says if taking care of wife is slavery, then every husband shall be their wife’s slave. He says wife is Ardhangani, she is my half part and I am happy with her success. Dadi confronts Romila and asks her not to taunt them, and rather learn from them, how shall be husband and wife’s relation. Kashvi shouts 4 lakhs Rs. Arjun says this is her voice, and goes to room. He asks Mahima what did she do that Kashvi shout? Mahima says Kashvi shouted due to this bag. Kashvi says you said that it is of 1500, but Mahima is saying it is real brand and it is 4 lakhs Rs. bag, and says you lied to me. Arjun says no, it is a gift. Mahima tells Arjun that he shouldn’t have lied, it is unfair. Kashvi asks how can you talk about fair and unfair? Mahima says I was taking your side, and if you were fighting for this bag then I will take it. Kashvi says don’t think that, I can talk myself and don’t need anyone’s help. She says I had given you saree and is repenting till now. She says I will not give this bag to you, and says it is my husband’s gift to me. She says you asked for this earrings, take it and leave. Mahima goes.

Arjun says you shouted at Mahima rightly, she tried to provoke you, and you burnt it. Kashvi asks him to be quiet and says why did you bring so much expensive gift for me. Arjun says a husband can give a gift to his wife, right. Kashvi asks why did you buy so much expensive gift? Arjun says I brought it to cheer you up. Kashvi says I would be happy if you have donated this money for those kids. He says he has already donated more than this bag’s price, and then bought this bag for her. Kashvi gets happy. She says when my colleagues ask me, how I bought this costly bag then what I will say? Arjun says say that your husband gifted you this. He asks her not to give this bag in locker knowing the price, and asks her to carry it, and he will feel that he is with her. Kashvi says I didn’t give you even the smallest gift, and says I can’t give you such expensive gift ever as my 1 year salary is my whole year salary. Arjun says you can give me something and pulls her closer. He says I am telling you, what precious gift you can give to me. Kashvi asks him to say. Arjun says you can give me a kiss. She says kiss? He says a wife can give kiss to her husband, you know this. He says if you kiss on my cheeks, then I will ask for 1 lakh each and says if you kiss on my lips then it will be 4 lakhs Rs, and if you kiss me everywhere on my face then I will be indebted to you. He asks if I will get the gift or shall I repay it before. Kashvi gets shy and says she is getting late, and she goes from there. Arjun says you would have given me the gift. He laughs.

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