Imlie starlife update Friday 12 April 2024

Imlie 12 April 2024: Daadi tells Sonali that she will transfer Chaudhry Sweets in her name and asks her to sign the documents. Sonali is about to sign the documents when Agastya arrives on a bike and snatches file from her, shattering her dream.

Agastya says these are not papers but promise which has to be followed by heart and Daadi knows only he can fuflill it. Johri gets angry on Agastya and says he shouldn’t speak about promise in front of Noyonika at least. Daadi stops him.

Agastya says Johri has a right to question him and asks Johri to question his daughter if she is hiding anything. Noyonika gets tensed thinking he found out about her abortion. Sonali thinks she has to sign the document before he exposes Noyonika and tries to snatch file from him. Agastya stops her and says she always makes a mistake in a hurry, Daadi asked him to marry but didn’t ask him to marry only Noyonika.

Sonali asks where is his wife. Agastya points at Imlie in a bridal attire with her veil covered over her face. Sonali asks will he marry anyone just like that. Agastya asks Noyonika to reveal truth now. Sonali hurriedly tries to stop Noyonika. Noyonika reveals that Sonali had asked her to marry Agastya and follow her instructions after marriage. Alka says even Noyonika is not clean, she will reveal her secrets. Sonali stops her and thinks she doesn’t want to expose Noyonika’s abortion secret right now. Johri tells Daadi that her grandchildren made Noyonika a pawn between their family politics and leaves with his family.

Agastya asks Sonali to welcome her bhabhi. Sonali insists to see bride’s face first. Daadi says she is not happy with Agastya’s marriage, but since Agastya chose her, she is Chaudhry family bahu now and deserves a proper griha pravesh. Imlie thinks she why has to perform griha pravesh in this fake marriage. Daadi performs her griha pravesh. A religious procession passes by. Daadi says it’s an auspicious moment that religious procession is passing by when new bahu’s griha pravesh is happening. Manno welcomes Imlie in their family and offers her gift followed by Govind. Sonali gives gift next and is surprised to see Imlie. She informs Daadi that Imlie is a same chef intern whom Agastya had kicked out of job. Jugnu thinks why bhaiya ji married a bar girl.

Daadi says if gattu has married her, there must be something special about her. Agastya says Imlie is from a rich family. Imlie thinks why he is lying again. Agastya asks if he shall reveal that she is a bar girl and married him for just 6 months for money. Imlie prays god to get her out of this lie soon. Drama continues..

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