My desire update Saturday 13 January 2024

My desire 13 January 2024: Romila asks Daadi how can Samrat and Nayan be friends when Samrat did so wrong with Nayan and their family and how can Nayan slap Mahima for the first time because of Samrat. Samrat asks Daadi how can she stand silent and not defend Nayan when she knows that Nayan can’t do anything wrong. Daadi says she completely trusts Nayan. Romila asks even after seeing the pic. Daadi asks they can’t see anything in the pic and asks if she will doubt even her husband when he is surrounded by many women at the shop.

She warns Romila to shut her mouth up or else she will break her mouth. Romila walks away fuming. Arjun’s family also leaves. Mahima thinks Romila is right that there is something between Nayan and Sam, Nayan didn’t let her meet Pradyuman and herself is having an affair with Sam, she will not spare Nayan for her double standards.

Pradyuman waits for Mahima in his car and hopes she reaches soon. He notices everyone coming out and fears that Sam will see her. He messages Mahima that he will meet her tomorrow morning and drives away. Arjun asks Nayan not to bother about what happened just now and keep smiling as he wants her always to smile. Once everyone leaves, Nayan tells Sam that they wrongly proved Romila wrong, but they are actually wrong. Sam says they are still married and there is nothing wrong in it. Nayan continues that its wrong. Sam says let us go and tell Romila that she is right and they are wrong. Nayan stops him. Sam says he lied to protect Nayan and follow his responsibility towards his wife and daughter. Nayan says everything has changed and he needs to keep quiet for Kashvi and Mahima’s sake. Sam says she can’t hide the truth for long.

Mahima fumes seeing Pradyuman’s message. Nayan walks in and scolds her for using mobile phone. Mahima shouts that she is having an affair with Samrat and not letting her marry Pradyuman, what kind of double standard she has. Nayan warns if she will misbehave with her mother. Mahima says she deserves it and says she can shut Romila’s mouth but not her mouth, she was kissing Samrat today and soon will be found in his bed. Nayan slaps her and warns her to mind her tongue. She says it’s her mistake she gave her too much lenience and wasn’t strict, she will break her mouth if she alleges her mother again and warns her to get out of her room. Mahima walks away fuming. Romila hears their conversation and thinks she will use Mahima against Nayan and take revenge from Nayan. Nayan feels upset.

Romila walks to Mahima and brainwashes her against Nayan. She says if Satish was alive, he would have slapped Nayan instead. She asks why didn’t she elope with Pradyuman. Mahima says because of Romila’s drama, everyone got alert and Pradyuman went away fearing Sam will see her. Romila asks what will she do now. Mahima says she will take revenge from Nayan for her slap and will make her humiliate in front of everyone. Next day, Arjun with his family comes for the next ritual. Nitya maintains distance with Nayan. Arjun says he will speak to Nitya. Nayan says Nitya is her friend and she will sort it out with her. Nitya goes to kitchen. Nayan follows her and asks why is she ignoring her. Nitya says she hid about her and Samrat from her and didn’t reveal that they both are close friends now. Nayan thinks how to tell her that they both are husband and wife; she lies that she and Samrat are not friends, they were enemies, and things sorted out after Samrat donated blood to Kashvi. Nitya says she and her husband are civil servants and with Romila’s drama, people will start cooking up stories and suggests her to stay away from Samrat.

Mahima gets ready for mehandi ritual. Romila asks if she will marry Arjun. Mahima says she has a surprise element and will force Nayan to cancel the wedding. She takes Romila’s phone and asks her to go. Romila thinks Mahima is making a solid plan against Nayan. Mahima calls Pradyuman and says she is unable to get out of the house as there are guests at home, so can he visit her tonight to make her feel better and plan something. Pradyuman agrees and asks her to make sure Kashvi or any of her family members are not at the window. Mahima thinks let Pradyuman come here, she will start the real drama then.

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