My desire update Sunday 14 January 2024

My desire 14 January 2024: Arjun and Mahima’s mehandi ceremony starts. Mahima gets mehandi applied via a mehandi designer. Mehandi Hai Rachnewali.. song plays in the background. Arjun smiles at Mahima. Mahima thinks she has to keep Nayan happy till the evening and apologizes her for her misbehavior in the morning. Nayan forgives her. Designer asks what name to write on the Mahima’s hand.

Nayan says Arjun. A guest says its good if bride’s sister writes groom’s name on bride’s hand. Nayan feels sad for Kashvi. Arjun insists Kashjvi to write his name on Mahima’s hand if it brings good for them. Kashvi agrees. Mahima asks Kashvi to let it be as she doesn’t want to spoil her mehandi. Kashvi says she will write it properly and writes Arjun’s name. Samrat walks in and says its a good environment here. He tells Arjun that Mahima got his name on her hand, what did he do for Mahima. Arjun shows M on his hand.

Sam says if men can also get mehandi on their hands, can he also get mehandi on his hand. Daadi says why not. Sam sits besides Nayan and asks designer to write N on his hand. Romila asks why N. Sam says his wife’s name starts from N. Nitya asks if he is married. Sam says she claims to be his fan, but doesn’t know about his past; he was married long ago and got separated from his wife. Romila asks where is his wife now. Sam says she is right here. Romila asks if he means Nayan. Sam says she is right and asks if she wants S on Nayan’s hand. Romila asks S for Samrat. Sam says she has a weak memory and forgot her devar/BIL and Nayan’s husband’s name was Satish.

After the ceremony, Nitya confronts Sam and asks what is going on between him and Nayan as she can see Nayan’s nervousness and lies whenever he is around, are they having an affair. Sam says she is right and then says they both are friends since long and he cares for Nayan, he is trying to revive their friendship again. Nitya thinks why did Nayan lie that she doesn’t know Sam. At night, she googles about Samr’s wife and finds Mansi’s name. She recalls Sam telling his wife’s name starts from N and researches further. She is shocked to learn that Nayan is Sam’s second wife and recalls that Nayan had met her 20 years go in a dilapidated state and was pregnant, realizes that Kashvi is Sam’s daughter and he came for Nayan and Kashvi. She thiinks Nayan should have informed her beforehand, she will question Nayan during sangeet ceremony tomorow.

Mahima acts sad in front of Kashvi and says she wants to have kulfi for their old sake and her smile will be back if she enjoys kulfi with her sister like they used to before. Kashvi agrees to bring kulfi for them. Mahima thinks her plan is succeeding well. Kashvi with Nayan tries to start her scooter to get kulfi for them and Mahima. Sam notices them and asks if they are going somewhere. Kashvi says they are going to have kulfi and asks if he likes kulfi. Sam says its his favorite and asks if he can join them. Kashvi says he can if he starts scooter. Sam succeeds in kick starting the scooter.

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