My desire update Monday 23 January 2023

My desire 23 January 2023: Rudra and Preesha Punjabhi wedding rituals start. They smile at each other while performing rituals. Sharda performs their gatbandhan. Sania rushes in tensed and informs Arman that Anvi is missing. Chachaji scolds her how can she be so irresponsible. Arman asks where did Anvi go. Preesha gets up from mandap and asks Sania where had she taken to Anvi. Sania says she had taken Anvi to ice cream parlor and when she returned, she couldn’t find Anvi anywhere. Arman gets more angry. Pandita says muhurat is passing on. Preesha tells Rudra that she cannot marry without Anvi. Vasu says if this muhurat passes on, there is no next muhurat for the next 6 months. Preesha fears Rudra will not agree to wait for 6 months. Rudra removes his turban and says he can wait for her for 6 months as he knows how much she loves Anvi, already they are married and he can wait for her till Anvi is found. Chachaji says he will seek commissioner’s help and takes Arman and Sania along to a room where he praises Sania’s fool proof plan this time.

Arman says it was his plan and Sania helped him, he knew Preesha will not marry without Anvi. Chachaji asks if Anvi is fine. Sania says Anvi is fine and is sleeping. Arman warns he will not spare her if something happens to Anvi. She says he need not worry as she is safe and will be back tomorrow morning.Goons start fighting with each other for beer bottle. Anvi wakes up and runs away. Goons notice her and run behind her. Back at home, Rudra assures Preesha that Anvi will be back. Chachaji returns and informs that commissioner told its difficult to track Anvi soon. Arman blames himself for being careless and says Preesha’s wedding is stopped because of him.

Rudra asks not to blame himself as Preesha herself stopped this wedding for Anvi and blames Sania instead, says they should go and search Anvi now. Preesha asks Sania to tell where she took Anvi and is about to leave with Rudra to search her when Anvi returns with police. Arman and team stand frustrated seeing their plan failed. Preesha emotionally hugs Anvi and asks where was she. Sania asks Anvi where did she go when she left her near car to bring ice cream. Anvi says 2 bad uncles took her away and when she woke up, she found herself in their car dickie, she got afraid seeing bad uncles fighting and silently escaped from there and came here. Sania asks how did she reach here. Anvi says she found police uncle and remembers running to policeman and requesting to save her from bad uncle.

Arman asks Anvi if she saw bad uncles. Preesha asks not to question her more as she is afraid, its good she returned home. Rudra thanks inspector for bringing Preesha back home. Inspector says they should thank Anvi instead who is brave and saved herself from goons.Sharda tells Anvi that Preesha loves her a lot. Vasu says still there is 30 minutes left for muhurat end, so they should finish wedding. Preesha says she will get Anvi ready and takes her up. Arman scolds Sania for her failed plan. Chachaji scolds them to shut up and watch wedding silently. Preesha returns with Anvi. Panditji asks her and Rudra to exchange garlands and perform pheras. They do same happily while Arman stands burning in jealousy. Rudra then applies sindhoor in Preesha’s hairline and tries to fix mangalsutra in her neck. She stops him.

Everyone look at each other’s face in surprise. Arman hopes Preesha stops this wedding. Sania says whatever god wishes will happen. Preesha shows her original mangalsutra and asks Rudra to fix it in her neck. Rudra happily obeys and completes wedding. Pandit asks them to take elders’ blessings.Anvi argues with Anvi that Preesha is her mamma who got her ready, he was found just now. Saransh taunts back that wedding is finished now and Preesha will leave Anvi alone and stay with him. Saransh angrily pushes him and he falls down the stairs and collapses calling mamma.

Rudra and Preesha rush to him and try to wake him up. Anvi stands afraid. Saransh finally wakes up with his memory returned and asks Preesha where had she gone leaving him alone. Preesha happily pampers him. Saransh identifies even Rudra and says Ahana used to trouble him a lot and give him medicine and he forgot them and their happy family. They both hug him happily and cry. Serial’s title track plays in the background.Rudra gets emotional seeing Saransh getting back his memory and asks Saransh if he remembers everything. Saransh says Rudra is his father and Preesha is his mother.

They both hug him and promise to never go away from him. Saransh says Ahana was very bad who used to give him injection to erase his money and used to keep him disguised as a girl. Rudra says they know everything and will never anything wrong happen to him again. Sharda pampers Saransh next. Anvi apologizes Preesha and says she didn’t push Saransh. Saransh says he slipped on water and fell down, Anvi didn’t do anything. Preesha hugs Saransh and Anvi. Sharda says god fixed everything, let us perform her bidayi from here and reach Khurana house for her graha pravesh. Preesha peforms her bidayi ritual and leaves Arman’s house.

Sania taunts Arman this is first bidayi where bride is leaving happily and one who wanted to stop her bidayi is crying. She advices him that he cannot separate Preesha and Rudra, so he should accept the fact and move on. Arman determines to stop their suhagrat.Rudra and Preesha reach Khurana house. Sharda asks Preesha to kick rice kalash and enter house and then step on red water and walk in to never go back again. Preesha does same. Sharda says her graha laxmi’s graha pravesh ritual is complete. Rudra and Preesha then perform ring finding ritual where Preesha wins first and Rudra says he let her win. They play again and Rudra wins next and rejoices. Vasu says let us see who will win next.

Rudra says he will even this time. They search ring and Preesha wins. Rudra says he won in true sense as he is holding Preesha’s hand. Vasu says they were trying to make each other win, its a sign of true love. Preesha and Rudra’s argument starts.Arman enters Khurana house via window, enters Rudra’s room, and spreads itching powder on bed to spoil Preesha and Rudra’s suhagraat and fixes a hidden camera to watch it. Once he tries to leave, Sharda notices him and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to take Anvi back. She says Anvi is down, how did he come up. He says via main door. She says she was near door. He says she must have not noticed him busy in rituals. She says let us go down watch rituals.

He walks down with her and says he came to take back Anvi. Rudra says he came at the right time to watch ritual. Sharda asks Preesha and Rudra to bite a burfi together. Rudra smirks at Arman and performs ritual. Arman leaves with Anvi apologizing Preesha in mind. After ritual, Preesha says she needs to make Saransh sleep. Saransh asks her to go with Rudra, he will sleep with Daadi.Preesha and Rudra enter their room. Rudra gets romnatic and says he was eager for this moment and asks her to experience their togetherness and love. Dil Me Ho Tum Ankhon Me Tum.. song.. plays in the background. He removes her jewelry and lies her on bed. Arman burns in jealousy seeing that.

Rudra tries to get intimate with Preesha. She feels itching. He asks not to give excuses. She says she is really itching. Rudra finds powder on bed and says something conspired on them. Preesha asks who must have done this. Rudra says he will not let their suhagrat spoil and taking her to bathroom says they will perform unique suhagraat like their unique love.

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