My desire update Tuesday 24 January 2023

My desire 24 January 2024: Rudra takes Preesha to bathroom and says they will have an unique suhagraat like their unique love. He switches on shower and gets intimated with her. Hasu Main Jab Gaaye Tu.. song plays in the background. Arman watching their room via hidden camera thinks if they are stuck in bathroom, he will not let their plan succeed. Rudra and Preesha get back to room after shower He says where will they sleep now as bed has itching powder. She spreads another mattress on floor and asks if this will work. He says it will run and gets intimate with her. Arman panics and thinks he will not let them get intimate. Rudra sees Preesha crying and asks if he made some mistake. She says she is happy that finally she is with her love.

He says she should believe it now and tries to kiss her when someone knocks door. He opens it and sees Anvi getting into room crying, asks if she didn’t sleep yet and why did she come here at this time. Anvi says she couldn’t get sleep without Prishma and came here. He asks who brought her here. She says papa dropped him seeing her crying in bed. He thinks Arman stooped so low to stop his suhagraat. He gets ready and walks out saying he will be back in sometime.

Rudra enters Arman’s house shouting at him. Arman asks what happened. Rudra alleges him that he sent Anvi to ruin his and Preesha’s suhagraat. Arman denies and says he tried to stop Anvi, but she didn’t listen. Rudra shouts he is acting and acted as performing his and Preesha’s wedding to separate them. Arman says Anvi and Preesha were his life and suddenly when Preesha went out of their lives, they both shattered and unable to handle it. Rudra shouts he is lying. Arman reminds his promise to Anvi that she can visit Preesha anytime she wants to. Rudra holds his collar and shouts not to use his daughter for his plan and send his daughter to keep Preesha away from him. Arman pushes his hands back and says he helped him so much, but instead of thanking him, he is alleging him instead.

Rudra shouts he can understand his plan and walks away repeating his words. Arman thinks Rudra is intelligent and understanding his plan, he is right that he used Anvi as a pawn and remembers how he spread water on sleeping Anvi’s eyes, woke her up, and asks why she was crying and calling Prishma. Anvi asks is it. He says she was missing Prishma Anvi and should go and meet her whenever she wants to. Anvi asks if she can go now. He says she can and drops her at Rudra’s house. Out of flashback, he thinks he will use Anvi and will not stop until he separates Preesha from Rudra.

Rudra returns home. Sharda asks what is he doing outside his room. He says Anvi has come and explains her whole situation, fuming on Arman. Sharda asks not to let Arman’s act affect his and Preesha’s relationship, they are good people and only good will happen to them. Preesha wakes up in the morning and not finding Rudra in her room gets ready and walking to Rudra’s room asks why didn’t he come to her. He says she was sleeping peacefully with Anvi, so he didn’t disturb her. She say she was worried. He gets romantic, says let us have suhagdin and tries to kiss her when Saransh enters and asks if he was kissing mamma and insists to kiss him also. Anvi also enters. Preesha gets them ready for studies and gives them maths problems to solve.

Once she goes out of their room, Rudra grabs her and says they are parents before marriage and should plan their happy married life now. She says he should meet Mr Ahuja to restart his singing career as she wants him to see successful and people call her as rockstar Rudraksh Khurana’s wife. He praises her and lifting her takes her to room. Saransh taunts Anvi that she gave wrong answers and is a fool. Their argument starts and they start fighting. Arman’s camera falls down when they throw pillows at each other. Arman gets tensed. Sania asks him to go and get back his camera before his truth is exposed. Rudra with Preesha visits Ahuja who says 5 companies are eager to sign concert contract with him.

Rudra says he already made a love song. Ahuja says he will finalize a deal then. Arman reaches Rudra’s room via window and picking his camera thinks he will leave before anyone notices him. Sharda notices him.Arman picks his hidden camera from Rudra’s room and walks out when Sharda sees him and asks when did he come. He says he came to take back Anvi. She says she didn’t see him coming from door. He says she must not have noticed him. Anvi walks to him and says she doesn’t want to stay with Saransh as he taunts her. Arman says as Preesha told, they are like brother and sister and shouldn’t fight. Anvi accompanies him. Sharda thinks she locked main door, how did he come in then, she needs to inform Rudra.

Rudra with Preesha returns and dances happily with her and says he has a big good news for her. Preesha says Rudra soon will have a music concert. Sharda gets happy and asks if deal is finalized. Rudra says soon it will. Preesha says top 5 music companies want to sing contract with Rudra. Sharda says his good days returned with return of Lakshmi. Rudra praises Preesha next and gets romantic, but stops seeing Sharda. Preesha goes to check on Saransh. Sharda informs Rudra about Arman’s entry suspiciously, remembering the incidents, and says something is going in Arman’s mind.

Rudra angrily shouts he will teach Arman a lesson and asks how did he enter house uninformed. Sharda stops him and says he cannot prove it without proof, so they must gather proof first.Ahuja enters and offering Rudra and Sharda sweets informs that Rudra’s concert is booked and he should be ready in 5 days. Preesha joins them. Ahuja informs her same. She congratulates Rudra. Ahuja says Rusha’s fans are eagerly waiting for them. Preesha and Rudra rejoice. Advocate Mishra enters. Rudra asks if there is any problem. Mishra says his problems are solved, court gave Saransh’ custody to him and gave all his trust fund and remaining properties till Saransh turns 18. They both rejoice more and offer property documents to Sharda.

Sharda says with god’s grace their problems are solved, they suffered so much and their good time restarted. She goes to pray god. They both hug each other again. She says she can’t believe all their problems are solved. He gets romantic and says even parents need me time. She asks how he wants to celebrate his me time. He says he planned a date on terrace and she needs to wear her jhalle type/weird clothes. She says he wears weird clothes. He says he has a surprise for her tonight.

Arman returns home. Sania asks him to stop risking his reputation as he would have been caught by Sharda today. He says Sharda doesn’t have any proof against him. She says he should be careful and cannot go there just like that. He warns her to behave properly. She says she is telling this for his good. Anvi’s teacher calls him and informs him about Anvi’s good grades. Sania asks why is he smiling. He says he got a reason to visit Preesha’s house often, Anvi got good grades, but he will tell Preesha that she got bad grades and she needs to teach Anvi. At Rudra’s house, Preesha brings gifts for Anvi and Saransh and tells Sharda that she loves both kids as Saransh is her son and Anvi supported her when she had lost her hope on life after losing Saransh. Arman walks in with Preesha and says she needs to teach Anvi as she got low grades. Anvi says her grades are good. He stops her and says teacher complained. Preesha agrees to teach Anvi and takes her along. Arman follows them.

Preesha teaches Anvi and Saransh, gives them a test, and walks out for some work. Arman sees Anvi writing answers right, sends Saransh and Anvi to call back Preesha, and changes Anvi’s answers. Preesha returns and seeing Saransh’s answers gives him gift. Anvi asks her to check her answers soon and give her gift. Preesha checks and says all her answers are wrong. Anvi says she gave right answers. Preesha says Saransh gave right answers even after suffering so much, Anvi should learn from him. Anvi says Saransh copied her. Saransh says he didn’t. Preesha says Arman loves her sometimes and scolds her most of the time, even Preesha is becoming like her. Preesha says she stop misbehaving, even then she will give her gift this time.

Anvi gets more rebelious. Preesha says Anvi will not get gift until she corrects herself. Arman enters and after hearing Preesha says he will teach Anvi. Preesha says Anvi will not get gift until she studies well. Anvi walks away. Arman follows him. Preesha feels guilty. Rudra cheers her up and reminds her of tonight’s date. Arman hears them and thinks he will spoil their date. After some time, Preesha brings gift for Anvi and tells Arman that she brought gift for Anvi and will explain her how wrong she was. Arman says she can meet her, but she is sleeping. Preesha says she will wait for Anvi. Arman says she shouldn’t spoil Rudra’s plans and go. She asks him to give gift to Anvi for sure. He says, but once she leaves, throws gift away and orders servant to throw it in dustbin.


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