Imlie starlife update Monday 23 January 2023

Imlie 23 January 2023: Radha asks Aparna if she thinks Imlie can send baby’s gold bangles to Satyakam/SK. Aparna says Imlie will never do that. Radha says Imlie can do anything for SK and reminds Imlie supporting SK when he shot Adi. Aparna says let us forget the past and move on with a clear heart. Radha agrees. Aparna gives diwali tasks to Imlie, Rupali, and Nishant. Anu opens Mithi’s room door and noticing window open informs Malini that SK and Mithi escaped via window. Imlie slips from chair while light lamps on chandelier. Adi holds her and asks if she is fine. She says yes. He asks if chandelier rope is tied properly. She says she tied it tightly and cannot be opened until someone forcefully opens it.

Dulari noticing Malini watching them rudely pulls Malini aside and asks why is she staring at her granddaughter and putting nazar/evil eye on her. Malini says her plan is to get rid off evil eyes around her.Malini then draws rangoli around chandelier and asks how is it. Imlie asks if she stole baby’s bangles. Malini reminds her that she will take back Adi via her baby. Imlie asks how can she use her own baby for her benefit. Malini says after speaking to papa, she realized that people get emotional for baby and she is using same emotional quotient. Imlie says whatever she does, goodness will win always. Malini asks if she thinks only she is good. Rupali walks to them and asks what are they discussing about.

Malini says Imlie decorated lamp chandalier really well. Rupali asks Imlie to switch off lights while she calls everyone to check chandelier. Imlie switches off mains. Mithi brings SK to T house. SK stops her and says he doubts Anu and Malini after Imlie alerted them. Mithi takes him via backdoor.Malini opens chandelier rope and it falls down and breaks. Malini shouts for help. SK thinks Imlie shouted and says if something happens to his daughter, he will kill everyone. T family gathers. Malini says she is caught between fire and pleads to save her. Nishant sets off fire with fire extinguisher. Adi asks to switch on lights. Imlie switches on mains and sees Mithi there.

Mithi says she brought SK here to apologize. Adi finds Malini missing. Family searches Malini. Adi says both SK and Malini are missing and asks Mithi if he took her. She says she doesn’t know. Adi asks Imlie if SK kidnapped Malini, he warned her already that if SK does something to his baby, he will not spare SK. Mithi says SK came here to apologize him and Imlie. Adi says SK shot him twice and wants to kill him and his baby at once. Mithi says SK’s intentions are not wrong. Adi says if his intentions are not wrong, then why is he hiding; Imlie is still supporting him. Pankaj and Nishant ask him not to blame Imlie and search Malini first. They all search Malini on streets. Adi asks watchman if he saw Malini with SK. He says nobody went out.

Imlie asks Mithi if SK kidnapped Malini. Mithi says SK will never harm a pregnant woman, he knows Malini is wrong, but will never harm her and her baby. Adi returns and informs that that they didn’t find Malini and even watchman didn’t see Malini and SK. Imlie notices footsteps. Anu with Dev enters acting as worried for Malini and strangulates Mithi blaming her and Imlie. T family rescues Mithi. Anu warns she will not spare them all if something happens to Malini. Imlie tells Adi that only 2 people’s footsteps are in one direction and even watchman didn’t see anyone going out, so she is sure Malini and SK are in room and she is worried for SK. Adi asks if she means a pregnant woman will harm SK. She continues arguing and says the most dangerous enemy is one who acts a friend.

Adi says he fears they both are thinking different now. Imlie says she fears they both are different, he used to for truth but has lost his voice for truth now, now their truths are different. Adi says let us stay on each other’s truth and see who is right and who is wrong.Imlie tells Aditya that she fears that not only their thinking, their truth has changed and its not same now. He says let us stick to our truths and see who will be proven right and walks away from there. She searches Malini and Satyakam/SK and noticing Malini pointing gun at SK records their conversation. SK says he is not afraid of guns.

Malini says she knows. He asks what does she need. She says she wants him to shoot her hand and accept that Imlie ordered him to do so, then he will be in jail and Imlie will be out of house and Adi’s life. She also accepts that she hid baby’s bangles in Mithi’s gift hamper. SK says Imlie and Adi’s love is true and Malini cannot harm it, he will never put his daughter into trouble. She warns that she will shoot him. He says he bore more bullets than her age and is not afraid of bullets. Imlie stops Malini. In living room, police comes to arrest SK and says he is a habitual fugitive and will be caught. Anu says her pregnant daughter is in SK’s hostage and police should arrest him soon. Inspector says they have a shoot at sight order for SK and he cannot escape. Mithi says SK didn’t do anything wrong.

Imlie warns Malini to return gun or else she has her recording and will show it to everyone. SK asks Imlie to leave as he knows Malini cannot shoot him. Imlie tries to run. Malini pushes SK away and runs behind her and threatens to give her phone. Imlie denies and delivers her heavy dialogues. Malini tries to snatch phone and Imlie slips from stairs. SK holds her. Phone falls and breaks down. Malini says her recording is gone. Imlie runs to pick her phone. Malini warns to shoot her and shoots herself. Everyone rush to them hearing gunshot. Malini gives gun to Imlie and falls down. SK takes gun from Imlie. Anu worried asks who shot her. She points at SK and Imlie. SK says he shot Malini. Inspector tries to arrest SK.

Imlie protects SK and says she will not let him take her dadda as her dadda is innocent and Malini shot herself. Adi asks her to stop lying to protect her dadda. SK says she shouldn’t plead where one cannot see truth. Inspector arrests SK. Imlie resists and pushing Adi away runs to SK. SK requests inspector to let him speak to her daughter. Inspector permits him warning not to at oversmart. SK suggests Imlie to move out of place where she is not doubted, he will face punishment for his earlier sins, and she should remember his advice. Police drags him away.

Dev walks to Imlie and tries to console her. Imlie asks if he trusts her and will support her. Dev says his one daughter is in tears and other is blood bathe, he doesn’t know what to do. She cries that he will not support truth then, his daughter wrongly alleged a true man and sent him to jail, he proved that he is a coward and not her father, etc.Doctor treats Malini. Aparna informs family that Malini got 4 stitches and is out of danger. Rupali asks what about Imlie, she is not worried about her. Harish asks why did SK shoot Malini. Radha says SK cannot tolerate Malini being Adi’s baby’s mother and feeling her as threat for Imlie’s married life shot her. Pankaj says SK should be punished for his sin. Nishant says they should speak to Imlie.

Harish says Imlie was wrongly supporting her dadda instead again. Rupali says they are missing something. Aparna says they should support Malini in need as a family. Rupali says there will be diwali in everyone’s house, but their house wil be dark. Anu scolds Malini for risking her life. Malini says she didn’t have any choice and was afraid, but this fear was lesser than losing Adi. Anu says police arrested SK instead, she should have pointed her finger at Imlie instead. Malini says pointed at Imlie, but SK interfered; she promised Imlie to get her out of T house in 3 days, reminiscing the incident, and says she will go out of this house. Adi enters and asks who will go and where. Malini says Imlie, says either Imlie or she will leave this house.

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