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Malti Devi asks if you want to say anything. Anupama says yes, about sweety and says her age and behavior is such that it is difficult to make her understand, but easy to provoke her. She tells that you told her I love Dimpy more than her, and says you did wrong. She says for me, my beti and bahu are same for me, sometimes I have to concentrate on one more and the other less, but the love will be same for both.

She says Dimpy will become mother and she has to handle both career and baby together. Malti Devi asks if you are taunting me that I couldn’t handle my son and career together. Anupama says you know well that I didn’t mean that, then why you are searching excuses. She says let the leaf under your foot be leaf and don’t make it as thorn for excuse to fight with me. She says everyone knows that I don’t taunt and says whatever I have in my heart, I tell face to face. She asks her to think how Pakhi had felt when she said that she didn’t care for her. She asks her to regard the house as hers, like she is saying.

She says the elders clears the misunderstanding and don’t raise it. Malti Devi says before accusing me, you should have asked me if I told her this. Anupama says she knows Pakhi well. Malti Devi says Pakhi will get such thoughts as Dimpy is here, and says you didn’t ask me before bringing her here to my house. Anupama tells that this is Anuj and my house, and we will decide. She says I had asked Anuj before bringing here, and as Anuj had done her kanyadaan, this is her mayka, and mayka is the safe place for the girl.

And you shall understand this being a woman. Malti Devi asks how this is Dimpy’s mayka, like your parents are alive and your mayka is Shah house. Anupama says Anuj had real parents, but still Mrs. And Mr. Kapadia were his parents, and says sometimes heart relations are more stronger than blood relations. She asks her not to become the wall of a saas and become the link of a Dadi between her and her children. Malti Devi says I didn’t tell anything to Pakhi. Anupama asks her not to tell anything to Choti again, like I don’t have time so don’t go to me and if she needs anything then tell Dadi and don’t tell Mummy.

She says my children tell everything to me and asks her not to come between her and her children. She says before I had forgiven you and not now. She says we played this game before and when the matter was about her children, I forget all my limits. She asks her not to make her forget respecting her saas. Malti Devi says you don’t have time for your house, and worry for Shah house people, so I have to care for my son. Anupama says you care for them more than this house people, like you care Dimpy more than Pakhi, that family more than this family and care for Ex husband more than present husband. Anupama is shocked. Just then Malti Devi sees Anuj and starts apologizing to Anupama. Anuj asks what happened? Malti Devi says she has done something without her permission, and says she will not do this again. Anuj asks Anupama not to take stress. Anupama says I thought you are changed, but it is my misunderstanding and says she will not let anyone come between her and her children.

Anuj and Ankush are having lunch with Romil. Anuj asks Romil if you are interested in music. He says he plays nice guitar and asks if he learnt. Romil says I learnt it online and continued it. Anuj asks if there is any specific thing. Ankush tells that he used to play piano. Anuj says yes, now I got the connection. Romil asks do you want to talk to me about something.

Anupama thinks if they will talk to Romil. Malti Devi asks why they went out to talk. Anuj asks Romil if he likes any girl. Romil says he likes a girl. Anuj says even he used to like a girl in college, Anu aunty, but he couldn’t tell as he don’t know how to play guitar. Romil says things happen so fast now a days, and tells that we go for date, kiss and….He then says sorry. Ankush says it is ok. Anuj says we had gone through this phase. He says that time we couldn’t talk to our elders, but he can talk.

Malti Devi gets shocked to know about the matter and says they shall punish Romil rather than making him understand. Anupama says the parents are children’ relations are two sided now, and says they are eager to know and learn things, and if they browse net, they might learn wrong things, so we shall make them understand what is right and wrong. She says who will think better than the parents. Malti Devi says how can you talk to Anuj and Ankush about this matter? Anupama says I had to and says I want no teenage child shall do the mistake. She says parents have two options, either put the restrictions or make them understand. Malti Devi says phones shall not be given to them. Anupama says school, tution were online some days back, and tells that even she teaches dance online. She says internet is not wrong, but we have to make our kids understand. Malti Devi says you are wrong. Anupama says you are wrong in my sight and says either Parents or kids shall change.

Anuj asks if any issue happens with you, then whom you will talk. Romil says they search on internet for solution. Ankush says all the info is not right on internet like s*x education. Romil gets awkward. Anuj asks him not to get awkward and tells that he is just telling that extra information is more wrong than wrong information. Ankush asks Romil to talk to them if there is anything. Romil thanks them and says it was awkward, but good. Ankush says we are not that old. He says we should have talked about it before. Anuj tells that whatever decision you take, there is 90 percent chance that parents disapprove of it. Ankush says if the person tells the other about his problem then the other can make him understand. Anuj says we shall promise that we will talk to each other whenever needed, even if we have generation gap as communication is important.

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