Bitter sweet love update Monday 29 April 2024

Vaibhav asking what are you doing here. Vandu says you said you are outside, I know you are angry with me, I have to talk something imp, I got your fav icecream. Mrunal hides and says he has no place for you in his heart. He worries. Vandu enters the house. Kunal does tandav.

He thinks Mrunal is cheating Vandu, I will tell her once, her pain will give me peace, no, I can’t use her personal issues, she should know that she is wasting time with a fraud cheater, I had warned her before, the wound gets deeper with time, no one deserves the pain of cheat, not even you. Bobby looks on. Vandu asks what’s this, new Kurta, you did shopping without me. He says yes. She says I don’t like such bright colours, Mrunal likes such colours, I m sorry, I didn’t come on time, Kunal is rude, I finished the work, he stopped me.

He says Mrunal told me. She asks when. He says I called her. She says its not my mistake, you and our love aren’t letting me lose courage, we will marry on the date we decided. Mrunal says no, I can’t let her waste my plan. Vandu says I trust you a lot, I m sure everything will get fine, promise me, you won’t break my trust. He promises. Mrunal gets angry. Vandu says we will do a simple marriage with family’s blessings, we won’t let anyone come between. Mrunal says he will choose to be with me. Vandu says you are very important for me, I really mean it. She proposes Vaibhav for marriage. He says yes. She thanks and hugs him. He sees Mrunal. Bobby says meeting went well. Kunal talks about trust and cheat. Bobby says I think you should go and tell everything to Vandu, you are angry on her, but you don’t want her to bear any cheat.

Vandu says change this kurta, we will buy a sober kurta. Mrunal signs Vaibhav to send Vandu. He says I have an imp meeting, just go. She says I love you. He says love you, I have to go to office. She says he is mad. She goes. Mrunal asks do you want to marry Vandu, do you like Vandu or me. He says you, I want you, I love you a lot. He hugs her. She says I also want you, I love you, we are made for each other, tell her the truth. He says I will tell her, don’t spoil this moment, its just you and me here. They get close. Vandu says I will go home and tell Aaji and dad. Kunal talks to Pammi about work. Vandu talks to the family. Mrunal chats with Vaibhav.

Vandu asks everyone to smile, they will welcome Ganpati home. Vandu picks Mrunal’s phone and asks what’s this. Mrunal worries. Vandu says she has spent money on shopping again. Mrunal gets relieved. Vandu scolds Mrunal. Mrunal says Vaibhav can refuse to marry you, he got bored of you. Vandu says we fight, but we love each other, we are going to marry soon. Mrunal says we will see. Vandu eats in a rush. She recalls Kunal’s words and runs. He sits to do the work. Kunal comes and looks on.

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