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It’s not easy to love 23 January 2023: Girish tells Dadi that I accepted him in this family and gave him the responsibility of the business but that’s it, just write late Aari’s name on his card. Shhubham is hurt hearing that and says I don’t want to force myself on anyone. He asks Dadu and Dadi to write their names on his card. Dadu says you are right, we are proud of you and you are part of this family. Girish leaves from there. Mithai finds Indu huffing and takes her to the room. Sid comes there and says this shouldn’t have happened but don’t take the stress. Dadu will make sure that Mithai gets the respect in this house that she deserves. Mithai says I was about to say that same thing. Sid says then why didn’t you tell her? Indu asks her to stop it, Sid came here to calm me down and you are fightingwith him.

Sid tells Indu not to worry, Dadu will take care of everyone here. Mithai says I am happy here so don’t worry. Sid leaves from there.Karishma tells Kavita that I am preparing for the wedding. They all leave. Rohan talks to Kirti and says you have glitter on your face, he takes her photo and laughs. Kirti says you chose Karishma’s card which is good as you respect her choice. Rohan thanks her.Shubham tells Sid that I have to find out who was behind this so I can prove to Girish that I was not irresponsible.

Abha talks to her husband Abhishek and says we should give gifts to the guests instead of sweets from our shop. Dadu keeps talking about Mithai’s wedding. They all treat you like a servant in this house. Abhishek says I will talk to Girish. Abha says I won’t let them destroy my daughter’s wedding. Abhishek says we can’t do anything without taking Girish’s approval.Shubham and Sid come to the shop owner who sent stale sweets. Shubham says why did you do that? The owner says I am also sad because I sent the good items but don’t know who tempered with them.Sid looks around in the shop and finds one worker eyeing Shubham. He runs behind that worker.

Scene 2
Girish gives tea to everyone. Pramod asks where is Mithai? Dadu says she went behind Sid and Shubham to find out who tempered with our sweets order. Pramod says you think someone was behind all that? Dadu says yes, they had news about our workers’ on strike also.
Sid is running behind the worker and catches him. The worker pushes him away and runs. Shubham runs behind them also. The worker is running away but Mithai bumps into him on her cycle. he tries to run but Mithai keeps him distracted. Sid comes there and catches him. He asks what are you doing here? Mithai says I came to help you. Sid says I didn’t need your help. Mithai says I helped you in catching him.

Shubham comes there too. They both ask the worker to tell them why did he temper with the sweets? Just tell us. Sid says we will beat you up if you don’t tell us. Sid says my neighbor asked me to do all that. Sid says take us to him.Dadu tells Dadi that we should prepare for the weddings.Abha tells Abhishek why do we have to take his permission? Abhishek says we have to. They bring gifts to Girish and says we want to send these gifts to the guests with the wedding card. Girish says we always send sweets to the guests, this gift would be expensive so I can’t approve it. Abhishek feels angry hearing that.


Girish tells Abhishek that I can’t allow this gift to be sent to the guests, it’s expensive. Abha says I have never asked for anything but I can’t see my daughter sad in her wedding. Would you do the same with Kirti? you are doing this because she is my daughter? Girish says I have never thought like that. Abha says we are rich, we spend more in our workers’ weddings but I can’t get some money for my daughter’s wedding? Are we worst than the workers in this house? Dadu comes there and hears all that.


Sid, Shubham and Mithai bring the worker to a house. The worker says the man who stays here asked me to temper with the order. The man’s wife says he is not home. Sid says we will wait here for him. Mithai thinks I have to spy a little. She asks the wife for water, she brings it for her. Mithai thinks to give a hint to Sid about the bed. The man is hiding under the bed. Mithai thinks how to tell them that he hiding under there? The man tries to run from there. Sid and Shubham catch him. Sid asks who asked you to temper with the sweets? Shubham beats him and asks him to tell the truth. The man says a man gave me money to temper with the sweets, I don’t know who was that but he gave me the money. I would get the remaining payment today from him.

Sid says we will go with you. Mithai says I will come with you both. Sid says we don’t need you. Mithai says I helped you so let me come. Sid says fine.
Abha tells Dadu that we want to give gifts to guests but Girish thinks it’s expensive, won’t you want Karishma’s happiness? Girish thinks Dadu would go against me only. Dadu says Girish is right, we should over-splurge on useless things. Dadi says we should be mindful of our spending. Dadu says she is right, we will do this marriage on a budget. He asks Girish to look after everything in the wedding, Girish says fine and leaves. Abhishek feels insulted as Dadu gave all the duties to Girish. Abha says we are being treated like servants, your brother will decide how much we should spend for our daughter. You are just like a worker here. Abhishek feels angry hearing that.

Pramod is scared and calls Agarwal. He says Shubham is trying to investigate about the matter. Agarwal says don’t worry, I am handling everything.Mithai, Sid and Shubham come to the village where the man will meet his boss. The man brings them to a site and says he called me here. Mithai says let’s hide from him. A man comes there. Shubham says this man is our worker. He tries to catch him but the worker runs away.

Sid and Shubham go behind him. Dadu calls Mithai and asks where is she? She says we are investigating and someone from our business is involved. She ends the call. Pramod hears all that and calls Agarwal, he says to do something as they can’t find out about me. Agarwal says let me see what I can do.Sid, Shubham and Mithai are running behind the worker. They catch him before he can run away. Shubham asks who asked you to do this? The man says Bhura is behind all this. Mithai is stunned.

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