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Radha Mohan 22 January 2024: Radha explains she was making the food as Radha but this is the first time she will make it as Radha Mohan Trivedi since she is both his wife and the daughter in law of this family, Mohan is shocked seeing her and even starts smiling as Radha goes into the wardrobe,

Mohan is stunned asking what are her clothes doing in his wardrobe when she replies because his clothes are about to go in the room of Damini, Mohan asks what is she talking about, he lies down on the bed wondering where did he get trapped in such cold. Mohan turns on the mobile where he finds out that today is going to be the coldest day of the year and so it is better if they all should remain in their warm beds.

Radha comes to Mohan asking why he is staring at her and should fall asleep, Mohan acts as if he is really cold so asks
for a cup of tea since his mother says that he falls ill really quickly. Radha leaves mentioning she would prepare the tea with Tulsi petal and ginger, Radha leaves so Mohan thinks he is going to teach her a lesson, he starts instructing someone on the call. Tulsi coming to the room wonders where Radha is when she has to make the first breakfast of this house, she wonders what Mohan is ordering so early in the morning, she sees him going into the bathroom and cutting the wire to the geyser. Tulsi requests him to not tease Radha anymore.

Damini while walking in the hall thinks she should quickly wake her mother because if everyone finds out that Mohan was with her in her room then everything would be ruined, Damini is shocked seeing her mother on the floor and so quickly tries her best to wake her up, she even covers her mother. Damini asks what happened when Kaveri informs her about what happened last night as the person wearing the black dress wanted to kill her, Damini exclaims but she is still alive and nothing happened to her, Damini explains she is no longer going to believe her anymore, Damini informs from today she would have to sleep in the gest room as Mohan will stay with her in her room.

Damini and Kaveri both are walking when Kaveri sees the person wearing the black dress standing outside of the house, Kaveri picks the wooden rod to go and hit him an they are about to hit him when he turns and they both are shocked to see Mohan asks Damini if Kaveri Masi does not tell anyone about last night, she assures she would handle everything and they both go inside
Mohan is standing when the truck comes and the people ask if he is Mohan Trivedi and made this order, they open the lid revealing the ice block. Mohan asks them to bring it to the water tank before instructing them to throw the ice in it, they warn Mohan that t would turn the water even more cold, so Mohan explains someone told his mother that this is the best way to end the cold. Mohan exclaims now the real fun would begin. Tulsi informs that he is making a mistake and this is no way to tease anyone.

Mohan is sitting on the bed while being covered in the blanket when Radha brings the tea for him, he mentions that he is feeling very good after drinking the tea made by her and he feels like cutting off her hand, she is shocked, but he clarifies that he meant he would kiss her hands. Mohan apologizes for causing her to be late for the first cooking day, Radha assures she would even then be able to prepare the food on time. Radha rushes into he bathroom to take a shower, Mohan exclaims they are now going to see what happens as she will surely get cold after taking a bath. Tulsi asks him to not do this since Radha will get ill. Mohan rushes to the bathroom door and even takes away her clothes.

Radha is shocked after realizing that the water is really cold, she quickly turns it off and calls Mohan informing him that the water is really cold and she feels that the geyser is broken, Mohan advises she should now take a bath from the cold water, but Radha replies that she will come out after which he can check the geyser, Mohan says she can come out right now, Mohan starts smiling when Radha is shocked seeing that she does not have her clothes, Mohan asks if the water is so cold as if someone has placed ice in the water tank, Radha replies that this is his doing and she requests him to give her the clothes because she has to prepare for the ritual but Mohan angrily replies that now because she ahd not even taken the shower and neither has her clothes so how would she complete the ritual.

Kadambari enters the room calling Radha asking where is she, Radha replies that she is locked in the bathroom, Mohan replies that Radha has been awake since the past one hour and is still not ready for the ritual and even doesn’t feel like performing it, Kadambari angrily replies that Radha should have told her if she did not feel like performing it but Radha replies that she would surely come down after getting ready in just a moment.

Mohan smiles saying she made the promise but how would she go down, Radha says she would surely perform the ritual and so starts the shower and is taking the bath in the cold water. Mohan at first starts making a fun of it but then after realizing that she is actually taking a bath, requests Radha to stop assuring he would bring warm water for her but Radha replies he does not have to do it anymore, Mohan threatens to break the lock of the door if she does not open the door, Radha does not respond so he breaks it, but they both scream as Radha is still taking a bath, Mohan rushes out of the bathroom when Radha demands he should give her back the clothes, Mohan places them behind himself but does not turn, she even asks him to close the door.

Mohan even breaks the handle of the door, and is shivering after what just happened, Radha comes to stand behind him, he asks if he can turn and then questions what the need was to take the shower in such cold water, he even asks if this ritual is so important for her. Radha replies that she is trying to be the daughter in law of this family and even his wife, explaining if all the women of this country started taking a break just after catching a flu then most of the houses would not have any food. Radha replies she would surely perform the ritual today, Mohan is shocked.

Mohan says she is shivering, and he believes they should end this first ritual, Radha replies if they women tend to back out due to such small problems then half of the houses in the world would be without food, she vows to perform the ritual under any circumstance, Mohan thinks that nothing wrong would happen to her from such small acts.

Kadambari is in the kitchen when Radha rushes to her apologizing for being late, Kadambari angrily asks how she can be so careless when she knows today is her first ritual, Radha is about to inform about the truth but then realizing what Mohan had done to her, she stops from saying anything. Radha assures she would complete everything very quickly, Kadambari is noticing that Radha is shivering and even Tulsi is worried for her. Kadambari asks why she is shivering
so much, asking if Radha would be able to do everything by herself when Radha replies she would not give her any chance to be ashamed off. Kaveri and Damini also reach the kitchen when Damini mentions she is the real daughter in law of this house and so she will fulfill the ritual of the first cooking.

Radha angrily stares Damini when Kadambari explains that she has already told everyone that Radha is the daughter in law of this family according to the rituals, so she is going to fulfill the ritual, Kaveri also argues with Kadambari when she explains that Mohan believes Damini to be his wife and was even with her in the room, but stops when Damini signals her. Kaveri exclaims Mohan believes Damini to be his wife, but Kadambari is not going to accept it so they all should decide what is the place of her daughter in this house, so that she doesn’t live her entire life in this house.

Mohan explains it is decided that Damini is his wife and just as Maa desires that Radha should fulfill the rituals but Damini being his wife should also be allowed to cook as she is his wife, Kadambari angrily asks what is he saying when Mohan explains that two of the burners of the stove would be left vacant, Radha angrily says it is wrong as she got married to him so has the right for this ritual, Mohan angrily replies he would not even eat anything which she makes, Gungun rushing into the kitchen asks Radha what happened. Mohan is worried thinking about what Gungun warned him about the last time he misbehaved with Radha.

Radha replies to Gungun that her father is not ready to eat the food she made, Mohan smiles saying that he is eagerly waiting for her to prepare the food so they can all eat it and he feels they should eat it right from the stove, Kadambari also starts smiling. Gungun questions is there anything special about today, Mohan replies that both Damini and Radha are making food and Gungun asks Radha to come with her, explaining that Mohan feels she does not know about this ritual, but she knows everything about it. Damini and Kaveri both wonder what they are talking about.

Gungun advises Radha to be careful as both Damini and Kaveri will try to ruin her food just as Sherlin tried to mix spices in the desert of Preeta, but she has a test today otherwise would have to go to the school. Radha replies that Gungun must not be worried as she is no longer the same old Radha but her mother, Gungun asks if her tiffin is ready, so Mohan exclaims it is very nice. Mohan informs Gungun that both his parents would wait for her return.

Kaveri asks what this act is when Mohan replies he had to do it otherwise Gungun would leave the house, Mohan with a smile on his face exclaims that he would surely eat the food prepared by his wife, Mohan says he meant Damini. Radha asks Gungun if she returned, Mohan hearing it gets scared and so says that he would surely eat the food prepared by Radha and is wondering if she is going to make the potato filled tortilla or with radish, Damini turning back explains that Gungun is not there, Kadambari angrily leaves exclaiming they both have made a fun of this house, Mohan leaves saying now he doesn’t want to eat anything prepared by either of them.

Damini stops Radha mentioning no matter how much she tries, Mohan is not even going to take a single bite from the food prepared by her, but Radha replies he would surely eat the entire plate which she serves, Damini vows to not let it happen however. Radha explains she is not able to do anything no matter how hard she tries so they both would see what happens.

Kaveri requests Mohan to believe her as the person in the back coat was surely about to take her life, Mohan says she might have seen a dream as the doors were closed so no one could enter the house, Kaveri accepts she might have seen a dream as this is what Damini was saying. Mohan asks Kaveri to wait as he is performing the exercise, Kaveri starts staring at him, she questions why he is doing the exercise in the morning, Mohan replies he has gotten a sprain in the back.

Kaveri questions what has her daughter done to him which caused this sprain, Kaveri advises he should perform the exercise in the evening, hearing this Mohan leaves after feeling embarrassed. Kaveri with a smile on her face thinks that now her daughter would surely get the right.

Radha exclaims that she challenged Damini she would feed Mohan with her own hands but they both know he is not going to eat anything which she makes, Tulsi also knows it. Damini entering the kitchen asks Radha what happened as she is really tensed, Damini walks beside Radha who is preparing the food. Damini exclaims she feels Radha would have also realized Mohan would not even see towards the food she makes. Radha asks Damini if she knows what a bride mixes in the food, explaining it is the love which no one can replace.

Damini taunts Radha explaining that the pasta which she makes is going to overpower her food as everyone really likes it in this house. Damini and Radha both starts cooking. Radha lights the stove but before she can place the pot, Damini places it over it. Radha lights the other burner, she brings the stick however Damini snatches it from her hand so Radha feels a bit tensed. She tries to pick a knife however Damini takes them away, Radha then brings the sugar which she places on the counter in front of her, Damini seeing the opportunity secretly changes it with salt. Radha picks the pot of salt without noticing it and is about to place it however she realizes it, so brings the correct pot of sugar. Damini then sees the keys of the house which are with Radha.

Radha wonders why she is feeling dizzy, Damini thinks this time she is going to win it as Radha cannot win al the time. Damini vows to also get the keys after winning the challenge, Radha is really dizzy.

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